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Remembering Rebecca West, born on December 21, 1892.
Most of us remember this quote:

I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.

Here are more quotes: I especially like the one about the difference between men and women.

A strong hatred is the best lamp to bear in our hands as we go over the dark places of life, cutting away the dead things men tell us to revere.

Any authentic work of art must start an argument between the artist and his audience.

Because hypocrisy stinks in the nostrils one is likely to rate it as a more powerful agent for destruction than it is.
But there are other things than dissipation that thicken the features. Tears, for example.

Did St. Francis preach to the birds? Whatever for? If he really liked birds he would have done better to preach to the cats.
He was every other inch a gentleman.

It is sometimes very hard to tell the difference between history and the smell of skunk.
Journalism: an ability to meet the challenge of filling the space.

The main difference between men and women is that men are lunatics and women are idiots.


Where have all these magnificent role models been all my life? Why at near middle-age am I just hearing about them now?

by: catfish

There are many reasons but IMO, as women became aware that their movement to equality was opening doors or revealing doors they never knew were there, many just settled. Birth control, abortion, college education, able to get credit without dad's or husbands permission, keeping one's name after marriage and many other things made many women satisfied.
Also at this time the good 'ol msm was pummeling the hell out of the word and meaning of "Feminist", just the way they did "Liberal" and with the same results.

This divided women who feared repercussions as the feminist tag became another word for lesbian. Many backed away, left off the fight for equality. Black women righfully resented the lack of color in the leadership and IMO the lack of guts in the women who settled. Since these groups were the movers and shakers, the decline and fall of the women's movement [notice how I avoid the word feminist], fell like the Roman Empire.

Catfish, all those women you speak of were thrown into the dump of history as the msm from without and the cowardness of the leadership from within prevailed.

Leadership at the National level further eroded the movement as it perpetuated class, that is, it set itself above most of us in the ranks. It talked with each other, not us. It hob knobed with politicians. It embroiled itself with it's own writings and the movement became enshrined in Women's Studies at colleges and universities and died. It split into fractions ie new wave, radical etc. as it became a corps for academic vultures to ravage.

Women do not have a history, they never did as they were deemed by men and by themselves as an adjunct of men - put here to serve and entertain mankind. We have no statue of a woman in Congress or a Holiday set aside in honor of a woman. We have no Equal Rights amendment. Our sisters who still strive are treated like prostitutes by pretty frat boys and cheered on by a society that believes a woman's place is still on her knees.

I wished you could have known and been thrilled by hearing Rita Mae Brown, Alice Walker and Bella Abzug and so many others as I did when they spoke at my University. They were giants.

by: twandx

Friday, December 26, 2008


We hear that presumptive NY Senator [CK-S] has made a “listening tour” into the NY hinterlands. A closer look reveals that she did not go to hear the people but to cuddle with the politicians. And of course media was more concerned that she snubbed it than anything else.

Reminds us of how presumptive King BHO made the same kind of tour, going out to the American hinterlands to “listen”. He met with every ward-healer and party hack, giving them the glad hand and promises of contributions. Strangely, this was briefly reported and quickly ignored, as the media was starry eyed in the first phase of courtship.

The love affair blossomed and bloomed throughout the Primary and General Election. Some of the stardust has been rubbed off but the msm still responds to the commands of The One. There are some more honest reports being made and published, but you’ll have to look quickly because just as soon as something is printed that the Transition Team objects to, it gets scrubbed.

But it appears the love is still strong enough to wrap up and deliver Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg into the arms of the New York Governor Patterson. It is unknown whether enough political promises come with her for him to appoint her to the seat held by Senator Hillary Clinton when she becomes the Secretary of State.

Most bets are that with all the political pressure, CK-S will get the nod from NY’s Gov. But think about it – what if her name was Caroline Palin? And how would this appointment be any more morally acceptable than selling the seat for cash [as alleged in Illinois]? Cash is just one form of political pressure.

There are women that CK-S could be compared to such as fellow socialites or qualified senatorial candidates, for example. But the media creams when presented with any opportunity to vilify and degrade, Senator Clinton so it may gleefully raise CK-S up with lies while smacking HRC down with lies.

At present, most of the media is licking its wounds because CK-S won’t talk to them but it continues to report the Obamacratic Team’s Talking Points. Senate leader, Harry Reid, The Rev. Al Sharpton, NY Mayor Bloomberg and many others join in to rave about the genetic qualifications of the “Child of Camelot”.

However there are legitimate concerns from many of us out there especially in the Blogs, if one takes the trouble to look. Her CV appears to be packed with the accomplishments of underlings that she claims are hers. We find CK-S lacking any commitment to women’s civil and reproductive rights.

And we shall never forget that she turned her back on all women when she refused to support HRC, and also supported the false claims of racism made against her by the media. All the time she never made any effort to criticize or curtail the misogyny flowing like sewerage from the Obama campaign.

But the big boys like her, or we suspect, like the fund raising promises of the Kennedy name. It would be tough to top the juice of the one who reminds Caroline of her father, Jack.

The hopes of some well known and experienced candidates for an open senate seat awaiting the nod of Gov. Patterson appear to fade in the glowing light of a real live princess of the realm and the backing of her new Daddy Dearest.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Our Vermont paper has published some Op-Eds from people bemoaning the fact that people object to the decorations on two of the Burton’s line of snowboards.

The “Love” line feature Playboy bunny images with scantily clad models; the “Primo” line shows people mutilating their own hands into popular cultural hand signs such as the sign for peace and OK.

The OE,s criticized protestors who objected mostly to the Love line and there have been many protests, including local government officials and owners of resorts who are banning the use of these boards on their slopes.

They defended the Love and Primo boards as “freedom of artistic expression”. But many in the community agree more with Michelle Fay, Umbrella's executive director. [Umbrella is a community resource center for women and families that offers support and advocacy for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.]

"Rape culture is fueled by the dehumanizing images of women as objects in porn," she continued. "There is an established connection between consumption of porn and aggression, as well as a sense of sexual entitlement that endangers women and children," Fay said.

Nonsense, to paraphrase the Burton family and their supporters, we have a right to free artistic expression and people should be able to buy these if they want them.”

Burton also reminds Vermonters that it brings in a lot of cash to the State and threatened that if people continued to protest their board, they could go some place else to manufacture them.

Another reason given is that those who oppose the boards are bringing discredit to the State. The Pros in this debate appear to outweigh the Cons.

In fact, their support of the Naked Playboy women boards sound very similar to that expressed by those, who like Columnist Kathleen Parker, defended the misogyny of Obama’s speech writer, Jon Favreau and staff.

Parker claims that the groping and the other perpetrators of indignities on the cut out model depicting Senator Clinton [in a widely circulated picture] was, “harmless male sport.” She opines that they were “young men goofing around.”

Perhaps true but they were also spreading the culture of violence toward women; of hatred of misogyny. A culture that tells young people that it is OK to beat up on women and to degrade them.

The Burlington Free Press front page of 12/14/08 featured a story of three murderers of women.

“One year ago, Howard Godfrey, Brian Rooney and Christopher Williams stood as suspects in three of the most notorious and painful murder cases in recent Vermont memory: two random attacks on young women — one unsolved for 14 years, and a domestic dispute that exploded into a school shooting.

“The suspects now can be called murderers. Their crimes stood out in a state with few homicides each year and even fewer examples of stranger-on-stranger killings:

”• Godfrey, now 62, raped and killed 28-year-old Patricia Scoville in Stowe in 1991, although he evaded capture, and even suspicion, for more than a decade.

”• Rooney, 38, sexually assaulted and strangled University of Vermont senior Michelle Gardner-Quinn, 21, in Richmond in October 2006. She disappeared in downtown Burlington and was missing for a week before hikers discovered her body.

