Friday, July 27, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 031


There are many who feel that we are approaching a Constitutional crisis. Interestingly enough, the expert Constitutional legal minds of both political Parties agree that Bush has gone beyond his office and that he should be impeached.

Right now it is a murmur but it may soon become too loud to ignore. Also, there are still many positive Repug voices clamoring that Bush has only done what is necessary to protect the country. That fear-spin is still in high gear.

But the Dem natives are getting very restless. Many have become increasingly unhappy with the inability of the newly elected Dem majority to bring the troops back from Iraq. They fear that Bush will invade/attack Iran before he leaves office.

But stop and think, please. What if the Dems did stand up to Bush as you want them to? What if they refused to fund the war and demanded that the troops leave Iraq knowing that there is sufficient time for orderly withdrawal as there are plenty of funds in the pipeline?

We think, with his usual disregard for troop safety, Bush would just stop supplying them, claiming that Congress had cut off funds for the troops. There would be many dead and injured and the Dems would be blamed for it. Realize this – Bush will sell out the lives of the troops, our economy and every one of us before he backs down or listens to reason or the electorate.

Recently the Dems have become disturbingly adamant that Congress do something or else. There are those who declare that the crimes of the Bush administration are so obvious that when the Dem majority does not act it means it is in collusion with the Repugs to keep the extended, dictatorial powers of the presidency Bush has instigated.

There is little disagreement that Iraq is a quagmire now as the proof comes daily in the form of bombs and flag draped coffins. It is also becoming apparent that we just cannot pull our troops out at once without instigating a blood bath.

Who can forget the spectacle of our Viet Nam retreat as our people were hurriedly evacuated under the guns of the VC? Despite this there are those who think all we have to do is leave and the Iraqi populace will bring the departing troops candy and bon voyage flowers. Does that remind anyone of what was promised when Bush invaded Iraq?

There is talk of supporting a third Party or even not voting at all. Hopefully these are mostly from the lunatic fringe and not representative of the rank and file. But the fact remains that if this attitude gains converts it can put the much needed change of administration in jeopardy as well as hopes of increasing the slim Dem majority in Congress.

As was said by Benjamin Franklin as he signed the Declaration of Independence, "We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."

Good advice. The many ways justice and the Constitution have been thwarted cannot continue but getting pissed off, accusing our representatives of treason and opting out of the process will just insure that we will all hang separately.
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Friday, July 20, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 030


Here come the Repugs all fired up to rub Dem’s noses in their failed efforts to please the American voter. And as these seasoned political-savy, no-holes-barred Senators and Representatives proceed they know they can count on their cheering gallery to be the grass roots Democrats.

Not too long ago there was an election and the people declared they wanted out of the Iraq war pronto. The Dems won the majority, albeit slim, in both Houses of Congress. They worked hard to bring home the troops but every effort was countered by the Repugs.

They could pass a bill but could not override the Bush veto so the end result has been that the war is no nearer to ending because of what Dems were able to do, and they have been pummeled by their own supporters.

This week the Dems tried again to force the people to see that they were still trying to do what they were elected to do. They pulled an all-nighter in the Senate to show the country how the Repugs were preventing a vote on a bill that would bring home the troops. The Repugs made their glorious speeches about how they wanted the troops to come home too. They accused the Dems of “grandstanding” and “neglecting the nation’s business”. Then they prevented the vote.

As usual, most of the media supported the Repugs and ridiculed the Dems. Another round to the Repugs! Street fighters always win over those fighting by Marquis of Queensberry rules when the referee is the media.

Now the Repug leadership knows how the voters feel and is taking advantage of this criticism. They are putting forth watered-down legislation and amendments to get the troops out of Iraq, that Bush will be sure to allow passage of. Then they will have the Dems over a barrel. Either they go along with the Repug amendments or else! Whatever they do they are fracked.

If they vote against the Repug bill, because of certain items which may contain provisions for leaving many troops and prolonging the war, the Dems will be blamed for preventing the withdrawal.

If they vote for it, the Repugs will get the credit for doing the people’s will. They will mask the provisions in their bill that will prolong the war and present it in the best possible light. The media will assist them in hoodwinking the American people into thinking the minority Repugs did what the majority Dems COULD NOT AND WOULD NOT DO.

When the Dem legislators cry foul, the Repugs will call them poor sports and bad losers who really cared little for the troops or they would have done something. After all, they were the majority.

And the screaming masses of Left-wingers who have bitterly assailed the Democrats will be so consumed by their own hatred that they will be blinded to the truth. Another round to the Repugs!

Democrats should take lessons from Red Sox fans.
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Friday, July 13, 2007


Promises, promises – earnestly given but never fulfilled. That is the story and the strength of the Repug politicians and, to our horror, the track record so far of the Bush appointments to the Supreme Court.

