Sunday, February 15, 2009


We are the chumps of the world and easily seduced by any fast talking con man that comes along. Oh, and hardly noticed, another husband just cut off his wife's head - no not in a 3rd world country - HERE! But the media knows most of us don't give a damn so they don't report it.

Almost daily we read about how other countries are leaving the 17th Century behind. Now here's another one that puts America to shame.

The almost equal gender balance of AMs in the Welsh assembly has transformed how politics in Wales is conducted, according to a new report.
The study showed there were more female voices at the assembly than at Westminster and in many Welsh councils.

Political debates were more consensual than adversarial as a result and had 'non-traditional' topics on the agenda such as domestic violence.

Our country, which has been called the greatest experiment in Democracy, is still knuckle dragging, not unlike many of the humans that populate it. Far from showing improvement in our collective mentality, the last presidential election process only served to demonstrate once again that women are and will stay second class citizens - allowed to vote but not to EVER assume that they are equal.

The pattern remains the same for the land of the free [men] and home of the brave [women], even as the rest of the world is changing. Women are allowed to advance just so far and then the collective misogynistic mindset erupts in putrefaction so vile it would challenge the breath of a wildebeest or a vulture. If you've been in a cave and missed it, just Google misogyny in America or misogyny is America.

The stench created in the Primary by the Democrats now permeates every pore of the White House. Forget about the stories about renting out the Lincoln Bedroom. Iniquity never had quite as famous a den as 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

And it does not stop there. Our youth have been given permission to carry on the sexist traditions. When told that such language is not acceptable and they should not use it, they laugh with glee and say, "Yes, we can". Permission comes to them from the top of the garbage heap we call a government.

Too harsh, you say? Did you actually see any change in the way government is run by the admistration that claimed it would make these changes? The media is still raving about Obama's big win even as the Majority in Congress heap praises on his leadership.

Or did you see the same 'ol, same ol of bribery, conceit, featherbedding, lobby-driven passage of a bill no one has read. A bill that hurts the lowest paid and weakest among us -the children, the elderly and most women.

A bill that rewards the money men and the hierarchy is not what the Democratic Party should be supporting - unless, as has been stated by many, that Party has ceased to exist.

But we knew that, didn't we when the most qualified candidate was summarily discarded; painfully reminiscent of the way some Asian parents disposed of their female babies.