”• Williams, 30, carried out a jealousy-fueled shooting rampage through Essex in August 2006 that left two people dead and two others wounded. Killed were his former girlfriend's mother and a woman who taught with his former girlfriend. His target, whom he never found that day, was a former girlfriend who taught at Essex Elementary School."

It would be a good guess that these three atrocious crimes against women brought or will bring much more discredit to the State than the opposition to misogyny and porno on the slopes of the Green Mountains.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Arguably one of the greatest disappointments to women and supporting men has been the perfidy of some of the leaders of the woman’s movement for equality. Outstanding in this regard is NOW – the National Organization for Women.

“The National Organization for Women, which last struck issuing news releases on why Sarah Palin isn't a real woman, refused to comment on the Obama speechwriter incident.” - Andrew Breitbart

Early on, many of these so-called leaders turned away from the most qualified presidential candidate, who happened to be a woman, and embraced her male rival. If nothing else this should show women why the gains they have made are largly ephemral.

This would suggest that it is time to find new leaders who will not sell out their sisters for political gain and hunkyness. If you were burned, despite your contributing financial support to NOW, check out these women, and if the fit is right, join them.

Think we got it bad? Check out what British women have to contend with:

How Far Have we Come in 80 Years by Rachel Cooke

We certainly may have common cause and perhaps together we can help bring forth a truly international women’s movement. It would be a great time for it with Senator Clinton heading up State.

The Cooke article is well worth reading. This quote strikes home, referencing the rapidly increasing ‘sex encounter clubs’ - “The rise of these places is just one aspect of a culture in which the buying and selling of women's bodies has become so ubiquitous, we are now almost blind to it…”

My emphasis in this excerpt. In three lines, Cooke sets forth the problems and the solution.

“… as Germaine Greer once put it, 'there have been women in the past far more daring than we would need to be now, who ventured all and gained a little, but survived after all'. These days, the law is mostly, if not always, on our side. All we have to do is quit being taken in by appearances, stop pretending not to mind about the bad stuff, start refusing to take the joke, cease mistaking everything from lipstick to leather for empowerment.”

In “It’s th System, Stupid”, Violet Socks explains to James Carville:
“…sexism is a system. Women’s second-class status in society is a 24/7 deal, a full-time gig, an all-pervasive set of mores and assumptions. It’s interwoven into the very fabric of society, and every thread contributes to the pattern. It starts in the cradle and follows us to the grave; it harasses us at work and diminishes us at home.

For more background and understanding of Gender and Politics, you can check into the Research Rooms at the Liz Library.

Does anyone who watched or still watches “Hogan’s Heroes” see the similarity between Obama and Sergeant Shultz? Misogynistic campaign, supporters, Rev. Wright and now Gov. Blagojevich – “I know nothink, nothink!

Friday, December 05, 2008


Obama's speechwriters groping model of Senator Clinton

Sure, things are moving at a terrific pace but sometimes it's wise to slow down a little and consider the past and how it relates to the present. There are lessons there we can all learn from; there is information to help us avoid mistakes and waste time.

Know your history. Bookmark this LIBRARY for information and research so you can read about and understand the woman's movement for equality was never just a collection of words.

The Liz Library logo:

The recent yearlong battle with misogyny of 2008 was lost, as women took hit after hit. Every effort to resist or defend oneself was met with derision and more misogyny.

What did become apparent to everyone was that our society of so-called human beings condoned it and more than that, it has put it right alongside genetic male characteristics as pardonable. "They just can't help it - it's hardwired in their brain", they tell us.

Oh yes, the male is programmed to hunt and women are his prey. The whole idea of respect for, or equality with the other is a myth. Even all the world's great religions give credence to man's vilest and thoughtless actions.

Many women over the years have been swamped or drowned in the tidal wave of sexual discrimination that goes along with the male privilege and genetic pardon. They may have been bloodied but they are not only holding up their heads, they are proceeding to continue the fight.

There are now many blogs and movements where women and supportive men are fired up to fight against misogyny.

Heidi Li tells us that

"we each, as individuals, must object every time and every place we hear or read sexist or misogynistic language". She advises us to say, "Please stop braying at me!"

Here are just a few of the other blogs in the fight; you'll find links here to blogs they recommend:

The common message is that we should put our collective foot down and stamp sexism and misogyny out. Just as racist speech and writing has been made socially unacceptable we should demand the same of sexist speech and writing.

Will we be hearing soon that the ethics of young males is hardwired also? Check out these alarming statistics:

Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth
Copyright 2008 Josephson Institute

It should certainly be looked into to find out why both men and women teach their sons and daughters different values; Values that have caused such massive putrefaction of the Blogisphere.

The fight we are in started centuries ago; it continued in the last century with your mother's and grandmothers fighting for your right to vote, for equal pay and opportunity, equal education and reproductive rights.

The past year will live in infamy in the annuals of women's history as a time a society that considered itself progressive, regressed to Stone Age values and actions.

"If women want any rights more than they's got, why don't they just take them, and not just be talking about it." - Sojourner Truth

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Sunday, November 30, 2008


After the brawl was over
Maggie took out her glass eye,
Put her false teeth in water,
Hung up her hair to dry,
Stood her left leg in the corner,
Hung her right arm on a hook.
After the brawl was over…
After the brawl.
--- parody - author unknown [original song, “After the ball” by Charles K. Harris]

Following the recent selection, all the Maggies emerged with heart and mind still strong and vital despite yet another cruel battering by the 4th Estate that should have protected her.

Here we are again hearing from various media mavens that, oh my yes, media had been a tad biased in favor of one candidate. And perhaps even a tad sexist in its treatment of the women candidates.

Then in the very next breath they insist that Senator Clinton should not become SoS because she will set up her own foreign policy and hurt the precious. They wring their hands in agony that “she always makes things about herself.”

No apologies, no explanations, just the usual bull we have come to expect from these people who call themselves reporters and claim they and the free press they represent protect our freedom.

Oh, yes and their right to do all this protecting is protected by the Constitution. Media considers itself the fourth arm of government that polices the other three. Except for some state or local reporting, the media is financed and directed by what Ike told us to fear: The military-industrial complex.

International corporations as well as native, feed us lies and pick our presidents. They support government officials who do their bidding. They have become, because the people have allowed it, the voice of the people.

What makes it all so frustrating is that this has been occurring and reoccurring for years. Reporters on the scene of battles and wars have often omitted anything that might reflect badly on their masters. The usual excuses that it was done for national security just do not hold up.

Remember the lies of the “Embedded media” in Iraq; the government’s cover-up and fabrication of Jessica Lynch, a woman soldier who was captured by Iraqi? The story was slanted to make it appear her Iraqi captors tortured her when in effect they treated her humanly.

Remember the cover-up of Abu Ghriab and Git-mo and torture we engaged in by rendition? And these are only the tip of the iceberg.

Despite all this historical knowledge of the perfidy of the media, most Americans live by the polls and ruminations of the talking heads that make their living by gazing into their own crystal ball and never acknowledge or apologize for any mistakes.

Just amazing how they mostly all get on the same page at the same time. This week we’ve heard several assert variations on the meme that everyone is ecstatically happy with Zero, even those who at one time opposed him.

We are the most poorly informed country in the world yet we continue childishly to claim we have freedom of the press. Could it be that all the dire predictions of the economy are just so that as things turn around it will be reported as a miracle performed by the president-select?

Meanwhile misogyny continues unabated. Twisty writes:

"A black dude can get elected president, but a woman? When swine defy gravity. Racism flourishes, all righty, but it’s covert, on the DL, the embarrassing private luxury of elderly honkys and parochial-minded nincompoops . . . Misogyny, on the other hand, is bullet-proof. It’s not merely tolerated, it’s openly celebrated in the American street, the American courtroom, the American bedroom, the American internet. Except for a puny consortium of bruised and contused blamers calling blindly to the Vaginatariat through mists of dime store cologne, even the victims of this oppression embrace it."

