Monday, January 28, 2008


GenderGappers 2008 – 006


Your meanstream media is telling you loudly that when white people vote for white candidates it is racist but when black people vote for black candidates it is not racist. Go figure! Happily for the truth, there are a few sane voices in the media and we salute them.

Congressional Quarterly columnist, Craig Crawford is a sane voice amid the cacophony of the orgasmic misogynists who represent themselves as pundits.

CRAWFORD: You know, I have sat down here in Florida for the last month. And I have watched the coverage, and I really think the evidence-free bias against the Clintons in the media borders on mental illness. I mean, I think when Dr. Phil gets done with Britney, he ought to go to Washington and stage an intervention at the National Press Club. I mean, we've gotten into a situation where if you try to be fair to the Clintons, if you try to be objective, if you try to say, "Well, where's the evidence of racism in the Clinton campaign?" you're accused of being a naïve shill for the Clintons. I mean, I think if somebody came out today and said that Bill Clinton -- if the town drunk in Columbia came out and said, "Bill Clinton last night was poisoning the drinking water in Obama precincts," the media would say, "Ah, there goes Clinton again. You can't trust him." I really think it's a problem. You know what? You guys make him stronger with this bashing. This actually is what makes the Clintons stronger.

Joan Walsh of “The Clintons are unfairly charged with bringing up the race card.” However, representing the majority of pundits, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said of Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign:
"They are at war against African-Americans and now they are at war against the Democratic Party." As evidence, Scarborough and Bloomberg News columnist Margaret Carlson falsely claimed that the Clinton campaign "sued the Democratic Party" about caucus sites in Nevada. In fact, the Clinton campaign was not a party to the lawsuit. –

Misogyny was the true winner in South Carolina last Saturday evening. The pundits of the mean-stream media did not report or comment; they jumped up and down on an uppity female on every cable outlet except C-Span, deifying their chosen one; misrepresenting and lying about Senator Clinton.

All this delights the Republicans who know they can beat Obama and fear facing Hillary in the general election.

Craig Crawford’s description about how free speech is in peril because of the media also applies to people who support Clinton. The media may characterize Obama’s supporters as energized, but for the elderly, women and anyone who posts pro-Clinton comments on blogs, they are threatening.

Clinton supporters must be careful. Lawn signs are trashed or disappear; threats both overt and covert are delivered. This has silenced some of Hillary’s supporters but hopefully it won’t keep them from voting. If anyone is afraid of being harassed on the way to the polls, they should apply for an absentee ballot.

The audience chanted, "Race doesn't matter" as it awaited Obama to make his appearance. But race did matter. Over 50% of SC voters are Black and more than 80% of their vote went to the media candidate, Obama, while 75% of white voters went for Hillary and Edwards.

Who made race the issue? Oprah and Obama did. Obama opened the door by bringing her to South Carolina to invoke MLK and Black pride. Then later it was reinforced when he jokingly announced that Oprah would be his VP. The daily tracking polls show that Obama’s Black support in South Carolina started to increase right after her campaign appearances there.

Here’s the thing, people. The media has made Barack into a candidate that cannot be criticized by the Clintons; and his supporters make it difficult or scary to point out his faults too. If you need proof as to how the media is selectively trying to crush Clinton, just note how Edwards has attacked Obama on his Chicago senate record among other things and escaped the media wrath.

Once again the media is pimping their choice just as it did when George Bush was elected. The same media that sat by and let him invade Iraq, destroy the Constitution, break our laws right and left and allow torture is picking the Democratic candidate for all of us who will let it shut off our brains.
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Friday, January 25, 2008


GenderGappers 2008 – 005


There have been many “MOVEMENTS” that have changed history and people’s minds. They are characterized usually as being led by a charismatic person with the ability to convince and energize.

But the prime requirement is that, for the leader, the cause is the reason for his dedication and purpose. In other words, he does not seek to elevate himself through convincing others to support his cause. He seeks to elevate the cause.

This is why the mean-stream media is wrong in lionizing Barack, calling his campaign a movement and putting him forth as the next messiah. Barack Obama’s cause is Barack Obama. He seeks to elevate himself, he is campaigning to become president.

For clarity, consider the Movement of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. whose birthday we celebrated a few days ago. In this short space we cannot even begin to tell of all he did for his race and for this country. He was not looking for any rewards for himself. He sacrificed his time, and finally his life to serve the people he led. His efforts made this country and its people better.

