Tuesday, November 11, 2008


More than a few women are beginning to regret the vote they made based on fear of who the winner might appoint to the Supreme Court. They bought into the threat that only a Liberal appointee would preserve a woman’s right to choose.

Just recently they have been exposed to other things a Liberal appointee might protect - too bad awareness came to late. For example, they never counted on the “marketing strategy” of a Vermont snowboard company, Burtons, and what it might foretell for their future.

This company has chosen to decorate its snowboards with graphics that use naked Playboy models that range from pornography to misogyny with some self-mutilation thrown in. Ski resorts around the country are banning them. Women's groups and a group of men working against domestic violence have joined a growing chorus of criticism directed at the snowboards.

Burton has claimed the right to free expression – artistic, they call it. So there, bitches! You are all merely chattel; our possessions and we can do anything we want with your body, your image, dressed or naked. ALL women and men should be up in arms over this, but they aren’t.

Demeaning women and their bodies has always been rampant, providing locker room glee for boyz of all ages, but it was mostly hidden. Now it is open, vicious and de rigor under the leadership of He-who-must-be reverenced.

Many women also joined in, and still continue to vilify Senator Clinton and Governor Palin. These are the Fem-bots of yore who believe that a boot on their neck is a love tap. They demean their own gender to please men and get attention because women are expected to give up their own interests to further his.

America’s children are carefully taught by their fathers, but mothers can really do damage. They slavishly serve their male children while teaching their daughters to do the same. There are, fortunately, exceptions to this kind of parent that prove the rule.

It’s little wonder that many boys grow up to hate women after their formative years have given them a constant picture of mother and sisters as the servants of his father and himself. Add to that the sports coaches calling the team members, “girls”, in derogatory tones when they fail. The message gets clearer and is reinforced throughout their lives.

As one man told us, “Mom said not to ever hit a girl and Dad added, not when there are people around to see you and mom laughed.” The misogyny and hate has been carefully taught and ingrained into our psyche.

Consider how a Liberal Court might rule on the Burton case. We expect it would be ruled OK to degrade women by any way and means possible. So be careful what you wish for from Liberals. The actions and words of the Misogynist-in-chief-elect are an indication of the kind of people he would appoint to the Supreme Court.

However, help for women’s equality quest may be coming from another source - divine intervention. Sonja Puzic in The Windsor Star [11/06/008] writes of The Disappearing Male –

“Studies show rise in birth defects, infertility among men.

“Are males becoming an endangered species? That's the question scientists and researchers have been pondering since alarming trends in male fertility rates, birth defects and disorders began emerging around the world.”

This bumper sticker may be prophetic: "God is coming and she is pissed!"

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