Monday, August 18, 2008


Here's the thing.

BO's sinking in the polls as more voters are not liking what is coming out in books, and are being turned off by his hubris and flip-flops. Super delegates notice, start thinking they are backing a loser and turn to consider HILLary. They realize she is the most competent and experienced and would beat McCane.

BO needs to stop this so he "magnanimously" [him, really?] allows a roll call vote for her.

He has tipped off his pals in the media and knows what their reaction will be.

Right! They will go after Hillary with gusto. "Oh, she is taking the Convention away from Obama. For shame.

Cafferty [CNN] was apoplectic, all veins in his head popping. MSNBC - vemon in overdrive. FOX News getting it and laughing their asses off at the media knee jerk reaction.

ObamaDROIDS, as BO figured, step up their hate and nastiness vowing not to vote and/or wage riots if super delegates upset BO's coronation.

Super delegates shudder and think that it's too late. They fear the riots will prevent a Hillary win as the media and hyped up geek mobs will scare off voters.

So much for BO's great gesture. A move, planned like all his actions are - to make himself look good while his media and geeks sink their knives in, doing his dirty work.

Sure wish it were different. But it is confusing. After years of school, decades of media and eons of history, the Primary process seemed rather simple and good and patriotic. But now everything relating to freedom of expression and democracy has been turned on its head.

Grass roots peaceful protesters are vilified by a media that should just be reporting on their cause and actions. The evidence has piled up and seems indisputable – the Democratic nomination was stolen from Hillary Clinton.

Delegates and super delegates are coerced and threatened. If they do not allow themselves to be bought off, the DNC Pooh-Bahs withdraw all funding for their campaigns.

And looming large is the threat of violence against all who may support Clinton and especially toward Hillary Clinton herself. Mob action by the Net roots spewing hatred 24/7 over the Internet.

“After we’ve concluded appropriate homage and tribute to Hillary and women all over the world, who just want to be recognized for their contributions in a fair and evenhanded way, then can we drive a steak through the heart of this bitch?” – representative of comments by kossacks

“Looking back at the 2008 Primary season and the steady chanting of ‘When will that Stupid Bitch Quit’ we should have foreseen this summer’s efforts. We should have known that we’d have to work for a presence in Denver. But HOW could we have ever expected that Hillary’s pledged delegates would be threatened for wanting to stay true to their pledge?” - katiebird [confluence]
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