Lest we forget, there was Jimmy Kimmel interviewing the patrons of a black barbershop to ask what would be acceptable and what off limits in regard to what he could say about Barack Obama. All agreed children were off limits but rifts on Michelle’s big ass were OK.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


What is it that keeps holding women back from uniting and presenting a true, new force for good in the world? Are all the great women bloggers out there capable of coming together to destroy the eons of bias, discontent and futility of protest?

Can we ever get rid of that posh parasol, hat and gloves, elitist “feminist” label and celebrate our woman selves that come in all shapes, colors and abilities, mostly unexpressed?

Perhaps the plethora of well-written blogs speaking to the issue of equality in fact, instead of parroting the MSM’s happy housewife meme, hurts rather than helps. Each one offers links to other blogs but the click of the mouse does not connect us together, it just gives us more reading material.

Women born early in the last century read these blogs and retch between their tears of frustration. What they experienced, suffered and worked to change for their daughters is just what the modern blogs are pissing and moaning about now.

The so-called women’s movement for equality apparently provided the daughters with the right to free and open sex, the right to keep their own name when married and the right to continue to support the status quo.

Their mother’s plea that women should not be objectified was turned on its head by daughters who just love being objectified or have taken the attitude of “FU! I’ll dress as I like, so there.” And how the guys love it.

All of the information and knowledge gained by the mothers of yore are available in women’s studies, books, on-line and from the mothers who have survived. All useless – those who will not learn from the past are not only repeating it but are also adding new wrinkles to the old patriarchy playbook.

Wake up! It’s not the individual men who are doing this to you. Many of them are supporters – they are on your side. It is the culture and the extent to which you have given in and accepted your lesser-human status.

It’s the choices you have made to give preference to, and adorn, your bodies instead of opening and using your mind. ”Be warriors for equality!” - Xena Warrior Princess

Despite knowing that the Primary was rigged for Zero, almost all of those so-called women supporting the one woman in the race happily jumped on the unity pony. Then they jumped ugly on their friends and relatives who would not capitulate to what clearly was the ultimate in the battering of a woman. Tag ‘em and frag ‘em – misogyny rules.

The candidate and Party that supported these atrocities received their accolades from voters singing hosanna to the tall dark and hansom of the fairy tales they were brought up on. It wasn’t so much about the kool-aid as it was about the hormones.

Women seem prone to exhibit a psychological response sometimes seen in an abducted hostage, in which the hostage shows signs of loyalty to the hostage-taker. This has been called The Stockholm Syndrome.

No wonder. Male power has only to shake the “fear rattle” and most women respond like the well oiled, well-trained Zombies they are. The culture has taught them that protection lies only with the male.

The brave woman who made the cracks in the glass ceiling and took the vicious cuts and bruises herself watched in agony as those, who had declared support, turned their backs on her.

Then these liberal, elitist, ladies, who had preached equality and tolerance as their credo, erupted when a strong Conservative woman came on the scene. Feminist leaders led their sisterhood followers into another wild game of tag ‘em and frag ‘em that still continues.

This sisterhood and their leaders are now the tip of the misogyny spear to the delight of the male power structure. They descending like a mob of Harpies to claw a woman Governor to death and found instead one strong woman person who had learned well from the elder sisters and mothers of the last century.

Below are links to two blogs with recent, well-written articles. Sadly the content is very similar to things written in the last century – we’ve gone a damn short way, baby.

Six Part Series on the Need for Feminism

1. The Right to Go Out

2. Planet of the Guys

3. Our Father Who Art in Heaven

4. The Invisible Women

5. The Female Body as Property

6. The Longest Revolution

Women Will Never Be Equal

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


More than a few women are beginning to regret the vote they made based on fear of who the winner might appoint to the Supreme Court. They bought into the threat that only a Liberal appointee would preserve a woman’s right to choose.

Just recently they have been exposed to other things a Liberal appointee might protect - too bad awareness came to late. For example, they never counted on the “marketing strategy” of a Vermont snowboard company, Burtons, and what it might foretell for their future.

This company has chosen to decorate its snowboards with graphics that use naked Playboy models that range from pornography to misogyny with some self-mutilation thrown in. Ski resorts around the country are banning them. Women's groups and a group of men working against domestic violence have joined a growing chorus of criticism directed at the snowboards.

Burton has claimed the right to free expression – artistic, they call it. So there, bitches! You are all merely chattel; our possessions and we can do anything we want with your body, your image, dressed or naked. ALL women and men should be up in arms over this, but they aren’t.

Demeaning women and their bodies has always been rampant, providing locker room glee for boyz of all ages, but it was mostly hidden. Now it is open, vicious and de rigor under the leadership of He-who-must-be reverenced.

Many women also joined in, and still continue to vilify Senator Clinton and Governor Palin. These are the Fem-bots of yore who believe that a boot on their neck is a love tap. They demean their own gender to please men and get attention because women are expected to give up their own interests to further his.

America’s children are carefully taught by their fathers, but mothers can really do damage. They slavishly serve their male children while teaching their daughters to do the same. There are, fortunately, exceptions to this kind of parent that prove the rule.

It’s little wonder that many boys grow up to hate women after their formative years have given them a constant picture of mother and sisters as the servants of his father and himself. Add to that the sports coaches calling the team members, “girls”, in derogatory tones when they fail. The message gets clearer and is reinforced throughout their lives.

As one man told us, “Mom said not to ever hit a girl and Dad added, not when there are people around to see you and mom laughed.” The misogyny and hate has been carefully taught and ingrained into our psyche.

Consider how a Liberal Court might rule on the Burton case. We expect it would be ruled OK to degrade women by any way and means possible. So be careful what you wish for from Liberals. The actions and words of the Misogynist-in-chief-elect are an indication of the kind of people he would appoint to the Supreme Court.

However, help for women’s equality quest may be coming from another source - divine intervention. Sonja Puzic in The Windsor Star [11/06/008] writes of The Disappearing Male –

“Studies show rise in birth defects, infertility among men.

“Are males becoming an endangered species? That's the question scientists and researchers have been pondering since alarming trends in male fertility rates, birth defects and disorders began emerging around the world.”

This bumper sticker may be prophetic: "God is coming and she is pissed!"

Truck Accident Lawyer
Truck Accident Lawyer

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Events in life seem to continually put us in a position of being winners or losers. But each of us must define for ourselves what is meant by winning and losing and not be led astray by how the media may define it.

We subscribe to the conviction of Grantland Rice: “It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.”

Some may think the winners are the ones who voted for and supported the media’s choice. But those of us who have stood fast against the onslaught of misogyny, hate and derision know that we are the winners.

We won because we believe deeply in gender equality. We won because we censored the Democratic Party for cooking the books in their Primary for the sole purpose of defeating a woman and maintaining the status quo of good ol’ boy politics.

We won because no matter how much it hurt and no matter how cruelly we were taunted and blasphemed by friend and foe alike, we stood firm because all the evidence showed that the best candidate for the job of president was a woman.

We won because we never wavered in our passion despite the piles of crap and garbage thrown at us. We watched former ally after former ally turn away from us as their courage and conviction evaporated in the storm of blog and media hype.

by William Ernest Henley; 1849-1903

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate;
I am the captain of my soul.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Once again the media is telling us that they have chosen our next president and vice president. Already happened, it says. “You partisan yahoos don’t even need to vote. It’s not the People’s choice. It’s ours.

“You nincompoops have such short memories but try and think back to 2000 and 2004. We chose the candidate then too. How’d that work out for you? We do it softly, we do it with lies and threats, we do it rough and for your amusement we do it with misogyny.”

Remember all the flutter about the cost of John Edward’s haircut? It was only because it could be used to derogate women – the media loved calling him “The Breck Girl. But nothing was ever said about the thousand$ spent on his suits, ties, and shirts or how they looked on him.