Remember how Roberts and ScAleto both swore to uphold “established law”? Law that had withstood the test of time and been confirmed by several courts? Laws like those that had concern for the health of women?

Well you can forgetaboutit. But don’t forget to remember that Bush could still be picking one or more new justices. Scary isn’t it and don’t think the Dem majority in Congress will stop it. The Repug members of Congress and the media will manage to slip in still another justice who promises fairness but delivers only to Bush

Surely you’ve noticed that as more and more Repugs SAY they want the war to end and the troops brought home, when it comes to a vote they stick like glue to Bush. The media tells us that more and more of them are “peeling off” but we must understand that this is only for the consumption of their voters. If they are reelected they will go right back to promising but never delivering.

And if you are anticipating that the voters will elect a Dem Congress in ’08 with a large majority, gird your loins and whatever sanity you possess. Bush has already proclaimed that if there is anything that HE THINKS WARRANTS IT he will declare martial law. There will be no election in ’08. He will just continue to reign unopposed.

President Bush, without so much as issuing a press statement, on May 9 signed a directive that granted near dictatorial powers to the office of the president in the event of a national emergency declared by the president.

If Congress opposes this move, Bush will simply abolish Congress, and the Supreme Court will back him up. He has always ignored The Constitution, Congress and the American people – don’t think he won’t continue just as he has ignored the law with signing statements, refusal to cooperate in oversight and illegal wire tapping, for example.

Religious Fundamentalists already organized and in place will determine and enforce edicts relating to many things. Women’s clothing will be affected as will their civil and reproductive rights including education and employment. If this sounds a bit like the way Muslims govern women, deal with it.
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Friday, July 06, 2007


“Land, like woman, was meant to be possessed.” was in our textbooks only a short time ago. Since then laws have been passed inferring that woman is equal to man, but that concept has not caught up to the reality that our culture does not support this.

“Who gives this woman to this man in marriage?” is still heard in the land although it is argued to be mostly ceremonial. It is just another way women are trained to submit, using cake and fluffy gowns to mask the whips.

However, the facts belie perceived or legalized woman’s equality and one need only see how differently little girls are raised compared to little boys. One need only note how things considered male are deemed important and revered while things considered female are trivialized and derogated.

Not so different from the rest of the world as Marilyn French reports in her book, The War Against Women. The back cover blurb reads: “In this stunning work of research, Ms French creates a devastating portrait of today’s male-dominated global society with its underlying aim of destroying, subjugating or mutilating women.”
And she’s not the only one. In an article titled A Menacing Tide Against Women Who Speak Their Minds [ref. below] Andrea Otanez writes, “The glorious Internet offers us more ways than ever to triangulate the truth and then opine about it on our favorite blog. But, oh my, the inglorious invective that pockmarks those virtual town squares. In the past week, I’ve read that retired anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan is an “opportunistic idiot.” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a “feminist twit.” And that Lilly Ledbetter deserved the lower pay she got from Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. because she wasn’t smart enough to prove earlier in her career that she was earning less than her male counterparts.”
Otanez notes that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s oral dissents are a clarion: Women’s rights are being weakened.
Margaret Thatcher was una bella gnocca, a "great piece of pussy", Silvio Berlusconi declared this week, eulogising his ideological heroine as he lashed out at Romano Prodi's government.
Women aren’t the only observers of causation. Mark Dery writes in The Hidden Costs of America’s Hypermasculine Culture:
“Doesn't all this chest-thumping machismo and locker-room homophobia protest a little too much? Paging Dr. Freud, pink courtesy phone: What can we say about a country so anxiously hypermasculine that it can give rise to Godmen, a muscular-Christianity movement that seeks to lure Real Men back to church with services that feature guys bending metal wrenches with their bare hands and leaders exulting, "Thank you, Lord, for our testosterone! The trouble with manhood, American-style, is that it is maintained at the expense of every man's feminine side -- the frantically repressed Inner Wussy -- and the demonization of the feminine and the gay wherever we see them.
Meanwhile the war goes on totally beneath the radar of the media. Courts may issue restraining orders against abusive and potential murderous men but they are mostly ignored. Women have learned to either lives battered by their companion or seek help from other women.
So as the emphasis on the public discourse is “insisting on battering-ram stiffness (stay the course! don't pull out!) as the truest mark of manhood”, women hear the implied threat of rape loud and clear right from the top.
To counter this stand are community organizations such as Women Helping Battered Women. The people in this group put their lives on the line 24/7. They provide a safe haven for these battered women and their children and in doing so incur the wrath of the batterer. They are heroes just as are the military fighting in Iraq.
But the counter force is stronger; tradition trumps equality in law. Steroids and Viagra intensify the hormonal and societal control over the minds of men. Profit on these drugs blind our corporate controlled media to the ever burgeoning war against women.
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