Sunday, November 30, 2008


After the brawl was over
Maggie took out her glass eye,
Put her false teeth in water,
Hung up her hair to dry,
Stood her left leg in the corner,
Hung her right arm on a hook.
After the brawl was over…
After the brawl.
--- parody - author unknown [original song, “After the ball” by Charles K. Harris]

Following the recent selection, all the Maggies emerged with heart and mind still strong and vital despite yet another cruel battering by the 4th Estate that should have protected her.

Here we are again hearing from various media mavens that, oh my yes, media had been a tad biased in favor of one candidate. And perhaps even a tad sexist in its treatment of the women candidates.

Then in the very next breath they insist that Senator Clinton should not become SoS because she will set up her own foreign policy and hurt the precious. They wring their hands in agony that “she always makes things about herself.”

No apologies, no explanations, just the usual bull we have come to expect from these people who call themselves reporters and claim they and the free press they represent protect our freedom.

Oh, yes and their right to do all this protecting is protected by the Constitution. Media considers itself the fourth arm of government that polices the other three. Except for some state or local reporting, the media is financed and directed by what Ike told us to fear: The military-industrial complex.

International corporations as well as native, feed us lies and pick our presidents. They support government officials who do their bidding. They have become, because the people have allowed it, the voice of the people.

What makes it all so frustrating is that this has been occurring and reoccurring for years. Reporters on the scene of battles and wars have often omitted anything that might reflect badly on their masters. The usual excuses that it was done for national security just do not hold up.

Remember the lies of the “Embedded media” in Iraq; the government’s cover-up and fabrication of Jessica Lynch, a woman soldier who was captured by Iraqi? The story was slanted to make it appear her Iraqi captors tortured her when in effect they treated her humanly.

Remember the cover-up of Abu Ghriab and Git-mo and torture we engaged in by rendition? And these are only the tip of the iceberg.

Despite all this historical knowledge of the perfidy of the media, most Americans live by the polls and ruminations of the talking heads that make their living by gazing into their own crystal ball and never acknowledge or apologize for any mistakes.

Just amazing how they mostly all get on the same page at the same time. This week we’ve heard several assert variations on the meme that everyone is ecstatically happy with Zero, even those who at one time opposed him.

We are the most poorly informed country in the world yet we continue childishly to claim we have freedom of the press. Could it be that all the dire predictions of the economy are just so that as things turn around it will be reported as a miracle performed by the president-select?

Meanwhile misogyny continues unabated. Twisty writes:

"A black dude can get elected president, but a woman? When swine defy gravity. Racism flourishes, all righty, but it’s covert, on the DL, the embarrassing private luxury of elderly honkys and parochial-minded nincompoops . . . Misogyny, on the other hand, is bullet-proof. It’s not merely tolerated, it’s openly celebrated in the American street, the American courtroom, the American bedroom, the American internet. Except for a puny consortium of bruised and contused blamers calling blindly to the Vaginatariat through mists of dime store cologne, even the victims of this oppression embrace it."

Lest we forget, there was Jimmy Kimmel interviewing the patrons of a black barbershop to ask what would be acceptable and what off limits in regard to what he could say about Barack Obama. All agreed children were off limits but rifts on Michelle’s big ass were OK.

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