Monday, October 13, 2008


“…I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
Its cloud illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all…

- Joni Mitchell

It seems such a short time ago that the Primaries began and Dems were free, strong and united, bound together to pick the best candidate to run for president.

The Dem talk-radio, blogs and much of the msm set a tone of openness and inclusion of all the Dem candidates. The debates started and gradually the climate changed. Hillary Clinton was just too good, too smart and too experienced. But most of all, she was just too female.

There and then the fan started to get hit. Misogyny was thicker than flies around cow flaps. No comment was too demeaning, too dangerous, too disgusting or too threatening.

Along about then, it became obvious that the king-makers in the DNC had chosen their candidate early on. They turned away from all the other well-qualified, mostly male candidates to covet and coddle Barack Obama. Mainstream media followed suit, tingly legs and all.

Obama crowds were whipped up to the point of screaming, “kill the bitch!” And that was deemed OK by Democrats [that’s right, foks, Democrats] – women have always been the target of violence, rape and murder. It’s part of our culture.

At the same time the DNC and fellow travelers actively prevented any rebuttal against or charges against Obama from Clinton and her supporters. All criticism of Obama was labeled racist, but only if Clinton made the charges. The other candidates, especially, Joe Biden, were given cart blanch to make any charges they wanted to. Who noticed? Who cared?

So gradual that few caught on, the male candidates and the DNC rallied around Obama and broadsided Clinton with complaints. Here they were greatly assisted by the media.

Were there any women involved in this massacre? You betcha! – the usual suspects, such as Donna Brazil, were front and center to echo the males and push every verbal knife cut deeper into Senator Clinton.

Those of us who realized what was happening were powerless to prevent it. We watched in horror as the Obama machine put racial dynamite in every phrase uttered and every support offered, blowing up her support and the truth along with it.

As it stands now, many are afraid to even voice their preference for president. If they have blogs, the Obama machine shuts them down. There are many cases where Clinton supporters have been threatened.

His youth corps is going house to house along with union members to strongly persuade people – “getting into their faces” as ordered by the Obama campaign.

Now it all repeats as McCain and Palin go after the Obama fellow travelers. Cries of racism, lynch mob and mob rule obfuscate the legitimate questions. Even when Obama tells a different story every time, most media are either in his pocket or are afraid to report it.

Another repeat is what is happening right now. Remember how, long before ALL the Primaries were held, Obama claimed victory; talked an acted and was treated as the victor by the DNC and the media?

With still a few weeks to go, he is doing the same thing, claiming a landslide victory, again backed up by the DNC and the media. Very effective since there are those who can always be conned into voting for who they think is the winner.

The Primary and the run up to the General Election has painted a picture of the repression of dissent that is sure to be manifested in an Obama administration. If he is elected, it will be too late to wake up and protest. Gone forever will be the myth of “tolerant, inclusive Liberals”.

Meanwhile most of the country watches the debates and never notices that the excellent plans and idea for our problems spouted by the candidates are the excellent plans and ideas of Hillary Clinton.

“Over and over this political season, the DNC and Senator Obama have betrayed millions of Democratic voters by refusing to count their votes, by refusing to hold a non-rigged convention, by pretending unity when there is not unity.”

–quoted from Heidi Li’s Popourri article, “In Betrayal Lies Possibility”. Read entire article here:

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