Hillary’s clothing, body and hair was constantly commented on, usually in a derogatory fashion. If it wasn’t the tut-tuts about cleavage it was the nasty bits about her pantsuits and the male’s reason for why she wore them instead of a dress they could look up under.

Joe Biden is seldom even noticed; even when he makes a gaffe that would sink any other Party’s candidate like stone. Some mention has been made of his facial makeovers and hair plugs in the more gossipy blogs/columns. Even his monumental gaffes are not criticized – the media only hear the ones allegedly made by Governor Palin or Senator McCain.

Same with Obama’s clothing – for men it’s just suits and ties. Of course the perfect one must and does dress with perfection. So who mentions his $1,500 suits and makes nasty comments about him spending all that money? And even suggest what he may be hiding with custom made suits.

And woe on anyone who mentions the clever way he is fooling you with the slight whitening of his hair at the temples. Gives him an older, experienced look to those who have not seen the changes gradually made with a little white powder. [Oops, this may land me in gitmo.]

Sarah Palin’s new wardrobe has been fueling the hate engines for days now. Led, of course, by a media that spends most of its time looking for something to crap on her with, but little is made of the $520 Ferragamo shoes worn by McCain, although the talk-show host like to blather on about them.

To many women obey the cultural edict to lighten up when constantly faced with the barrage of hateful misogyny and sexism that was and still is aimed at Senator Clinton and their own gender.

Many more even join in now as the hate-crime-inducing drivel is spewed out against Governor Palin. The idea that SNL and The Daily Show can make such hideous fun of womankind is worse than deplorable. It is criminal and it incites violence and disrespect for all women.

Women have just got to wake up to the fact that sexism and misogyny is no more humorous or acceptable or harmless than making fun of lynching, nappy-headed-hos or Uncle Toms.

“Just slit her throat, lock her in a car boot, and drive the car into river in West Virginia.
“Ain’t gonna let no whore screw with the man
“And a Drive-By Won’t Be Out of the Question. What goes around, comes around. The stupid fucking bitch !!
“Talk About WHITE TRASH that bitch better keep looking over her shoulder.”
This is just a few examples of what Obama supporters said about Hillary Clinton.

"[W]hatever else the current generation of feminists - and particularly the Third Wave feminists - have accomplished, the battle to diminish the cultural acceptability of sexism and misogyny is being lost. Lighten up is not a successful strategy. Lighten up is no strategy at all. . . We must commit ourselves to an innovative and energetic campaign to change our culture. The way things look now, we're not just losing a battle about sexism in this election - we're losing the whole damn war."
-- Ciccina, The Lurking Canary

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Now this is going to be offensive to some readers, but please cut me some slack as I do have a point to make – maybe more than one. I spend some time in the mornings listening to Imus and Limbaugh. I also check FOX news daily getting election info the msm will not cover.

Morning talk radio is background for me as I go about tasks I cannot avoid. For years I turned on Air America Radio, uncritically drinking all the massive amounts of their kool-aid thinking the Dems could do no wrong.

When it, like most of the blogs and other Progressive/Democratic info sources turned to vicious attacks against all women by launching a massive misogynistic pummeling of Senator Clinton, I turned it off.

As bad as Imus and Limbaugh are they do not surpass the present Democratic Party in its present incarnation of hatred, misinformation and misogyny.

Well, you all know what’s been happening throughout the Primaries and now in the run up to the general election. The worm has not only turned, it has become a butterfly, then a worm again in many cases.

First we heard, “I’m not against a woman president – just not that woman [HRC]. Now there are messages coming through the cracks in the all-dissent- forbidden wall erected by the Obama campaign saying, “I’m not against a black president – just not that black [BHO].

It appears that the “in your face” attack by the Obama campaign is having consequences that were not anticipated. One of them is that some voters are refusing to state their preference to pollsters or others.

The golden patina glow is being stripped away from The One and a bit of what lies beneath is showing through. Some are taking another look and moving toward the still strong mass of Clinton supporters who have stayed firm in their disgust and anger at how the DNC and media stole the Primary from her and the voters.

They reject the Party line that they are sore-losers who are grieving because their candidate lost. As Heidi Li writes: “let me make it perfectly clear: I am not angry or "simply grieving" about "Mrs. Clinton not being picked as the nominee." I am distressed that the Democratic Party rigged its own nomination process and PICKED a candidate rather than ELECTING one.

I can hear you. You’re asking me, “How can you possibly listen to those lying *&$@&#$*& because they say nasty things? AAR may say some nasty things but Democrats always tell the truth.”

Right, thanks for making my point. Another rude awakening to hear how Dems have become the Repugs we hated. And how so many think saying nasty things is OK as long as it’s Democrats that are doing it.

Monday, October 13, 2008


“…I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
Its cloud illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all…

- Joni Mitchell

It seems such a short time ago that the Primaries began and Dems were free, strong and united, bound together to pick the best candidate to run for president.

The Dem talk-radio, blogs and much of the msm set a tone of openness and inclusion of all the Dem candidates. The debates started and gradually the climate changed. Hillary Clinton was just too good, too smart and too experienced. But most of all, she was just too female.

There and then the fan started to get hit. Misogyny was thicker than flies around cow flaps. No comment was too demeaning, too dangerous, too disgusting or too threatening.

Along about then, it became obvious that the king-makers in the DNC had chosen their candidate early on. They turned away from all the other well-qualified, mostly male candidates to covet and coddle Barack Obama. Mainstream media followed suit, tingly legs and all.

Obama crowds were whipped up to the point of screaming, “kill the bitch!” And that was deemed OK by Democrats [that’s right, foks, Democrats] – women have always been the target of violence, rape and murder. It’s part of our culture.

At the same time the DNC and fellow travelers actively prevented any rebuttal against or charges against Obama from Clinton and her supporters. All criticism of Obama was labeled racist, but only if Clinton made the charges. The other candidates, especially, Joe Biden, were given cart blanch to make any charges they wanted to. Who noticed? Who cared?

So gradual that few caught on, the male candidates and the DNC rallied around Obama and broadsided Clinton with complaints. Here they were greatly assisted by the media.

Were there any women involved in this massacre? You betcha! – the usual suspects, such as Donna Brazil, were front and center to echo the males and push every verbal knife cut deeper into Senator Clinton.

Those of us who realized what was happening were powerless to prevent it. We watched in horror as the Obama machine put racial dynamite in every phrase uttered and every support offered, blowing up her support and the truth along with it.

As it stands now, many are afraid to even voice their preference for president. If they have blogs, the Obama machine shuts them down. There are many cases where Clinton supporters have been threatened.

His youth corps is going house to house along with union members to strongly persuade people – “getting into their faces” as ordered by the Obama campaign.

Now it all repeats as McCain and Palin go after the Obama fellow travelers. Cries of racism, lynch mob and mob rule obfuscate the legitimate questions. Even when Obama tells a different story every time, most media are either in his pocket or are afraid to report it.

Another repeat is what is happening right now. Remember how, long before ALL the Primaries were held, Obama claimed victory; talked an acted and was treated as the victor by the DNC and the media?

With still a few weeks to go, he is doing the same thing, claiming a landslide victory, again backed up by the DNC and the media. Very effective since there are those who can always be conned into voting for who they think is the winner.

The Primary and the run up to the General Election has painted a picture of the repression of dissent that is sure to be manifested in an Obama administration. If he is elected, it will be too late to wake up and protest. Gone forever will be the myth of “tolerant, inclusive Liberals”.

Meanwhile most of the country watches the debates and never notices that the excellent plans and idea for our problems spouted by the candidates are the excellent plans and ideas of Hillary Clinton.

“Over and over this political season, the DNC and Senator Obama have betrayed millions of Democratic voters by refusing to count their votes, by refusing to hold a non-rigged convention, by pretending unity when there is not unity.”