He wrote many books and delivered passionate speeches that electrified and incited us to join him in this struggle. He was not a divisive leader and cautioned his followers against violence; he revered Gandhi.

Another example of a movement leader that draws the comparison between movement and campaign even finer was activist, Ralph Nader, in the early 70’s when he powerfully incited the enthusiasm of young people, to go after corporations that could and did kill and maim for profit. ["Nader's Raiders" under Nader, investigated government corruption, publishing dozens of books with their results.]

He worked tirelessly to fight the corporations and put programs, called PIRGS [Public Interest Research Groups] into colleges and universities. He lived frugally and never married. He dedicated his entire being to this cause until the 90’s when he began to seek political office. At that point he ceased being an activist, leading a Movement, and became a politician seeking public office for himself.

These two activist leaders united and encouraged their followers to actively and peacefully work for a cause that affected everyone. They were both superb speakers who could sway and influence crowds of people into the movement.

In stark contrast, the Obama campaign divides and sets age groups against each other by denigrating age and wisdom in his stump speeches. He encourages youth to laugh at seniors by making thinly veiled Viagra jokes aimed at his opponents.
[Lynn Sweet is Long-time Chicago columnist and Washington Bureau Chief]

It is a pattern for him as he was doing this in the Illinois senate when he called Senator Kennedy old, tired and spineless in 2003.

Many of the followers of Obama are threatening, overly vocal and prone to violence. They feel he has given them the right to force their beliefs on others. He encourages his mostly youthful followers to throw off parental constraints and does not demand anything of them in the way of helping themselves and others. Rather, all he asks is that they vote for him and he will do everything himself, but he is not specific as to how or exactly what.

He speaks to the baser child-self in all of us that wants our controlling, old parents out of the way. This frees us to play at a campaign that excuses us from any real effort since a new young parent [Barack] will do all the work for us while we bask in the light that he shines on himself.
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Monday, January 21, 2008

Pet Therapy: Healing, Recovery and Love ~ Pawprints and Purrs

Pet Therapy: Healing, Recovery and Love ~ Pawprints and Purrs: "That animals feel our pain, our joy, and our stress should come as no surprise for anyone who has a pet. Whether we recognize it or not, the emotional as well as the physical environment we humans create has a direct impact on the way our pets behave. Dr. Schoen explains that '...we emit energetic signals related to our deepest feelings that are picked up by those around us - especially our pets.' The emotional benefits from animals are difficult to measure, meaning that pets help humans without anyone knowing exactly why. What experts know, however, is that animals allow humans to focus, even for a short period of time, on something other than themselves.

Animals, especially small ones, have shown promise for many conditions, both social and physical:

Pets help Alzheimer's patients by bringing them back to the present. Specially trained pups can also help alert others that an Alzheimer's patient has wandered into harm's way. 'Pets can provide a measure of safety to people with the disease,' says Thomas Kirk, a vice president of a chapter of the Alzheimer's Association."

Friday, January 18, 2008


GenderGappers 2008 - 004


Hillary’s standing ovation-inducing retort to the “iron my shirt” hecklers: “Oh, the remnants of sexism are alive and well.” [“Take that, chauvinist shock jock pigs!” -Huffpost]

When Obama condescendingly said this in the NH debate, the audience groaned in displeasure.

The comments above are only two of many that have come out of the Obama campaign and were seen and heard on live TV. There are others like them all over the blogs and talk shows that have not been refuted by his campaign.

Stack them up against those comments by the Clinton campaign that Blacks are calling racist. Most of the media won't because it is promoting Obama. It won't even put Bill or Hillary’s whole quotation they complain about in the article because that would negate their charges of racism. The media is fomenting racism to turn Blacks against Hillary.

Why aren't women raging about the direct sexism demonstrated by the candidate himself and those who speak on his behalf? This country allowed Black MEN to vote 50 YEARS BEFORE IT ALLOWED WOMEN, BLACK OR WHITE, TO VOTE.

Women gained the vote in 1920, after 72 years of the largest civil rights movement in the world. Now is the time to do something with it by supporting and voting for a highly qualified person of our own gender.

They say the country is looking for change. The only presidents we have ever had in this country have been men; there is no change in electing another one. The real change is a woman as president for the first time ever. While we can sympathize and understand the feelings a word such as ‘lynching’ induces in Blacks, rape and battering are no walk in the park either. And rape and battering are still a constant horror for both black and white women as they have been throughout history.

