Tuesday, September 30, 2008


There is a glaring dichotomy in the BObob political machine. It presents BO as a very religious person who is honest and trustworthy. It has promulgated the idea that he is special, almost godlike and can do no wrong.

Then, generally behind the scenes and certainly unseen or unheard by the msm media, the BObob machine grinds out a completely different agenda.

Christi Parsons writing in the Chicago Tribune reports on the formation of Obama Youth Camps where campers will be schooled in the policies and promises of BO. Also they will be taught campaign skills and hear lectures by old friends of BO who will indoctrinate them in his biography and policy positions.

This sounds eerily like the way a European dictator in the past conditioned and maintained a huge corps of youth to blindly follow him, even to betraying their own parents.

And what is one to make of the chorus of 22 children, aged 5-12, uniformed alike in blue Obama shirts singing to their dear leader. It too brings back memories. [Watch both videos for yourselves].


All the time, to give his not-so-Christian endeavors cover, BO has relentlessly reached out to evangelical voters and their pastors. His effort is to increase participation in his Matthew 25 PAC by young, moderate evangelicals, Catholics and Protestants committed to electing him president.

And to keep any protester or non-believer in line, his Truth Squad makes itself felt all over the country. Truth squad video - http://tinyurl.com/4jf22f

When the Missouri public prosecutor announced that public officials of the state would be “joining Obama’s Truth Squad, there was concern. Could this lead to police threatening or arresting anyone who questioned anything about him?

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt is not amused. “The only conceivable purpose of Messrs. McCulloch, Obama and the others is to frighten people away from expressing themselves, to chill free and open debate, to suppress support and donations to conservative organizations targeted by this anti-civil rights, to strangle criticism of Mr. Obama, to suppress ads about his support of higher taxes, and to choke out criticism on television, radio, the Internet, blogs, e-mail and daily conversation about the election.” Read the rest here: http://tinyurl.com/4aqvao

Apparently Missouri is not the only state targeted. It has been revealed that Obama legal teams in Pennsylvania and Ohio are accosting radio/TV stations. This is to prevent them from broadcasting NRA ads that challenge Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

Teddy Roosevelt’s foreign policy was “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Obama’s domestic policy appears to be “Praise Jesus and if you dissent with anything I say, I’ll have you clubbed and your children re-educated to worship me.”

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Cries of “not true” reverberate across the country aimed at each campaign by the other. The media either promulgates or joins in the cry of liar. Disturbing, yes but fairly normal for election politics.

But this year there is a big difference. Why? It’s not just the nasty blogger boyz or the continuous rehash by the cable and broadcast and radio talk. Those were in place in ’04.

So what variable is different? Gender. Two women have been front and center this election year and since our society finds nothing wrong with denigrating women sexually, misogyny is having a wild and unbridled roughshod ride.

Another but lesser factor is age. True, there have been senior candidates in the past but that was before the media had such a stranglehold on the information pipeline.

But one has only to hear the anger in Letterman’s voice condemning McCain for canceling an appearance on his show to fathom the depths of the power media has assumed. We the people have allowed the media to grow into a hydra-headed bully.

Also age is still somewhat revered as evidenced by Joe Biden’s harsh criticism of a BO ad for which he was soundly lambasted by the media and the BO campaign acting in tandem. Is Joe on the way out?

But there are no holes or indecency barred when it comes to bashing women. Where a male candidate having an affair [John Edwards] is giggled over but unreported by media, a female candidate, whether guilty or not is presumed to be promiscuous. Evidence is unnecessary.

Still, what makes this year stand out for misogyny is not the expected male, high school locker room, toilet words and sexual innuendos. It is the viciousness and intensity of feminist/women’s hatred of the female candidates.

Is this the “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” affect played large? Are these women jealous because another woman, not them, would have won a Primary [save for intervention and rule breaking by the DNC]?

Or angry because another woman, not them, would be chose to run for the office of Vice President? OMG! And these women are smart and intelligent too!