–quoted from Heidi Li’s Popourri article, “In Betrayal Lies Possibility”. Read entire article here:

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Why does he refer to himself as black? He's 50% white and raised by white mother/grandmother with his black father mostly absent.

Tiger Woods was given all sorts of hell for not referring to himself as black. He had the best answer: "saying I was black would be like saying my mom doesn't exist. And that's my mom! That's my little mommy!" His mom is - Thai, I believe. His late father was black.

Does Keanu Reeves call himself Chinese or does Anne Curry call herself Japanese? No, they are Americans of mixed race.

Why then does Barack call himself black when he keeps on insisting that race be NOT made a factor? Doesn't he just lend credence to the persistence of racial discrimination when he segregates himself on the basis of race?

Would getting 80 to 90% of black votes have anything to do with it?

Would being able to deflect criticism from anybody by shouting "racism" have anything to do with it?

Perhaps Obama calls himself black because there is no "multi-racial" power base in politics, even in Chicago. The black power base, however, is not only very influential but mostly Democratic. This may be why Obama calls himself black, and why he calls himself a Democrat.

Would be tuning in to and using the white guilt about slavery have anything to do with it?

With the media in his pocket, the voting public cannot learn about his past, his mistakes or his beliefs. We are just shown the crowds, made mad from drinking the kool-aid propaganda.

His fitness and experience for the highest office in our land goes nearly unchallenged. One hope is that Governor Sarah Palin's bright light will bring home to voters an obvious comparison.

The MSM call her, a Governor, not ready or experienced enough to be VP? Well by damn, look at him and his lack of both, and the DNC put him up for Commander In Chief!

And remember what Hillary said in the Primaries about McCane and herself having years of experience in government, and Barack giving a great speech in 2004.

And just in case you missed it, a part of Hillary's comment on the recent VP debate.

"It is amazing, you know, she’s been thrust in the spotlight with very little national preparation and I think, all things considered, you saw a very composed and effective debater."
-- Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary - We always knew you were a class act! Sarah! - You go girl!

Just a few paragraphs below from a great, informative post by Ani Ai titled, "Depravity not Decency". You can read the whole article here:

"At a work-related function Thursday, two bosses of mine decided to make a snarky, demeaning remark about Governor Palin in my presence. I’m sure they assume I am a Democrat and as such, the fact that I am a woman would have no bearing on the fact that they were deeply insulting someone of my gender...

..."Every time the media, the DNC elite and the Obama thug squad keep moving the goal post and rearranging the rules to suit themselves and saying:

'It’s not enough. You’re not enough. You’ll never be enough. No matter how you do it, we will find something wrong with it. We will find something wrong with you. Your pantsuits. Your ass. Your face. Your cackle. Your statements. Your family. Your solid record, which we will pretend amounts to much less than the empty briefcase of the charlatan against whom you are running.'

Cold comfort to see this was not reserved for Hillary alone. How nice for her that she gets to sit in Washington, D.C. or in her New York office and witness this debacle leveled at Sarah Palin, so she can relive the lovely experience herself as well.

I was never so ashamed of having spent my life as a Democrat. What makes Democrats any better than the Republicans they have been forever characterizing as evil? I thought we were the party of tolerance, equal rights, equal opportunity and openness.

I was wrong.

We have been screaming at the Bush administration not to condone torture. Tell me, to whom do I apply for redress when I feel like I am being figuratively tortured having to listen to, and by extension, be slapped with these kinds of insults and demeaning behavior.

It is abuse. It is misogyny. It is vile no matter the source or object.

God forbid you find fault with someone on the issues. On something real...."

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


There is a glaring dichotomy in the BObob political machine. It presents BO as a very religious person who is honest and trustworthy. It has promulgated the idea that he is special, almost godlike and can do no wrong.

Then, generally behind the scenes and certainly unseen or unheard by the msm media, the BObob machine grinds out a completely different agenda.

Christi Parsons writing in the Chicago Tribune reports on the formation of Obama Youth Camps where campers will be schooled in the policies and promises of BO. Also they will be taught campaign skills and hear lectures by old friends of BO who will indoctrinate them in his biography and policy positions.

This sounds eerily like the way a European dictator in the past conditioned and maintained a huge corps of youth to blindly follow him, even to betraying their own parents.

And what is one to make of the chorus of 22 children, aged 5-12, uniformed alike in blue Obama shirts singing to their dear leader. It too brings back memories. [Watch both videos for yourselves].

All the time, to give his not-so-Christian endeavors cover, BO has relentlessly reached out to evangelical voters and their pastors. His effort is to increase participation in his Matthew 25 PAC by young, moderate evangelicals, Catholics and Protestants committed to electing him president.

And to keep any protester or non-believer in line, his Truth Squad makes itself felt all over the country. Truth squad video -

When the Missouri public prosecutor announced that public officials of the state would be “joining Obama’s Truth Squad, there was concern. Could this lead to police threatening or arresting anyone who questioned anything about him?

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt is not amused. “The only conceivable purpose of Messrs. McCulloch, Obama and the others is to frighten people away from expressing themselves, to chill free and open debate, to suppress support and donations to conservative organizations targeted by this anti-civil rights, to strangle criticism of Mr. Obama, to suppress ads about his support of higher taxes, and to choke out criticism on television, radio, the Internet, blogs, e-mail and daily conversation about the election.” Read the rest here:

Apparently Missouri is not the only state targeted. It has been revealed that Obama legal teams in Pennsylvania and Ohio are accosting radio/TV stations. This is to prevent them from broadcasting NRA ads that challenge Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

Teddy Roosevelt’s foreign policy was “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Obama’s domestic policy appears to be “Praise Jesus and if you dissent with anything I say, I’ll have you clubbed and your children re-educated to worship me.”

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Cries of “not true” reverberate across the country aimed at each campaign by the other. The media either promulgates or joins in the cry of liar. Disturbing, yes but fairly normal for election politics.

But this year there is a big difference. Why? It’s not just the nasty blogger boyz or the continuous rehash by the cable and broadcast and radio talk. Those were in place in ’04.

So what variable is different? Gender. Two women have been front and center this election year and since our society finds nothing wrong with denigrating women sexually, misogyny is having a wild and unbridled roughshod ride.

Another but lesser factor is age. True, there have been senior candidates in the past but that was before the media had such a stranglehold on the information pipeline.

But one has only to hear the anger in Letterman’s voice condemning McCain for canceling an appearance on his show to fathom the depths of the power media has assumed. We the people have allowed the media to grow into a hydra-headed bully.

Also age is still somewhat revered as evidenced by Joe Biden’s harsh criticism of a BO ad for which he was soundly lambasted by the media and the BO campaign acting in tandem. Is Joe on the way out?

But there are no holes or indecency barred when it comes to bashing women. Where a male candidate having an affair [John Edwards] is giggled over but unreported by media, a female candidate, whether guilty or not is presumed to be promiscuous. Evidence is unnecessary.

Still, what makes this year stand out for misogyny is not the expected male, high school locker room, toilet words and sexual innuendos. It is the viciousness and intensity of feminist/women’s hatred of the female candidates.

Is this the “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” affect played large? Are these women jealous because another woman, not them, would have won a Primary [save for intervention and rule breaking by the DNC]?

Or angry because another woman, not them, would be chose to run for the office of Vice President? OMG! And these women are smart and intelligent too!

The real horror of all of this for the many women, that once supported Democrats for what they perceived was their devotion toward women’s civil and reproductive rights, is to see it is Democrats that are front and center with the cruelest and falseness of the onslaught toward women.

It was Democratic Party leadership that stole votes from the woman candidate and gave them to the man; that defied Convention Rules and cooked the books against the most qualified candidate.

But many did not go along with that treachery. Thanks be to the great band of sisters and brothers: a huge community of women and men, both young and old, who are blogging for principal instead of being out to slit their sister's throat; for believing that Democracy is for every gender.

