Sunday, October 05, 2008


Why does he refer to himself as black? He's 50% white and raised by white mother/grandmother with his black father mostly absent.

Tiger Woods was given all sorts of hell for not referring to himself as black. He had the best answer: "saying I was black would be like saying my mom doesn't exist. And that's my mom! That's my little mommy!" His mom is - Thai, I believe. His late father was black.

Does Keanu Reeves call himself Chinese or does Anne Curry call herself Japanese? No, they are Americans of mixed race.

Why then does Barack call himself black when he keeps on insisting that race be NOT made a factor? Doesn't he just lend credence to the persistence of racial discrimination when he segregates himself on the basis of race?

Would getting 80 to 90% of black votes have anything to do with it?

Would being able to deflect criticism from anybody by shouting "racism" have anything to do with it?

Perhaps Obama calls himself black because there is no "multi-racial" power base in politics, even in Chicago. The black power base, however, is not only very influential but mostly Democratic. This may be why Obama calls himself black, and why he calls himself a Democrat.

Would be tuning in to and using the white guilt about slavery have anything to do with it?

With the media in his pocket, the voting public cannot learn about his past, his mistakes or his beliefs. We are just shown the crowds, made mad from drinking the kool-aid propaganda.

His fitness and experience for the highest office in our land goes nearly unchallenged. One hope is that Governor Sarah Palin's bright light will bring home to voters an obvious comparison.

The MSM call her, a Governor, not ready or experienced enough to be VP? Well by damn, look at him and his lack of both, and the DNC put him up for Commander In Chief!

And remember what Hillary said in the Primaries about McCane and herself having years of experience in government, and Barack giving a great speech in 2004.

And just in case you missed it, a part of Hillary's comment on the recent VP debate.

"It is amazing, you know, she’s been thrust in the spotlight with very little national preparation and I think, all things considered, you saw a very composed and effective debater."
-- Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary - We always knew you were a class act! Sarah! - You go girl!

Just a few paragraphs below from a great, informative post by Ani Ai titled, "Depravity not Decency". You can read the whole article here:

"At a work-related function Thursday, two bosses of mine decided to make a snarky, demeaning remark about Governor Palin in my presence. I’m sure they assume I am a Democrat and as such, the fact that I am a woman would have no bearing on the fact that they were deeply insulting someone of my gender...

..."Every time the media, the DNC elite and the Obama thug squad keep moving the goal post and rearranging the rules to suit themselves and saying:

'It’s not enough. You’re not enough. You’ll never be enough. No matter how you do it, we will find something wrong with it. We will find something wrong with you. Your pantsuits. Your ass. Your face. Your cackle. Your statements. Your family. Your solid record, which we will pretend amounts to much less than the empty briefcase of the charlatan against whom you are running.'

Cold comfort to see this was not reserved for Hillary alone. How nice for her that she gets to sit in Washington, D.C. or in her New York office and witness this debacle leveled at Sarah Palin, so she can relive the lovely experience herself as well.

I was never so ashamed of having spent my life as a Democrat. What makes Democrats any better than the Republicans they have been forever characterizing as evil? I thought we were the party of tolerance, equal rights, equal opportunity and openness.

I was wrong.

We have been screaming at the Bush administration not to condone torture. Tell me, to whom do I apply for redress when I feel like I am being figuratively tortured having to listen to, and by extension, be slapped with these kinds of insults and demeaning behavior.

It is abuse. It is misogyny. It is vile no matter the source or object.

God forbid you find fault with someone on the issues. On something real...."

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