The real horror of all of this for the many women, that once supported Democrats for what they perceived was their devotion toward women’s civil and reproductive rights, is to see it is Democrats that are front and center with the cruelest and falseness of the onslaught toward women.

It was Democratic Party leadership that stole votes from the woman candidate and gave them to the man; that defied Convention Rules and cooked the books against the most qualified candidate.

But many did not go along with that treachery. Thanks be to the great band of sisters and brothers: a huge community of women and men, both young and old, who are blogging for principal instead of being out to slit their sister's throat; for believing that Democracy is for every gender.

We will never give up and never give in.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


So please do not send us any more mail to gapperserve@comcast.net. We never see it since it contains the words gendergapper, however mail without that word appears to come through OK. So, we have not received your comments for over a week and if anyone wanted to unsub, we have not seen those requests.

So please send comments to either twandx@yahoo.com or xenaphil@hotmail.com


The BO bully boyz have forced us to suspend our huge mailing list as they have tried to do to so many lists and blogs. Although our ISP, Comcast allows us to send e-mails, they censor all of our posts that contain the word gendergapper. This mailing will come to you from friendly subscribers who are kind enough to help us. Thank you for your loyalty and for hanging with us for so long.

So, not only have we been unable to send our articles, your posts responding using “reply button” are likewise cancelled so we do not receive your comments or requests to cancel your subscription.

- BO’s Nevada stump speech 9/17/2008 – “I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face," he said…' You are my ambassadors. You guys are the ones who can make the case."

"Get in their face" isn't all they are urged to do. Several blogs and personal ISP's of those who oppose Obama have been punked and/or shut down by claiming to administrators that they are spam. Instructions for doing this are all over their misogynistic, hate filled blogs.

We never thought GenderGappers would be considered much of a threat but they shut us down and severely crippled our ability to put out our newsletter.
Margaret Cho is one of his “ambassadors”. Here’s her obeying her master, BO’s “IN YOUR FACE” directive. http://www.margaretcho.com/blog/2008/09/18/i-want-to-steam-up-those-glasses.html

Our mission and our purpose are to support women, even those whose agenda we may not agree with fully. We knew the misogyny was out there but never believed the Democratic Party, so-called feminist/women’s groups and some unaffiliated women would lead and promulgate it.

Women don't have to like or even vote for Palin but they should see their own fate in what they are doing to her.

“I am under 45 years of age, love the outdoors and to hunt. I am a Republican reformer and have taken on the Republican Party establishment. I am married with several children. I have been nominated for vice president on the Republican ticket. I have less than two years experience as governor of my home state. Who am I? If you guessed Sarah Palin, you would be correct. If you also happened to guess Theodore Roosevelt [1900], you would also be correct. How about that?” - Ray Michaud in letter to FreePress

It is utterly ironic that all through the years of the Bush administration we wrote scathing commentary about it and the Republicans but were never attacked and shut down.

So we will not be doing mailings but we still will be writing to our blog every week – http://gendergappers.blogspot.com for as long as the in-your-face and to hell with the 1st Amendment bullies allow it.
And through to the end of this year we will continue to archive each article at http://www.gendergappers.org
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Monday, September 15, 2008


What a strange election year this is and two of the candidates are even stranger. One is a girl and the other is a boy.

Both spent their formative years in a state outside of the contiguous 48, one from Alaska and one from Hawaii. One moved to the mainland.

Both are attractive and are married to attractive spouses. One has two daughters the other has three daughters and two sons.

One is a Reagan Republican and one is a Reagan Democrat. Both obtained their political training in the state they live in.

One praised Senator Hillary Clinton for her determination, grit and grace; the other ridiculed all older and disabled people by mocking Senator John McCain in an ugly campaign ad for not being able to use a computer. [Because of disabilities incurred as a POW, he cannot type or even comb his own hair].