We will never give up and never give in.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


So please do not send us any more mail to We never see it since it contains the words gendergapper, however mail without that word appears to come through OK. So, we have not received your comments for over a week and if anyone wanted to unsub, we have not seen those requests.

So please send comments to either or


The BO bully boyz have forced us to suspend our huge mailing list as they have tried to do to so many lists and blogs. Although our ISP, Comcast allows us to send e-mails, they censor all of our posts that contain the word gendergapper. This mailing will come to you from friendly subscribers who are kind enough to help us. Thank you for your loyalty and for hanging with us for so long.

So, not only have we been unable to send our articles, your posts responding using “reply button” are likewise cancelled so we do not receive your comments or requests to cancel your subscription.

- BO’s Nevada stump speech 9/17/2008 – “I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face," he said…' You are my ambassadors. You guys are the ones who can make the case."

"Get in their face" isn't all they are urged to do. Several blogs and personal ISP's of those who oppose Obama have been punked and/or shut down by claiming to administrators that they are spam. Instructions for doing this are all over their misogynistic, hate filled blogs.

We never thought GenderGappers would be considered much of a threat but they shut us down and severely crippled our ability to put out our newsletter.
Margaret Cho is one of his “ambassadors”. Here’s her obeying her master, BO’s “IN YOUR FACE” directive.

Our mission and our purpose are to support women, even those whose agenda we may not agree with fully. We knew the misogyny was out there but never believed the Democratic Party, so-called feminist/women’s groups and some unaffiliated women would lead and promulgate it.

Women don't have to like or even vote for Palin but they should see their own fate in what they are doing to her.

“I am under 45 years of age, love the outdoors and to hunt. I am a Republican reformer and have taken on the Republican Party establishment. I am married with several children. I have been nominated for vice president on the Republican ticket. I have less than two years experience as governor of my home state. Who am I? If you guessed Sarah Palin, you would be correct. If you also happened to guess Theodore Roosevelt [1900], you would also be correct. How about that?” - Ray Michaud in letter to FreePress

It is utterly ironic that all through the years of the Bush administration we wrote scathing commentary about it and the Republicans but were never attacked and shut down.

So we will not be doing mailings but we still will be writing to our blog every week – for as long as the in-your-face and to hell with the 1st Amendment bullies allow it.
And through to the end of this year we will continue to archive each article at
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Monday, September 15, 2008


What a strange election year this is and two of the candidates are even stranger. One is a girl and the other is a boy.

Both spent their formative years in a state outside of the contiguous 48, one from Alaska and one from Hawaii. One moved to the mainland.

Both are attractive and are married to attractive spouses. One has two daughters the other has three daughters and two sons.

One is a Reagan Republican and one is a Reagan Democrat. Both obtained their political training in the state they live in.

One praised Senator Hillary Clinton for her determination, grit and grace; the other ridiculed all older and disabled people by mocking Senator John McCain in an ugly campaign ad for not being able to use a computer. [Because of disabilities incurred as a POW, he cannot type or even comb his own hair].

Both have their backgrounds vetted. One’s background was glossed over by a loving, embedded media; the other is still undergoing searches to find sexual deviations or other deal-breakers.

Any criticism of one is forbidden and those who criticize are called racist. Any criticism of the other is allowed and promulgated by the media, especially if it contains sexist innuendos or sexism.

One speaks of lipstick as an indicator of the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull. The other speaks of lipstick on a pig to derogate the other’s gender and issues.

One’s spouse is called a dominatrix; the other’s spouse is called pussy-whipped.

One is idolized as the 2nd Coming by the media; the other demonized and slimed.

Both have church and minister issues in their recent past.

Both supported “The Bridge to Nowhere” before each opposed it.

One had months of campaigning and many debates to learn and sharpen understanding of issues; the other has had only weeks.

Both play hoops and enjoy the sport.

Neither has served in the armed forces but one is Commander in Chief of a State’s National Guard.

The results of the November general election will give us either a Nubie, hard-nosed veep with administrative experience, plenty of faults and hubris; chosen by political acumen…

… or a Nubie president who is strong on misogyny with little administrative experience and a pretense of godlike entitlement; appointed by a Political Party using falsified Primary election results.

The Democrats have long been the party promising women that their concerns were the party’s concerns. The party also, by saying it supported women more than the Republicans, held out the carrot that women would rise within the party to a national ticket when one was sufficiently experienced and electable.
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Monday, September 08, 2008


Whatever else it was, Governor Sarah Palin’s speech accepting the GOP nomination for Veep was impressive. Also impressive was the near total acclimation and support given her by her own Party.

Unlike Senator Hillary Clinton, Sarah is not forced to campaign with a pack of media mad dogs and her own Party officials snarling at her heels. We all remember how Hillary was savaged and slammed for making even the slightest criticism of her rival in the Dem Primaries.

Palin will, of course have to deal with the media mad dogs, the Dem women Senators and Governors that BO has put in front of him for protection, and sadly many other women who will savage her simply because the worst critics of women’s advancement are women.

The media and the DNC savaged Senator Clinton. Now, some of the women who claimed to be in support of Hillary support BO. They claimed to be against sexism, like Taylor Marsh, but now are hurling sexist epithets against Sarah. So much for the legendary “tolerance” of Liberals. That kool-aid sure is potent.

Some are afraid that women will lose what reproductive/workingplace rights they have left if they don’t kiss up to The Precious. They are forgetting that they had the chance to have a real tried and true presidential candidate; one whose life has been spent in support of women, children and their rights and welfare. Why does anyone trust that BO will suddenly eschew the sexism of his campaign?

”Obama stole a campaign and attacked with his rabid cyber-dogs and cultlike supporters in the media. What makes you think hes going to protect MY rights as a woman after he let misogyny be the main weapon to suppress dissent?” sm77 confluence

”There is an aspect to the misogyny that is mentioned here and there, but doesn't get the full attention it deserves, and that is the class bias thoroughly interwoven with the gender hatred The media message is coming through loud and clear - white trash women are sluts for us to f*** with as we please Women p[er]ceived to be of a lower socio-economic classes, regardless of their color, regardless of their actual status, are treated like trash - cheap, dirty, used, disposable objects undeserving of civil rights and privacy, let alone common decency.” - Taking Out the Trash (by Anglachel)

What it all sugars out to is that it is not the candidate, nor is it the Party – it is gender. It is gender that made the huge fuss about Hillary and it is gender that is making the huge fuss over Sarah but they’d better watch it – she’s not called Sarahcuda for nothing.

Chart comparing SP to BO:

If you make it about Democratic values and electability, strong, fearless Hillary would have won in a landslide. The hue and cry over Palin is not about Republican values; it’s about the possibility of a strong, fearless woman getting into the White House.

The Obama /Biden ticket is already running scared and demanding help from Senator Clinton and other women Democrats to undercut Governor Palin. Will this be their strategy if they get elected? When some world leader makes a face at them will they call out the women to protect them? Good grief! The misogyny! Can you see it now?

Report sexism in media incidents. The WMC is committed to exposing and ending sexism in the media, regardless of the target, but they need your help. If you see an example of media sexism, please use the form at THIS PAGE to let them know.

ERA, Finally (by Lynne in Lakeland at Liberal Rapture)

I like strong women. Maybe because I am one. I'm not threatened by other women's success. I applaud it because it raises the possibilities for all of us. We shouldn't be disqualified because we're menstruating, gestating or lactating. Judge us on our merits. John McCain has surrounded himself with strong women. He pays them the same as he pays his male staffers… Governor Palin is the point of equal rights. You can't say she got where she is because of her husband, father, brother, uncle, grandfather or any other man. She got where she is by herself. She doesn't want to pull the ladder up after her and she acknowledges the women who came before her. That is a great message for all women.

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Monday, September 01, 2008


With the media and all the blogs embroiled in the Democratic Convention, GenderGappers stumbled into a scoop on a huge emerging story.

