Thursday, April 24, 2008


The Pennsylvania Primary results threw a scare into the BO campaign and its supporters. Before, callers to talk radio and TV programs warned of “trouble” if the Super delegates chose HRC over BO.

Then the Pennsylvania exit polls showed that more than a third of the supporters of HRC would NOT vote for BO. No threats here, no mob action – just a peaceful protest for good reasons.

But on hearing that, the Obambots went ballistic. There will be terrible repercussions if HRC is the nominee.” “We will leave the Democratic Party!” “Blacks will not vote in the General election” and so on, threat after angry threat.

Their point is that BO must win no matter what happens. Some callers threatened violence and anger permeated the airways. They insist that the coronation go forward.

Women are the majority of Democratic voters and have always been taken for granted. Most support HRC and most will not vote for BO, and they are angry. They differ from BO supporters in that they have reasons for their anger. You won’t hear much of this from the mean-stream media but it is all over the Blogs.

Reason # 1: Topping the list is Florida and Michigan where HRC won a majority in both Primaries. One can argue that the DNC did not allow these delegations to be seated or counted at the coming Convention.

However, Chairman Howard Dean has promised that once the candidate is chosen, he will allow the delegations to be seated and vote – but of course not for the candidate they want to vote for - HRC.

HRC was for a do-over of both Primaries but BO blocked this solution.
He knew that she would win both again and would tie him and he wasn’t about to let this happen.

Reason #2: The collusion of the media and the DNC to derogate HRC and ignore any deficit in BO’s experience and character. This bias also contributed mightily to the huge amount of contributions coming in to his campaign.

Thanks to Blogs that kept slogging out the truth, finally, some real light was shone on BO and he reacted by whining, blaming HRC and using more negative advertising while denying that he was doing this.

He sure had the money for PA and spent $10.63/vote. HRC won 55 to 35% and spent $2.40/vote. Who would you chose to manage the money of your country?

Reason #3: The many pejorative, sexists’ remarks from the media directed at HRC. They come at us all the time and most women feel the sting and unfairness of the continuous slams against our gender. It is directed at us, our gender and it angers us. Just to mention a few:

· Clinton "look[ed] like everyone's first wife standing outside a probate court."
· "[w]hite women are a problem, that's, you know -- we all live with that."
· "a scolding mother, talking down to a child."
· "trying to run away from this tough, kind of bitchy image
· "when [Clinton] comes on television, I involuntarily cross my legs
· "sort of alternately soppy and bitchy.'"
· Then there were the many times it has been said, by pundits to raucous laughter, that if BO took HRC as his running mate, he would need a food taster. They do not say this when commenting on a BO/HRC ticket.

But the final straw was a universal misogynist slap down of women when BO publicly flipped the bird to HRC, urged on by the roars of his supporters.

“The way Hillary has been treated and sexist language affect women deeply and they will write in Hillary on the ballot if she does not get the DNC nomination." – this is a frequent Blog comment.

Much has been written and commented on concerning the high regard and loyalty of BO’s supporters. But now the DNC and media-spawn-of-Cthulhu, will be forced to recognize the regard and devotion of women for HRC and face the consequences of their unfair treatment.

*1920 - The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, also known as the Susan B. Anthony amendment, grants the right to vote to all U.S. women over 21.
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Thursday, April 17, 2008


How quickly things change in Obamaland. It seems like only yesterday he was claiming over and over that his words DO matter. Now he is saying that either we misunderstood what he said or that he didn’t choose the right words.

Bush needed translators to explain what his words were and the media complied; now BO, who seemingly cannot use the words to say what he means, needs the media to translate what words he meant to say.

It appeared for a while there that voters who were fed up with nearly 8 years of the malapropos and fractured syntax of Bush were opting for clarity. They thought BO spoke so clearly when he said things like, “Change” – “Yes we can”, and all his other oft repeated slogans. Then it happened.

Bit by bit the fa├žade of sainthood got peeled off and most of it came from his own mouth. Recently he hit a gaffe trifecta. Commenting on abortion: “The mistake that pro-choice forces have sometimes made in the past, and this is a generalization so it has not always been the case, has been to not acknowledge the wrenching moral issues involved in it.” Oops! UNTRUE.

Second, there was his comment on “typical white people” as he claimed that all whites are racists, seeking to force voters to examine their guilt at the slavery in America’s past.

And thirdly, and most recent, he embellished his white racist remarks by denigrating Pennsylvania’s working class by saying: “And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

Sounds a bit Karl Marxie to us: “Die Religion ... ist das Opium des Volkes.”

We never trusted BO’s words from the beginning. He came across as a package all wrapped up and no one was allowed to see what was inside. When attempts were made to peel back the layers of the mask, they were met by charges of “racism” – and the media pounced – not on BO but on anyone who pointed a finger at what he had done in the past.

