Monday, October 27, 2008


Once again the media is telling us that they have chosen our next president and vice president. Already happened, it says. “You partisan yahoos don’t even need to vote. It’s not the People’s choice. It’s ours.

“You nincompoops have such short memories but try and think back to 2000 and 2004. We chose the candidate then too. How’d that work out for you? We do it softly, we do it with lies and threats, we do it rough and for your amusement we do it with misogyny.”

Remember all the flutter about the cost of John Edward’s haircut? It was only because it could be used to derogate women – the media loved calling him “The Breck Girl. But nothing was ever said about the thousand$ spent on his suits, ties, and shirts or how they looked on him.

Hillary’s clothing, body and hair was constantly commented on, usually in a derogatory fashion. If it wasn’t the tut-tuts about cleavage it was the nasty bits about her pantsuits and the male’s reason for why she wore them instead of a dress they could look up under.

Joe Biden is seldom even noticed; even when he makes a gaffe that would sink any other Party’s candidate like stone. Some mention has been made of his facial makeovers and hair plugs in the more gossipy blogs/columns. Even his monumental gaffes are not criticized – the media only hear the ones allegedly made by Governor Palin or Senator McCain.

Same with Obama’s clothing – for men it’s just suits and ties. Of course the perfect one must and does dress with perfection. So who mentions his $1,500 suits and makes nasty comments about him spending all that money? And even suggest what he may be hiding with custom made suits.

And woe on anyone who mentions the clever way he is fooling you with the slight whitening of his hair at the temples. Gives him an older, experienced look to those who have not seen the changes gradually made with a little white powder. [Oops, this may land me in gitmo.]

Sarah Palin’s new wardrobe has been fueling the hate engines for days now. Led, of course, by a media that spends most of its time looking for something to crap on her with, but little is made of the $520 Ferragamo shoes worn by McCain, although the talk-show host like to blather on about them.

To many women obey the cultural edict to lighten up when constantly faced with the barrage of hateful misogyny and sexism that was and still is aimed at Senator Clinton and their own gender.

Many more even join in now as the hate-crime-inducing drivel is spewed out against Governor Palin. The idea that SNL and The Daily Show can make such hideous fun of womankind is worse than deplorable. It is criminal and it incites violence and disrespect for all women.

Women have just got to wake up to the fact that sexism and misogyny is no more humorous or acceptable or harmless than making fun of lynching, nappy-headed-hos or Uncle Toms.

“Just slit her throat, lock her in a car boot, and drive the car into river in West Virginia.
“Ain’t gonna let no whore screw with the man
“And a Drive-By Won’t Be Out of the Question. What goes around, comes around. The stupid fucking bitch !!
“Talk About WHITE TRASH that bitch better keep looking over her shoulder.”
This is just a few examples of what Obama supporters said about Hillary Clinton.

"[W]hatever else the current generation of feminists - and particularly the Third Wave feminists - have accomplished, the battle to diminish the cultural acceptability of sexism and misogyny is being lost. Lighten up is not a successful strategy. Lighten up is no strategy at all. . . We must commit ourselves to an innovative and energetic campaign to change our culture. The way things look now, we're not just losing a battle about sexism in this election - we're losing the whole damn war."
-- Ciccina, The Lurking Canary

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Now this is going to be offensive to some readers, but please cut me some slack as I do have a point to make – maybe more than one. I spend some time in the mornings listening to Imus and Limbaugh. I also check FOX news daily getting election info the msm will not cover.

Morning talk radio is background for me as I go about tasks I cannot avoid. For years I turned on Air America Radio, uncritically drinking all the massive amounts of their kool-aid thinking the Dems could do no wrong.

When it, like most of the blogs and other Progressive/Democratic info sources turned to vicious attacks against all women by launching a massive misogynistic pummeling of Senator Clinton, I turned it off.

As bad as Imus and Limbaugh are they do not surpass the present Democratic Party in its present incarnation of hatred, misinformation and misogyny.

Well, you all know what’s been happening throughout the Primaries and now in the run up to the general election. The worm has not only turned, it has become a butterfly, then a worm again in many cases.

First we heard, “I’m not against a woman president – just not that woman [HRC]. Now there are messages coming through the cracks in the all-dissent- forbidden wall erected by the Obama campaign saying, “I’m not against a black president – just not that black [BHO].

It appears that the “in your face” attack by the Obama campaign is having consequences that were not anticipated. One of them is that some voters are refusing to state their preference to pollsters or others.

The golden patina glow is being stripped away from The One and a bit of what lies beneath is showing through. Some are taking another look and moving toward the still strong mass of Clinton supporters who have stayed firm in their disgust and anger at how the DNC and media stole the Primary from her and the voters.

They reject the Party line that they are sore-losers who are grieving because their candidate lost. As Heidi Li writes: “let me make it perfectly clear: I am not angry or "simply grieving" about "Mrs. Clinton not being picked as the nominee." I am distressed that the Democratic Party rigged its own nomination process and PICKED a candidate rather than ELECTING one.

I can hear you. You’re asking me, “How can you possibly listen to those lying *&$@&#$*& because they say nasty things? AAR may say some nasty things but Democrats always tell the truth.”

Right, thanks for making my point. Another rude awakening to hear how Dems have become the Repugs we hated. And how so many think saying nasty things is OK as long as it’s Democrats that are doing it.

Monday, October 13, 2008


“…I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
Its cloud illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all…

- Joni Mitchell

It seems such a short time ago that the Primaries began and Dems were free, strong and united, bound together to pick the best candidate to run for president.