It seems the ‘Barackopolis’ in Denver, with it’s ancient Athenian Greek column motif, just whetted BO’s appetite. While he found it was sufficient for a nominee, he craved a more suitable venue for the Coronation of Barack, the First, Emperor of the United States of Obamerica.

To that end several Obamoid Officials traveled to England to do a deal with the Queen and the Mayor of the City of London. They wanted to rent Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, all the accouterments of coronation [robes, the Crown Jewels, the Horse Guard, royal carriage, etc] and much of London City roadways between the two structures.

They explained that all of the designations relating to British Royalty would be covered up with the Official Seal of the Precious One for the duration so no one should get nervous.

What might have been a deal breaker was their demand that along with the Abbey they required the London Charter to declare that the London be designated, for the duration of the celebration, the 51st State of Obamerica.

Of course they knew the British media would go along with it as they all have the trembling legs made famous by Chris Mathews. This epidemic of man-love has infected so many; even the famed British stiff upper lip is no more – it quivers uncontrollably.

{“What? Excuse us, we have to take this call… You mean it’s all off? No London Coronation? Why not? What happened?”}

Well, readers, sorry about that but it does seem to be official. All the preparations in London have been terminated. It has something to do with the weather.

The Obomoids have folded their tents, purchased bushels of supplies and retired to a deep bunker to shelter from a Whirlwind descending from Alaska. In their press release, they held Senator Hillary Clinton responsible for this weather phenomenon.
So regretfully, GenderGappers turns back to reviewing the ongoing media discussion and adulation of BO’s acceptance speech. The media assures us that it was the greatest speech ever given.

There were massive rivers of tears; there were attempts at immolation and wrist cutting as people, in a frenzy of hope and ecstasy, listened to the words of the Precious Chosen One.

Readers, farce and hoopla are fun, but this is dead serious: Most people in the stadium did not even realize that nearly the whole speech was plagiarized from the stump speech of Senator Hillary Clinton.

Well, Senator Obama's speech certainly is stunning
by Heidi Li Feldman, J.D., Ph.D.

As I type this, I am listening to Senator Obama give his acceptance speech.

It is stunning. It is audacious. It lifts word-for-word and paragraph-by-paragraph from Senator Clinton's stump speech. When Senator Clinton is not being quoted directly (without attribution), almost every idea Senator Clinton advanced during her campaign.

It would be one thing if Senator Obama had been quoting Senator Clinton with attribution and using her ideas throughout the primary season. Then, this speech would not be stunningly breathtakingly audacious. It would be a speech given by the person who would have been the better person to run against John McCain, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton; possibly it would have been given by Senator Clinton's running mate, who might have been Senator Obama. And it would have been a speech that would have been not only inspiring but more importantly credible.

Another great video by Geeklove -


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Monday, August 25, 2008


We must admit that we believed it possible that the Obomacons were right and we were wrong about The One, his character and his judgment. Even David Gergen, noting BO’s fall in the polls, advised the obvious.

“If he were to surprise the country — and the press — by naming Hillary Clinton as his running mate, he could turn the race upside down. Making the announcement in Springfield this Saturday, drawing from Lincoln’s experience in assembling a “team of rivals” (the glorious book by Doris Kearns Goodwin), would be transformative. No one else would so galvanize the Democrats, bring a fighter to his side, and send a clear message that an Obama administration would bring experience to solving problems both at home and abroad. Has anyone looked what happened to jobs and wages under Bush vs. Clinton? The comparison is startling. And remember that a quarter of Hillary’s voters still haven’t “come home” to the Democratic column.”

Now we have no doubts. Despite our hope, that he would be honest, intelligent and confident enough to choose as his running mate the woman who, if the rules had been followed, would have won the Democratic Primary instead of him, he followed his own craven image.

Brotherhood prevailed to once again shut a woman out from what she had earned. “This is all about the old white guys staying in power. They needed a front man -- enter the neophyte, incompetent Obama -- this is a new kind of politics? This is change we can believe in?” - Oft repeated blog comment

For surely if you compare the nasty things Biden has said of BO in the debates and TV interviews to what Hillary was and still is, roundly criticized for, Biden’s were definitely racist, more critical of BO’s judgment and experience; and they are on video.

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." – Joe Biden

Biden saying in debate that Barack isn't ready to be president, Biden saying in interview that McCain would be a good President and he would support him or serve with him as VP if asked. v=RDVUPqoowf8

Biden also voted for and supported the Iraqi war. Oh, and he dropped out early after getting around 25000 votes.
Hillary won the popular vote: (ABC news)
Hillary: 17,785,009
Obama: 17,479,990
If the Rules Committee had not halved the votes in Florida and Michigan, Hillary would have netted 100 delegates from Florida and 73 from Michigan. If Obama had gotten none from Michigan (he took his name off the ballot to placate Iowa), and not given him delegates he had not earned, Hillary would have had 1725 delegates at the end of the primaries and Obama 1707. She would have won the pledged delegates.

“Thank you, Egalia for bringing up the Clarence Thomas hearings. I would highly recommend the book Strange Justice, written shortly after the hearings. Joe Biden was the ‘guy’ in charge of those hearings. He kept several other women witnesses sitting & waiting in a hotel room - women who would have testified to the same sort of behavior that Anita Hill - courageously - related to the committee. Those women were never questioned and Clarence Thomas was appointed to the Supreme Court. -- Connie Graham

Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones “One true friend” Geeklove

Odd choices in Obama’s career by J. R. Dunn
Barack Obama will be defeated. Seriously and convincingly defeated. Not due to racism, not due to the forces of reaction, not even due to Karl Rove sending out mind rays over the national cable system. He will lose for one reason above all, one that has been overlooked in any analysis that I've yet seen. Barack Obama will lose because he is a flake.
I'm using the term in its generally accepted sense. A flake is not only a screwup, but someone who truly excels in making bizarre errors and creating incredibly convoluted disasters. A flake is a "fool with energy", as the Russian proverb puts it. ("A fool is a terrible thing to have around, but a fool with energy is a nightmare".)

Irony from Riverdaughter – concerning how women are expected to act:
“But most importantly, it is Hillary Clinton’s responsibility to put all of her policy experience, political expertise, energy and professionalism at Barack Obama’s disposal and allow all of her accomplishments to be relevant only in reference to him, in order to shore up his abysmally sinking poll numbers and save his ass in November. This is a task for which she is uniquely qualified since she would have been able to win the White House without much assistance at all. This makes her obligation to him even stronger since she has the mojo that he lacks. But it is her joy to become the plaster that holds his crumbling foundation in place. And when her task is finished, she will modestly step back in to the shadows while she privately beams with pride at her creation. It is what we all live for.
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Monday, August 18, 2008


Here's the thing.

BO's sinking in the polls as more voters are not liking what is coming out in books, and are being turned off by his hubris and flip-flops. Super delegates notice, start thinking they are backing a loser and turn to consider HILLary. They realize she is the most competent and experienced and would beat McCane.

BO needs to stop this so he "magnanimously" [him, really?] allows a roll call vote for her.

He has tipped off his pals in the media and knows what their reaction will be.

Right! They will go after Hillary with gusto. "Oh, she is taking the Convention away from Obama. For shame.

Cafferty [CNN] was apoplectic, all veins in his head popping. MSNBC - vemon in overdrive. FOX News getting it and laughing their asses off at the media knee jerk reaction.

ObamaDROIDS, as BO figured, step up their hate and nastiness vowing not to vote and/or wage riots if super delegates upset BO's coronation.

Super delegates shudder and think that it's too late. They fear the riots will prevent a Hillary win as the media and hyped up geek mobs will scare off voters.

So much for BO's great gesture. A move, planned like all his actions are - to make himself look good while his media and geeks sink their knives in, doing his dirty work.