Both have their backgrounds vetted. One’s background was glossed over by a loving, embedded media; the other is still undergoing searches to find sexual deviations or other deal-breakers.

Any criticism of one is forbidden and those who criticize are called racist. Any criticism of the other is allowed and promulgated by the media, especially if it contains sexist innuendos or sexism.

One speaks of lipstick as an indicator of the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull. The other speaks of lipstick on a pig to derogate the other’s gender and issues.

One’s spouse is called a dominatrix; the other’s spouse is called pussy-whipped.

One is idolized as the 2nd Coming by the media; the other demonized and slimed.

Both have church and minister issues in their recent past.

Both supported “The Bridge to Nowhere” before each opposed it.

One had months of campaigning and many debates to learn and sharpen understanding of issues; the other has had only weeks.

Both play hoops and enjoy the sport.

Neither has served in the armed forces but one is Commander in Chief of a State’s National Guard.

The results of the November general election will give us either a Nubie, hard-nosed veep with administrative experience, plenty of faults and hubris; chosen by political acumen…

… or a Nubie president who is strong on misogyny with little administrative experience and a pretense of godlike entitlement; appointed by a Political Party using falsified Primary election results.

The Democrats have long been the party promising women that their concerns were the party’s concerns. The party also, by saying it supported women more than the Republicans, held out the carrot that women would rise within the party to a national ticket when one was sufficiently experienced and electable.
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Monday, September 08, 2008


Whatever else it was, Governor Sarah Palin’s speech accepting the GOP nomination for Veep was impressive. Also impressive was the near total acclimation and support given her by her own Party.

Unlike Senator Hillary Clinton, Sarah is not forced to campaign with a pack of media mad dogs and her own Party officials snarling at her heels. We all remember how Hillary was savaged and slammed for making even the slightest criticism of her rival in the Dem Primaries.

Palin will, of course have to deal with the media mad dogs, the Dem women Senators and Governors that BO has put in front of him for protection, and sadly many other women who will savage her simply because the worst critics of women’s advancement are women.

The media and the DNC savaged Senator Clinton. Now, some of the women who claimed to be in support of Hillary support BO. They claimed to be against sexism, like Taylor Marsh, but now are hurling sexist epithets against Sarah. So much for the legendary “tolerance” of Liberals. That kool-aid sure is potent. http://tinyurl.com/5jyceb

Some are afraid that women will lose what reproductive/workingplace rights they have left if they don’t kiss up to The Precious. They are forgetting that they had the chance to have a real tried and true presidential candidate; one whose life has been spent in support of women, children and their rights and welfare. Why does anyone trust that BO will suddenly eschew the sexism of his campaign?

”Obama stole a campaign and attacked with his rabid cyber-dogs and cultlike supporters in the media. What makes you think hes going to protect MY rights as a woman after he let misogyny be the main weapon to suppress dissent?” sm77 confluence

”There is an aspect to the misogyny that is mentioned here and there, but doesn't get the full attention it deserves, and that is the class bias thoroughly interwoven with the gender hatred The media message is coming through loud and clear - white trash women are sluts for us to f*** with as we please Women p[er]ceived to be of a lower socio-economic classes, regardless of their color, regardless of their actual status, are treated like trash - cheap, dirty, used, disposable objects undeserving of civil rights and privacy, let alone common decency.” - Taking Out the Trash (by Anglachel)

What it all sugars out to is that it is not the candidate, nor is it the Party – it is gender. It is gender that made the huge fuss about Hillary and it is gender that is making the huge fuss over Sarah but they’d better watch it – she’s not called Sarahcuda for nothing.

Chart comparing SP to BO:

If you make it about Democratic values and electability, strong, fearless Hillary would have won in a landslide. The hue and cry over Palin is not about Republican values; it’s about the possibility of a strong, fearless woman getting into the White House.