Now his own words are tearing back the layers of his past actions and his mask is coming off. The mean-steam-media is rushing in to wrap him up again led by Arianna Huffington who tells you it is all HRC’s fault.

We must not let them lead us astray because there is still so much to learn about this man that the media and the DNC demand that we nominate. More gates in his past besides these: R E Z K O gate,
B I T T E R gate, Rev W R I G H T gate, AYERS gate,
F A R A K H A N gate.

Nearly a year ago, Martha Zollar wrote about how he stretched the truth and misrepresented facts, ending her piece by paraphrasing former Texas Governor, Ann Richards: “Poor, Obama -- he can help it, he’s got a silver foot in his mouth.”

And just recently, Kentucky Representative Geoff Davis, told of a “highly classified, national security simulation” that he attended with Obama. “He could not make a decision in that simulation that related to a nuclear threat to this country,” he warned.

Former Congressman [TX], Dick Armey is sure BO will win the Primary. He said, “Because the Democrats choose their least qualified person.”

As for HRC, there is a very interesting piece in Politico [4/13/08 by John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei titled: What Clinton wishes she could say. Politico has been a harsh critic of Clinton in the past. Judge for yourselves.

HRC cleaned BO’s clock in the debate this week in Philly and how the mean-stream media howled in anger. We especially enjoyed Keith Olbermann’s rants because the Precious One was getting tough questions– remember how he thought it was just great when Russet went after HRC.

Site where you can find a number of comments on the debate from a variety of sources: :


Wednesday, April 09, 2008


We just read a definitive of what MSNBC stands for – Mostly Shit ‘N Biased Coverage. All through this campaign it has been a loyal member of the BO campaign continually ignoring his gaffes while continually repeating blown-up and often-erroneous gaffes by HRC.

CNN and other cable slant reports too. Case in point is how they show only part of the SNL skit concerning the Clinton tax returns. A large part of that skit contained very funny, very pointed and accurate slams at the media for stupidly ignoring all the information about the Clinton’s book deals and lectures, but cable carefully plays only the part that pokes fun at the Clintons.

Now that it’s obvious that the DNC is also pimping for a coronation of their Precious One, the push is on to eliminate HRC – it seems they are afraid he will lose and old Howie is out there telling women of the dire consequences of voting for McCain. So the DNC and the media’s message is to tell listeners that she cannot win and they shouldn’t vote for her.

They are also endlessly repeating a lie that they insist she told concerning a woman who was refused treatment at a hospital and died, even though the Washington Post has reported the facts - Clinton did tell the truth.

They are trying to scare HRC’s supporters into dumping her by playing the abortion card. Listen up! The committee chair that would make or break McC’s nominations is Sen. Pat Leahy who fully cooperated, even lauded, the selection of Aleto and Roberts, bending way, way over for George Bush.

Also, you can’t scare us with that crap anymore because we know that both sides of the isle want to keep that issue in play because it brings their voters to the polls even when there is no presidential election.

So bug off, Howie and the rest of you BOcrats of the DNC. We have the right to insist that everyone’s vote be counted and when they are, your Precious One may well lose the god-like luster you have reflected yourselves in. You don’t scare us because thanks to the Internet we are no longer dependent on cable TV disinformation.

Oh, we know all about the BO girls of all ages. To paraphrase the late Gov. of TX, Anne Richards, they find themselves on third base in their position or profession and think they hit a triple. We’re talking the former worker-bees for the Party, who year after year have been satisfied with pats on the head and broken promises but no longer believe in a Party that rewards the thugs who support the Wright /BO agenda.

An agenda that lauds AARadio’s, Randy Rhodes [the Left’s Ann Coulter] for calling Senator Clinton and Geraldine Ferroro “F-ing whores” – demonstrating for all to see that hate speech about women is really OK.

An agenda that encourages supporters to use disgusting language against a United States Senator; although the woman in BO’s campaign who called HRC a Monster left, the hate-filled bloggers still use this and other nasty appellations when they write their venomous tripe.

An agenda full of political dirty tricks that are covered up by the media, like Precious’ campaign calling up HRC delegates and telling them that their election has been voided; An agenda that uses its thugs and bullies to prevent free speech on the Internet blogs and continually tries to scare voters with threats that they are being racists if they don’t vote for Precious.

In a battle between our Monster and their Precious, the outcome is assured because there is no fairness in this race when the media and the DNC actively work to support one candidate. You can’t insult us, you can’t scare us and you won’t have us doing your scut work after the Primaries if you nominate a candidate who refuses to let ALL THE VOTES IN EVERY STATE COUNT.

