Monday, September 01, 2008


With the media and all the blogs embroiled in the Democratic Convention, GenderGappers stumbled into a scoop on a huge emerging story.

It seems the ‘Barackopolis’ in Denver, with it’s ancient Athenian Greek column motif, just whetted BO’s appetite. While he found it was sufficient for a nominee, he craved a more suitable venue for the Coronation of Barack, the First, Emperor of the United States of Obamerica.

To that end several Obamoid Officials traveled to England to do a deal with the Queen and the Mayor of the City of London. They wanted to rent Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, all the accouterments of coronation [robes, the Crown Jewels, the Horse Guard, royal carriage, etc] and much of London City roadways between the two structures.

They explained that all of the designations relating to British Royalty would be covered up with the Official Seal of the Precious One for the duration so no one should get nervous.

What might have been a deal breaker was their demand that along with the Abbey they required the London Charter to declare that the London be designated, for the duration of the celebration, the 51st State of Obamerica.

Of course they knew the British media would go along with it as they all have the trembling legs made famous by Chris Mathews. This epidemic of man-love has infected so many; even the famed British stiff upper lip is no more – it quivers uncontrollably.

{“What? Excuse us, we have to take this call… You mean it’s all off? No London Coronation? Why not? What happened?”}

Well, readers, sorry about that but it does seem to be official. All the preparations in London have been terminated. It has something to do with the weather.

The Obomoids have folded their tents, purchased bushels of supplies and retired to a deep bunker to shelter from a Whirlwind descending from Alaska. In their press release, they held Senator Hillary Clinton responsible for this weather phenomenon.
So regretfully, GenderGappers turns back to reviewing the ongoing media discussion and adulation of BO’s acceptance speech. The media assures us that it was the greatest speech ever given.

There were massive rivers of tears; there were attempts at immolation and wrist cutting as people, in a frenzy of hope and ecstasy, listened to the words of the Precious Chosen One.

Readers, farce and hoopla are fun, but this is dead serious: Most people in the stadium did not even realize that nearly the whole speech was plagiarized from the stump speech of Senator Hillary Clinton.

Well, Senator Obama's speech certainly is stunning
by Heidi Li Feldman, J.D., Ph.D.

As I type this, I am listening to Senator Obama give his acceptance speech.

It is stunning. It is audacious. It lifts word-for-word and paragraph-by-paragraph from Senator Clinton's stump speech. When Senator Clinton is not being quoted directly (without attribution), almost every idea Senator Clinton advanced during her campaign.

It would be one thing if Senator Obama had been quoting Senator Clinton with attribution and using her ideas throughout the primary season. Then, this speech would not be stunningly breathtakingly audacious. It would be a speech given by the person who would have been the better person to run against John McCain, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton; possibly it would have been given by Senator Clinton's running mate, who might have been Senator Obama. And it would have been a speech that would have been not only inspiring but more importantly credible.

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