Let’s hear a little angst about those crimes. Now is our time to rage; rage against the total unfairness of a propaganda mill that churns out so much sexism and hatred for a woman who dares to be confident and courageous! Women must stand up for Hillary or else shut up and continue to be devalued, underpaid and scorned with words like bitch, whore and worse.

Exceedingly brave women won for us the right to vote only 78 years ago. They lit a candle of freedom that has warmed and lighted us all toward equality. It was not just white women – it was all women of all races that got to vote. “Don’t let the light go out. Let it shine through our love and our tears.”

Light One Candle by Peter Yarrow

Light one candle for the strength that we need
To never became our own foe.
And light one candle for those who are suffering
Pain we learned so long ago.Light one candle
for all we believe in.Let anger not tear us a-part.
And light one candle to bind us to-gether
With peace as the song in our hearts.
“Don’t let the light go out. Let it shine through our love and our tears.”

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Friday, January 11, 2008


GenderGappers 2008 – 003


The literal translation from the French is "look for the woman". It is used when a man behaves unusually or gets into a quarrel or other difficulty and the reason for it is sought. 'Look for the woman' express the idea that behind a problem in question there is a woman.

So naturally, the pundits and pollsters, who got New Hampshire wrong, blamed women. First they claimed that women had lied to the pollsters. Then it was because Hillary was misty eyed during a questioning period with voters. Sequentially, they built this incident up out of all proportion and presented it to their audiences as sobbing or collapsing in tears or having a breakdown.

We’ve heard this so often before. “It wasn’t our fault. Women are to blame.” Well, women and men in NH did vote for Hillary after seeing the whole incident, both question and Hillary’s answer, on their local TV. They saw Hillary and contrasted what they saw with what the mean-stream media has been misrepresenting for months. They voted for a leader not an orator.

Women of NH like all the rest of us know how terribly women are treated. There are no forbidden words to use about women. We have seen how this Primary campaign is just not fair when the woman is beaten up and “it’s just politics”, and the men skate with little or no deep, thorough vetting.

Responding to an online commenter who said that a lot of women are "getting incredibly angry about the progressively dismissive way" Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton "gets treated by the [New York Times columnist Maureen] Dowds and [MSNBC host Chris] Matthews of the world," The Washington Post's Anne E. Kornblut asserted, "I think there is something to that" and "certainly Chris Matthews has taken her on quite aggressively over the last few weeks."

Now the Obama campaign has begun to intensify a method to keep him immunized from any criticism at all by putting forth the race card. It is striking back when there is nothing there to strike at. They are falsely creating an illusion of racism because there are so many words that are forbidden to whites when speaking of a black person that most of us do not know them.

This has been true in the blogs for some time. Nearly any criticism of Barack is met with a flurry of angry posts calling the writer a racist because of a word or a phrase.

Just recently a woman golf announcer, a friend of Tiger Woods, commented in a conversation concerning how Tiger could be stopped in his winning ways by his opponents lynching him. Tiger had no problem with the comment but the woman was suspended for using ONE forbidden word - not racially but carelessly.

Where anything concerning African Americans is mentioned, apparently there are words that we non-Black America are not allowed to use. Do you know them all? Barack campaigner, Jesse Jackson, Jr. is angrily insisting that Hillary did not cry for Katria, therefore her tears were a sign of racism.

Candidate Mitt Romney has already publicly had at least three tearful moments, yet little or nothing has been made of them. But watch out now if you are a woman and you have NOT previously cried for Katrina. You are branded as a racist because despite your fatigue or an emotional situation, you will be called to account for not controlling you tear-glands.
AG Andrew Cuomo on Talk 1300, minutes after the governor came on. Cuomo, to be fair, has been on the radio show a few times, if memory serves me, but his take on Hillary’s win in NH is that that small-state primary with its retail politics is a good thing. ”It’s not a TV crazed race. Frankly you can’t buy your way into it,” Cuomo said. “You can’t shuck and jive at a press conference,” he added. “All those moves you can make with the press don’t work when you’re in someone’s living room.” blog
Cuomo was not talking about Barack or any specific candidate. But he was shelled. Those are not words white people can use. Only Blacks are allowed to say certain words, especially the N-word. When whites use them they are racists.

For all his speeches, Barack uses a telepromter; Hillary does not. You have seen how hesitant and different he is in debates where he does not have everything written out. So the cry-wolf [racist] ploy that his campaign has set up will restrict free, spontaneous speech and cause people to hesitate in choosing words. That will affect their delivery and they will sound uncertain; and won’t that just mean they will come off badly?

