Friday, December 26, 2008


We hear that presumptive NY Senator [CK-S] has made a “listening tour” into the NY hinterlands. A closer look reveals that she did not go to hear the people but to cuddle with the politicians. And of course media was more concerned that she snubbed it than anything else.

Reminds us of how presumptive King BHO made the same kind of tour, going out to the American hinterlands to “listen”. He met with every ward-healer and party hack, giving them the glad hand and promises of contributions. Strangely, this was briefly reported and quickly ignored, as the media was starry eyed in the first phase of courtship.

The love affair blossomed and bloomed throughout the Primary and General Election. Some of the stardust has been rubbed off but the msm still responds to the commands of The One. There are some more honest reports being made and published, but you’ll have to look quickly because just as soon as something is printed that the Transition Team objects to, it gets scrubbed.

But it appears the love is still strong enough to wrap up and deliver Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg into the arms of the New York Governor Patterson. It is unknown whether enough political promises come with her for him to appoint her to the seat held by Senator Hillary Clinton when she becomes the Secretary of State.

Most bets are that with all the political pressure, CK-S will get the nod from NY’s Gov. But think about it – what if her name was Caroline Palin? And how would this appointment be any more morally acceptable than selling the seat for cash [as alleged in Illinois]? Cash is just one form of political pressure.

There are women that CK-S could be compared to such as fellow socialites or qualified senatorial candidates, for example. But the media creams when presented with any opportunity to vilify and degrade, Senator Clinton so it may gleefully raise CK-S up with lies while smacking HRC down with lies.

At present, most of the media is licking its wounds because CK-S won’t talk to them but it continues to report the Obamacratic Team’s Talking Points. Senate leader, Harry Reid, The Rev. Al Sharpton, NY Mayor Bloomberg and many others join in to rave about the genetic qualifications of the “Child of Camelot”.

However there are legitimate concerns from many of us out there especially in the Blogs, if one takes the trouble to look. Her CV appears to be packed with the accomplishments of underlings that she claims are hers. We find CK-S lacking any commitment to women’s civil and reproductive rights.

And we shall never forget that she turned her back on all women when she refused to support HRC, and also supported the false claims of racism made against her by the media. All the time she never made any effort to criticize or curtail the misogyny flowing like sewerage from the Obama campaign.

But the big boys like her, or we suspect, like the fund raising promises of the Kennedy name. It would be tough to top the juice of the one who reminds Caroline of her father, Jack.

The hopes of some well known and experienced candidates for an open senate seat awaiting the nod of Gov. Patterson appear to fade in the glowing light of a real live princess of the realm and the backing of her new Daddy Dearest.

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Crowfoot said...

Haha your poster! snap!

hi there, followed you back from Gender Goggles obviously :-)

"a real live princess" - no doubt *sigh* That family is so glorified. Do you think that a part of the Obama infatuation has to do with some people seeing the chance to have another JFK? Another "royal family"? Thus they cannot see that he might just be a regular politician: good in some areas, lacking in others *ahem, thinking of that bus!* So many people seem so desperate for someone larger than life, a Hero rather than a good, smart manager.