You want a monster? Just look at the reliable monstrous total of votes from women over the years and think about the dent your actions is going to make in it.
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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Barack Obama: With A 'Silver Foot' In His Mouth

Barack Obama: With A 'Silver Foot' In His Mouth
by Martha Zoller

Posted: 05/15/2007 Print This

Ann Richards delivered the best political one liner in history at the Democratic Convention of 1988. She said of the first President Bush, “Poor, George…He was born with a silver foot in his mouth.” Lately, it seems the golden boy of the Democratic Party, Sen. Barack Obama, has a silver foot in his mouth and his celebrity is taking a beating; not to mention his run for the presidency.

A couple of instances showed that Sen. Obama may not be ready for the scrutiny that comes with detailing his positions on issues. First, he went to the Detroit Economic Club to a resounding reception that was quickly cooled when instead of talking about issues like health care, he decided to bite the hand that fed them -- automakers and by extension, oil companies.

Not only did he go after the industry that makes Motown run, but he also got his facts wrong. This is a problem that he seems to be having more frequently. Obama is an eloquent speaker but it seems that he is better with generalizations than with facts. At one point during the Detroit Economic Club speech he asserted that Japanese cars average 45mpg when in actuality, it is more like 30mpg. Another problem is characterizing them as “Japanese” cars when most of the plants of Japanese auto makers selling to the American customer are in America and creating good paying American jobs. Continued

This gaffe could be written off as inexperience. Even the Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick said that “he left a lot to be desired with that message” and that he (Kilpatrick) wouldn’t write him off for one mistake, however others were looking for a little more policy talk on real issues like health care costs. The next one is more serious, in my view.

Let me preface this by saying that I have lived through two serious tornados, one when I was 12 and one in 1998 that killed 21 people and did major destruction of neighborhoods, schools and property in the area I live. I came home that night to the Georgia National Guard checking my ID to be sure that I belonged in the neighborhood. I was lucky both times that my family and I only suffered minor damage and no injuries, but tornados can hit one spot and miss the next and then be gone. My hometown of Gainesville, Georgia was totally destroyed in 1936 by a tornado and it was so devastating that FDR visited our town twice. Once after the tornado struck and two years later to observe how much progress we had made rebuilding.

So that is why I am concerned about what Sen. Obama said in Richmond at a fundraiser. He said, “In case you missed it, this week; there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died -- an entire town destroyed.” He mentioned the tornado in order to politicize the event and to give erroneous information that had been passed on some path from Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to him that there were problems in the clean up due to the Kansas National Guard and equipment being in Iraq.

Like a dastardly game of gossip, one Democrat to another, this lie about the response was perpetuated throughout the week. This response disregarded the multiple interviews with residents of Greensburg, Kansas, who were satisfied with the response to the tragedy in their lives as well as the Kansas National Guard saying they were able to respond for now. The National Guard is always stretched and more so now in Iraq, but they are getting the job done.

Interestingly, to get the National Guard up to speed all the time will take money. The only candidate talking about specific numbers of increased defense spending is Gov. Mitt Romney.

It is one thing to stretch the truth at the Detroit Economic Club -- that is a gaffe. To misrepresent deaths in a disaster and to politicize the response is irresponsible. To be sure, this is a page out of the playbook of the Democratic National Committee. It worked to politicize Katrina, so why not politicize every disaster. Americans don’t politicize disaster; they roll their sleeves up, pick up the mess and make a better day tomorrow. It’s the American way.

To paraphrase the best, “Poor, Obama -- he can help it, he’s got a silver foot in his mouth.”

Ms. Zoller is a political analyst and conservative talk show host for WDUN AM 550 in Gainesville, Georgia. She is one of the Talkers Magazine �Heavy Hundred� Talk Shows in America. She can be heard on Rightalk Radio and seen regularly on cable news. She is the author of �Indivisible: Uniting Values for a Divided America.� You may contact her through


Friday, April 04, 2008


Celebrating Women: A Note from Dr. Maya Angelou

by Dr. Maya Angelou
3/31/2008 11:45:30 AM

This entry is part of a series in celebration of Women's History Month.

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

This is not the first time you have seen Hillary Clinton seemingly at her wits end, but she has always risen, always risen, much to the dismay of her adversaries and the delight of her friends.

Hillary Clinton will not give up on you and all she asks of you is that you do not give up on her.

There is a world of difference between being a woman and being an old female. If you’re born a girl, grow up, and live long enough, you can become an old female. But, to become a woman is a serious matter. A woman takes responsibility for the time she takes up and the space she occupies.

Hillary Clinton is a woman. She has been there and done that and has still risen. She is in this race for the long haul. She intends to make a difference in our country.

She is the prayer of every woman and man who long for fair play, healthy families, good schools, and a balanced economy.

She declares she wants to see more smiles in the families, more courtesies between men and women, more honesty in the marketplace. Hillary Clinton intends to help our country to what it can become.

She means to rise.

She means to help our country rise. Don’t give up on her, ever.

In fact, if you help her to rise, you will rise with her and help her make this country a wonderful, wonderful place where every man and every woman can live freely without sanctimonious piety, without crippling fear.

Rise Hillary.