The Obama /Biden ticket is already running scared and demanding help from Senator Clinton and other women Democrats to undercut Governor Palin. Will this be their strategy if they get elected? When some world leader makes a face at them will they call out the women to protect them? Good grief! The misogyny! Can you see it now?

Report sexism in media incidents. The WMC is committed to exposing and ending sexism in the media, regardless of the target, but they need your help. If you see an example of media sexism, please use the form at THIS PAGE to let them know.

ERA, Finally (by Lynne in Lakeland at Liberal Rapture)

I like strong women. Maybe because I am one. I'm not threatened by other women's success. I applaud it because it raises the possibilities for all of us. We shouldn't be disqualified because we're menstruating, gestating or lactating. Judge us on our merits. John McCain has surrounded himself with strong women. He pays them the same as he pays his male staffers… Governor Palin is the point of equal rights. You can't say she got where she is because of her husband, father, brother, uncle, grandfather or any other man. She got where she is by herself. She doesn't want to pull the ladder up after her and she acknowledges the women who came before her. That is a great message for all women.

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Monday, September 01, 2008


With the media and all the blogs embroiled in the Democratic Convention, GenderGappers stumbled into a scoop on a huge emerging story.

It seems the ‘Barackopolis’ in Denver, with it’s ancient Athenian Greek column motif, just whetted BO’s appetite. While he found it was sufficient for a nominee, he craved a more suitable venue for the Coronation of Barack, the First, Emperor of the United States of Obamerica.

To that end several Obamoid Officials traveled to England to do a deal with the Queen and the Mayor of the City of London. They wanted to rent Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, all the accouterments of coronation [robes, the Crown Jewels, the Horse Guard, royal carriage, etc] and much of London City roadways between the two structures.

They explained that all of the designations relating to British Royalty would be covered up with the Official Seal of the Precious One for the duration so no one should get nervous.

What might have been a deal breaker was their demand that along with the Abbey they required the London Charter to declare that the London be designated, for the duration of the celebration, the 51st State of Obamerica.

Of course they knew the British media would go along with it as they all have the trembling legs made famous by Chris Mathews. This epidemic of man-love has infected so many; even the famed British stiff upper lip is no more – it quivers uncontrollably.

{“What? Excuse us, we have to take this call… You mean it’s all off? No London Coronation? Why not? What happened?”}

Well, readers, sorry about that but it does seem to be official. All the preparations in London have been terminated. It has something to do with the weather.

The Obomoids have folded their tents, purchased bushels of supplies and retired to a deep bunker to shelter from a Whirlwind descending from Alaska. In their press release, they held Senator Hillary Clinton responsible for this weather phenomenon.
So regretfully, GenderGappers turns back to reviewing the ongoing media discussion and adulation of BO’s acceptance speech. The media assures us that it was the greatest speech ever given.

There were massive rivers of tears; there were attempts at immolation and wrist cutting as people, in a frenzy of hope and ecstasy, listened to the words of the Precious Chosen One.

Readers, farce and hoopla are fun, but this is dead serious: Most people in the stadium did not even realize that nearly the whole speech was plagiarized from the stump speech of Senator Hillary Clinton.

Well, Senator Obama's speech certainly is stunning
by Heidi Li Feldman, J.D., Ph.D.

As I type this, I am listening to Senator Obama give his acceptance speech.

It is stunning. It is audacious. It lifts word-for-word and paragraph-by-paragraph from Senator Clinton's stump speech. When Senator Clinton is not being quoted directly (without attribution), almost every idea Senator Clinton advanced during her campaign.

It would be one thing if Senator Obama had been quoting Senator Clinton with attribution and using her ideas throughout the primary season. Then, this speech would not be stunningly breathtakingly audacious. It would be a speech given by the person who would have been the better person to run against John McCain, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton; possibly it would have been given by Senator Clinton's running mate, who might have been Senator Obama. And it would have been a speech that would have been not only inspiring but more importantly credible.

Another great video by Geeklove - http://tinyurl.com/6636kl


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