Thursday, December 11, 2008


Arguably one of the greatest disappointments to women and supporting men has been the perfidy of some of the leaders of the woman’s movement for equality. Outstanding in this regard is NOW – the National Organization for Women.

“The National Organization for Women, which last struck issuing news releases on why Sarah Palin isn't a real woman, refused to comment on the Obama speechwriter incident.” - Andrew Breitbart

Early on, many of these so-called leaders turned away from the most qualified presidential candidate, who happened to be a woman, and embraced her male rival. If nothing else this should show women why the gains they have made are largly ephemral.

This would suggest that it is time to find new leaders who will not sell out their sisters for political gain and hunkyness. If you were burned, despite your contributing financial support to NOW, check out these women, and if the fit is right, join them.

Think we got it bad? Check out what British women have to contend with:

How Far Have we Come in 80 Years by Rachel Cooke

We certainly may have common cause and perhaps together we can help bring forth a truly international women’s movement. It would be a great time for it with Senator Clinton heading up State.

The Cooke article is well worth reading. This quote strikes home, referencing the rapidly increasing ‘sex encounter clubs’ - “The rise of these places is just one aspect of a culture in which the buying and selling of women's bodies has become so ubiquitous, we are now almost blind to it…”

My emphasis in this excerpt. In three lines, Cooke sets forth the problems and the solution.

“… as Germaine Greer once put it, 'there have been women in the past far more daring than we would need to be now, who ventured all and gained a little, but survived after all'. These days, the law is mostly, if not always, on our side. All we have to do is quit being taken in by appearances, stop pretending not to mind about the bad stuff, start refusing to take the joke, cease mistaking everything from lipstick to leather for empowerment.”

In “It’s th System, Stupid”, Violet Socks explains to James Carville:
“…sexism is a system. Women’s second-class status in society is a 24/7 deal, a full-time gig, an all-pervasive set of mores and assumptions. It’s interwoven into the very fabric of society, and every thread contributes to the pattern. It starts in the cradle and follows us to the grave; it harasses us at work and diminishes us at home.

For more background and understanding of Gender and Politics, you can check into the Research Rooms at the Liz Library.

Does anyone who watched or still watches “Hogan’s Heroes” see the similarity between Obama and Sergeant Shultz? Misogynistic campaign, supporters, Rev. Wright and now Gov. Blagojevich – “I know nothink, nothink!