Or is the Barack campaign just trying to lay off any of its defeats or gaffs onto their chief rival – a woman. Cherchez la femme!
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


GenderGappers 2008 - 003

O JOY! O RAPTURE!HILLARY CLINTON brought shock and awe to the mean-stream media with her great victory in NH.

Yes, we are pumped. It was great to see the voters in NH ignore what they had been ordered to do by the mean-stream media and their polls. And the thrill was intensified by seeing all the egg on the faces of the many male and female pundits and their polls.Oh yes, they are spinning away now. Giving all sorts of reasons for their gross mistakes by doing just what they have been doing, denigrating every word, every act of Hillary Clinton.

Like, she couldn't have won because of her character, her experience or her ability to bring needed changes - oh no. It had to be because she "teared up", or any number of other things that a male would never be lumbered with.

But few or none will even consider that it was their negative reporting, their sexist nitpicking and their smug chauvinism. Few will admit that they never vetted their chosen male candidate to the point of it being criminal.

They cannot admit that it was the blogs that investigated and brought the many glaring faults of Barack to the attention of the electorate; or that Oprah does not rule the world or the heads of women.

Yes, the look on Matthews' face and his sudden inability to put words together was delightful to watch. The times when he slipped into his usual derogatory words such as saying Hillary had a breakdown, he was corrected by his fellow panelist, Keith Olbermann.

Kudos to the many men who stood by and supported Hillary. The real winners in this election were the women who reconfirmed their faith in themselves; who listened to their heads despite being seduced by emotions raised by the media. Women don't stop at just voicing we can, they affirm that "we shall do".

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Friday, January 04, 2008


One down, 49 to go. The winners were the media and invasive chauvinism that joined forces to anoint and parade their candidate through many hours of uncritical publicity.

The losers were women, especially the women in Iowa who chose to be swayed by the rhetoric and excitement of a daddy prince charming rather than validate the great abilities of their own gender. It was mainly the older women who remembered the past horrors of sexism and discrimination who voted their heads.

Both Parties gave the majority of votes to the two candidates who would continue, in the tradition of George Bush, to bring politics under the rule of religion. "We must believe in ourselves or leave our dreams behind." Hopefully women in the rest of the electorate will be adult enough to resist the call of the Pied Piper, backed by the media and vote with a clear vision of who is the best person to be president. Women who shudder at the thought that the presidential bully pulpit will continue to blather religious invective must get active to prevent this.

The reporters and pundits of cable were in heaven as they continued their deification of their chosen male while mostly ignoring the other male and excoriating the female. Even when their stories were proven to be false, they kept repeating the most mundane of charges.

Dodd and Richardson never asked their supporters to make someone else their second choice and came on TV over and over again to say this but still the lie was repeated.

Chelsea Clinton was accused of stiffing the ambitions of a young girl who wanted an interview, portraying the "rejected" child as heartbroken. This despite the fact that the girl was interviewed and said Chelsea was very nice to her, she was thrilled to meet her and that she was not at all upset by anything she did.

Remember watching a woman taking down the Clinton sign in her yard and putting up the Obama sign over and over the past weeks along with her reasons for changing? When that same woman later on took down the Obama sign and put up an Edwards sign, most media ignored it and all neglected to include her comments as to her change of heart.

And of course as many have noticed, the media's male choice was shown most often and in the best light while his opponents were often pictured as harried or angry or tired.With the exception of Brit Hume and his panel's contribution, FOX News unexpectedly was the best channel to watch during the coverage of the Iowa caucus. Amazingly true to its slogan of being fair and balanced, it was fair and balanced. The reporters took no shots at Clinton or Edwards and did not continually feature Obama. Refreshing!

When the caucus began, FOX kept a running tab at the bottom of the screen showing the percent of votes cast for each candidate of both Parties as well as their score. One thing was especially unique and interesting. In the hours before the caucus started, thumbnail sketches of each candidate's life was shown.

Now it's off to NH as a smirking media already is projecting that Clinton will fight dirty and already it has coronated Obama, wrapping him lovingly in the purple robes of royalty.

Whatever happened to all that crap they fed us about going after the leader as the reason they went after Clinton so fiercely? We wonder if Obama will still continue to get a free ride and voters continue to be given a pig in a poke instead of knowing more about him than he has written himself.

Will the media finally dig in and repeat the derogatory facts over and over concerning his record? For example, why he is called Noshobama for the time he spent in his state's senate? For the fact that he has continued the same irresponsible habits in DC?

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