Sure wish it were different. But it is confusing. After years of school, decades of media and eons of history, the Primary process seemed rather simple and good and patriotic. But now everything relating to freedom of expression and democracy has been turned on its head.

Grass roots peaceful protesters are vilified by a media that should just be reporting on their cause and actions. The evidence has piled up and seems indisputable – the Democratic nomination was stolen from Hillary Clinton.

Delegates and super delegates are coerced and threatened. If they do not allow themselves to be bought off, the DNC Pooh-Bahs withdraw all funding for their campaigns.

And looming large is the threat of violence against all who may support Clinton and especially toward Hillary Clinton herself. Mob action by the Net roots spewing hatred 24/7 over the Internet.

“After we’ve concluded appropriate homage and tribute to Hillary and women all over the world, who just want to be recognized for their contributions in a fair and evenhanded way, then can we drive a steak through the heart of this bitch?” – representative of comments by kossacks

“Looking back at the 2008 Primary season and the steady chanting of ‘When will that Stupid Bitch Quit’ we should have foreseen this summer’s efforts. We should have known that we’d have to work for a presence in Denver. But HOW could we have ever expected that Hillary’s pledged delegates would be threatened for wanting to stay true to their pledge?” - katiebird [confluence]
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Monday, August 11, 2008


"If there is no nomination process at the convention, this whole event is nothing short of an elaborate Coronation ceremony for the DNC’s very own Prince of Darkness, Barack Obama." -- from:

Despite the Olympics and the fantastic show put on by China, the hazy, lazy daze of vacation takes precedence for most of the principal players in the Denver soap opera. Hillary Clinton is the exception as she just keeps on trucking; keeping the heat on McCain and stumping for Obama.

The mean stream media and blogger boyz are fractious. They have not been able to really find out what is going on in Dem World but it hasn’t stopped them from guessing. Even the juicy sexcapades of John Edwards has failed to titillate their appetites.

Just to keep their claws sharp and in their never ending search for scabs to pick, most of the pundocracy have given us the same tired old crap about the past, present and future sins of the Clintons.

It makes them crazy that despite years of chewing on this family, it continues to be greatly loved and admired by most of the people, not only in this country but abroad.

Pundits and reporters are restive for the leg-tingling oratory of their Precious one who is away on a week’s vacation. They are eager for him turn around the trend building against him.

Here are two of his supporters telling you why you should vote for him.

The polls continue to show a decline in support for the Obama brand. Articles, such as the one excerpted below [between asterisks], that are critical of him are beginning to appear more often now.

***Although Henry V contains more famous lines, and as with most of Shakespeare's lines, these are often quoted out of context, sometimes when the speaker is not even aware she or he is alluding to Shakespeare, the line with which I began this post...
“I did never know so full a voice issue from so empty a heart: but the saying is true ‘The empty vessel makes the greatest sound’”
...fits well with the context of Senator Obama's remark about himself being an imperfect vessel.***

The media can no longer present The Denver Group as a lunatic fringe as more and more delegates demand fairness at the Convention. Unless Hillary Clinton’s name is placed in nomination [not just on a symbolic roll call], Democracy will be declared dead on arrival at the Democratic Convention.

What flummoxes the msm the most is not knowing who will be the Dem’s pick for Veep. It is possible that the choice has already been made. But it might be delayed until the whole Convention decides who their Standard Bearer will be and demands that whichever one wins, the other must be her/his running mate.

What a kick in the head for the msm which insists that it, not the voters decide who the Dem candidate for president and veep will be. What a great thing it would be for Democracy if the DNC decides to act Democratically and allow all the delegates to cast their vote.

Neither Hillary nor Barack have enough votes to win so the Superdelegates will determine the winner – not the media - IF Democracy prevails and the DNC’s own rules are followed.

· Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.
· Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent. Martin Luther King, Jr.
· Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Martin Luther King, Jr.
· I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant. Martin Luther King Jr.
· In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Martin Luther King Jr.
· Let no man pull you low enough to hate him. Martin Luther King Jr.
· A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble. Mohandas Gandhi
· A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. Mohandas Gandhi
· All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender. For it is all give and no take. Mohandas Gandhi
· An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. Mohandas Gandhi
· An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind. Mohandas Gandhi
· First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mohandas Gandhi
· Healthy discontent is the prelude to progress. Mohandas Gandhi
· I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people. Mohandas Gandhi
· Action expresses priorities. Mohandas Gandhi
· Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth. Mohandas Gandhi
· Moral authority is never retained by any attempt to hold on to it. It comes without seeking and is retained without effort. Mohandas Gandhi
· Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. Mohandas Gandhi
· Truth never damages a cause that is just. Mohandas Gandhi
· Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela
· You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do. Eleanor Roosevelt
· Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't. Eleanor Roosevelt
· Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn't have the power to say yes. Eleanor Roosevelt
· Have convictions. Be friendly. Stick to your beliefs as they stick to theirs. Work as hard as they do. Eleanor Roosevelt
· I have spent many years of my life in opposition, and I rather like the role. Eleanor Roosevelt
· The battle for the individual rights of women is one of long standing and none of us should countenance anything which undermines it. Eleanor Roosevelt
· It is not more vacation we need - it is more vocation. Eleanor Roosevelt #
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Saturday, August 09, 2008


Barack is very disappointed with me!

I only scored 21 on the Obama Test

Monday, August 04, 2008


- thanks to Alegre

The spirit of Lolita rises to challenge of the politics of the Ring, as O-life imitates art and Tolkein and Nabokov are revisited.

One hears it everywhere. The warnings, the insults, the charges of racism and anti-Americanism and all because a few, who turned into a rapidly increasing flood, stood up and said, “NOBama”.

“You have no choice. Don’t you stupid women realize that McCain will take away all of your rights, the rights given you and protected by Democrats? OK, we know you are pissed because Hillary lost. Tough titties. Get over it. Come home to the Party and drink the kool-aid, safe and happy under the giant wings of the newest self-proclaimed Archangel – the leader of the whole world. You have nowhere else to go.”

Democratic Party maybe presumes too much - about women (by Robin Lakoff, professor of linguistics at UC Berkeley and author of "The Language War," "Talking Power" and "Language and Woman's Place")

“I am reminded of a particularly chilling passage in Vladimir Nabokov's novel "Lolita." Humbert Humbert, after raping the 12-year-old, is pondering why she has come back to his bed. "You see," Humbert tells the reader, "she had absolutely nowhere else to go."

“You traitors! If The Precious should lose it will be all your fault and the country will suffer for what you are doing with your PUMA, your Make Them Accountable, your Denver Group and all the rest.”

Wrong! You, the DNC and BO’s campaign chose to allow denigration of women in order to defeat Hillary. You chose to break your own rules, for example, favoring one candidate over another by taking votes from Hillary and giving them to BO. Using a willing media, you tried to force an empty package, decked out like a rock star with super powers and a mega-hubris down our throats.

Anglachel , in “Precious Little”, made the analogy to Tolkein’s, Lord of the Ring for the Literati. Below, C.K. brings it home for those of us who may not have grasped all the nuances.

“Obama is the Ring and we are the Fellowship of the Ring. It makes sense, once you understand that the ring was Evil and the purpose of the Fellowship was to destroy it, even though it was pretty, and tempting, and it's hard to actually destroy something that *might* be useful...

“There's a little poem inside that ring... ‘One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them.’

“See why Obama makes a good “Ring” in this sense? Some people wanted to use that Ring for good and believed they could control it, but the Ring itself was uncontrollable, and turned every good impulse into Evil.

“The Fellowship (us) was a brave bunch of ordinary people who saw that
the Ring wasn't as good as everybody else thought... and they took very special measures to destroy it, because they recognized they could never control it, once its power was loose on the earth.”

Join Women Count and send a message to Ludacris' recording studio. Tell them: the women and girls of America are sick and tired of being called bitches.

Tiramisu = pick-me-up
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