Sunday, September 21, 2008


So please do not send us any more mail to We never see it since it contains the words gendergapper, however mail without that word appears to come through OK. So, we have not received your comments for over a week and if anyone wanted to unsub, we have not seen those requests.

So please send comments to either or


The BO bully boyz have forced us to suspend our huge mailing list as they have tried to do to so many lists and blogs. Although our ISP, Comcast allows us to send e-mails, they censor all of our posts that contain the word gendergapper. This mailing will come to you from friendly subscribers who are kind enough to help us. Thank you for your loyalty and for hanging with us for so long.

So, not only have we been unable to send our articles, your posts responding using “reply button” are likewise cancelled so we do not receive your comments or requests to cancel your subscription.

- BO’s Nevada stump speech 9/17/2008 – “I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face," he said…' You are my ambassadors. You guys are the ones who can make the case."

"Get in their face" isn't all they are urged to do. Several blogs and personal ISP's of those who oppose Obama have been punked and/or shut down by claiming to administrators that they are spam. Instructions for doing this are all over their misogynistic, hate filled blogs.

We never thought GenderGappers would be considered much of a threat but they shut us down and severely crippled our ability to put out our newsletter.
Margaret Cho is one of his “ambassadors”. Here’s her obeying her master, BO’s “IN YOUR FACE” directive.

Our mission and our purpose are to support women, even those whose agenda we may not agree with fully. We knew the misogyny was out there but never believed the Democratic Party, so-called feminist/women’s groups and some unaffiliated women would lead and promulgate it.

Women don't have to like or even vote for Palin but they should see their own fate in what they are doing to her.

“I am under 45 years of age, love the outdoors and to hunt. I am a Republican reformer and have taken on the Republican Party establishment. I am married with several children. I have been nominated for vice president on the Republican ticket. I have less than two years experience as governor of my home state. Who am I? If you guessed Sarah Palin, you would be correct. If you also happened to guess Theodore Roosevelt [1900], you would also be correct. How about that?” - Ray Michaud in letter to FreePress

It is utterly ironic that all through the years of the Bush administration we wrote scathing commentary about it and the Republicans but were never attacked and shut down.

So we will not be doing mailings but we still will be writing to our blog every week – for as long as the in-your-face and to hell with the 1st Amendment bullies allow it.
And through to the end of this year we will continue to archive each article at
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Not Your Sweetie said...

As a former recipient of your e-mails I want to welcome you to the blogoshoere! It doesn't mean you are safe from Obama's brownshirts - in fact, many blogspot bloggers moved to worldpress because they were closed via phiny complaints...But we'll keep reading

gendergappers said...

Thanks, not your sweetie. We already experienced an attack of the BO brownshirts on this blog once. If it happens again we'll have to make other arrangements. Thanks for your suggestion re worldpress.