Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Now this is going to be offensive to some readers, but please cut me some slack as I do have a point to make – maybe more than one. I spend some time in the mornings listening to Imus and Limbaugh. I also check FOX news daily getting election info the msm will not cover.

Morning talk radio is background for me as I go about tasks I cannot avoid. For years I turned on Air America Radio, uncritically drinking all the massive amounts of their kool-aid thinking the Dems could do no wrong.

When it, like most of the blogs and other Progressive/Democratic info sources turned to vicious attacks against all women by launching a massive misogynistic pummeling of Senator Clinton, I turned it off.

As bad as Imus and Limbaugh are they do not surpass the present Democratic Party in its present incarnation of hatred, misinformation and misogyny.

Well, you all know what’s been happening throughout the Primaries and now in the run up to the general election. The worm has not only turned, it has become a butterfly, then a worm again in many cases.

First we heard, “I’m not against a woman president – just not that woman [HRC]. Now there are messages coming through the cracks in the all-dissent- forbidden wall erected by the Obama campaign saying, “I’m not against a black president – just not that black [BHO].

It appears that the “in your face” attack by the Obama campaign is having consequences that were not anticipated. One of them is that some voters are refusing to state their preference to pollsters or others.

The golden patina glow is being stripped away from The One and a bit of what lies beneath is showing through. Some are taking another look and moving toward the still strong mass of Clinton supporters who have stayed firm in their disgust and anger at how the DNC and media stole the Primary from her and the voters.

They reject the Party line that they are sore-losers who are grieving because their candidate lost. As Heidi Li writes: “let me make it perfectly clear: I am not angry or "simply grieving" about "Mrs. Clinton not being picked as the nominee." I am distressed that the Democratic Party rigged its own nomination process and PICKED a candidate rather than ELECTING one. http://tinyurl.com/5wsdx7

I can hear you. You’re asking me, “How can you possibly listen to those lying *&$@&#$*& because they say nasty things? AAR may say some nasty things but Democrats always tell the truth.”

Right, thanks for making my point. Another rude awakening to hear how Dems have become the Repugs we hated. And how so many think saying nasty things is OK as long as it’s Democrats that are doing it.

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