The Dem talk-radio, blogs and much of the msm set a tone of openness and inclusion of all the Dem candidates. The debates started and gradually the climate changed. Hillary Clinton was just too good, too smart and too experienced. But most of all, she was just too female.

There and then the fan started to get hit. Misogyny was thicker than flies around cow flaps. No comment was too demeaning, too dangerous, too disgusting or too threatening.

Along about then, it became obvious that the king-makers in the DNC had chosen their candidate early on. They turned away from all the other well-qualified, mostly male candidates to covet and coddle Barack Obama. Mainstream media followed suit, tingly legs and all.

Obama crowds were whipped up to the point of screaming, “kill the bitch!” And that was deemed OK by Democrats [that’s right, foks, Democrats] – women have always been the target of violence, rape and murder. It’s part of our culture.

At the same time the DNC and fellow travelers actively prevented any rebuttal against or charges against Obama from Clinton and her supporters. All criticism of Obama was labeled racist, but only if Clinton made the charges. The other candidates, especially, Joe Biden, were given cart blanch to make any charges they wanted to. Who noticed? Who cared?

So gradual that few caught on, the male candidates and the DNC rallied around Obama and broadsided Clinton with complaints. Here they were greatly assisted by the media.

Were there any women involved in this massacre? You betcha! – the usual suspects, such as Donna Brazil, were front and center to echo the males and push every verbal knife cut deeper into Senator Clinton.

Those of us who realized what was happening were powerless to prevent it. We watched in horror as the Obama machine put racial dynamite in every phrase uttered and every support offered, blowing up her support and the truth along with it.

As it stands now, many are afraid to even voice their preference for president. If they have blogs, the Obama machine shuts them down. There are many cases where Clinton supporters have been threatened.

His youth corps is going house to house along with union members to strongly persuade people – “getting into their faces” as ordered by the Obama campaign.

Now it all repeats as McCain and Palin go after the Obama fellow travelers. Cries of racism, lynch mob and mob rule obfuscate the legitimate questions. Even when Obama tells a different story every time, most media are either in his pocket or are afraid to report it.

Another repeat is what is happening right now. Remember how, long before ALL the Primaries were held, Obama claimed victory; talked an acted and was treated as the victor by the DNC and the media?

With still a few weeks to go, he is doing the same thing, claiming a landslide victory, again backed up by the DNC and the media. Very effective since there are those who can always be conned into voting for who they think is the winner.

The Primary and the run up to the General Election has painted a picture of the repression of dissent that is sure to be manifested in an Obama administration. If he is elected, it will be too late to wake up and protest. Gone forever will be the myth of “tolerant, inclusive Liberals”.

Meanwhile most of the country watches the debates and never notices that the excellent plans and idea for our problems spouted by the candidates are the excellent plans and ideas of Hillary Clinton.

“Over and over this political season, the DNC and Senator Obama have betrayed millions of Democratic voters by refusing to count their votes, by refusing to hold a non-rigged convention, by pretending unity when there is not unity.”

–quoted from Heidi Li’s Popourri article, “In Betrayal Lies Possibility”. Read entire article here:

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Why does he refer to himself as black? He's 50% white and raised by white mother/grandmother with his black father mostly absent.

Tiger Woods was given all sorts of hell for not referring to himself as black. He had the best answer: "saying I was black would be like saying my mom doesn't exist. And that's my mom! That's my little mommy!" His mom is - Thai, I believe. His late father was black.

Does Keanu Reeves call himself Chinese or does Anne Curry call herself Japanese? No, they are Americans of mixed race.

Why then does Barack call himself black when he keeps on insisting that race be NOT made a factor? Doesn't he just lend credence to the persistence of racial discrimination when he segregates himself on the basis of race?

Would getting 80 to 90% of black votes have anything to do with it?

Would being able to deflect criticism from anybody by shouting "racism" have anything to do with it?

Perhaps Obama calls himself black because there is no "multi-racial" power base in politics, even in Chicago. The black power base, however, is not only very influential but mostly Democratic. This may be why Obama calls himself black, and why he calls himself a Democrat.

Would be tuning in to and using the white guilt about slavery have anything to do with it?

With the media in his pocket, the voting public cannot learn about his past, his mistakes or his beliefs. We are just shown the crowds, made mad from drinking the kool-aid propaganda.

His fitness and experience for the highest office in our land goes nearly unchallenged. One hope is that Governor Sarah Palin's bright light will bring home to voters an obvious comparison.

The MSM call her, a Governor, not ready or experienced enough to be VP? Well by damn, look at him and his lack of both, and the DNC put him up for Commander In Chief!

And remember what Hillary said in the Primaries about McCane and herself having years of experience in government, and Barack giving a great speech in 2004.

And just in case you missed it, a part of Hillary's comment on the recent VP debate.

"It is amazing, you know, she’s been thrust in the spotlight with very little national preparation and I think, all things considered, you saw a very composed and effective debater."
-- Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary - We always knew you were a class act! Sarah! - You go girl!

Just a few paragraphs below from a great, informative post by Ani Ai titled, "Depravity not Decency". You can read the whole article here:

"At a work-related function Thursday, two bosses of mine decided to make a snarky, demeaning remark about Governor Palin in my presence. I’m sure they assume I am a Democrat and as such, the fact that I am a woman would have no bearing on the fact that they were deeply insulting someone of my gender...

..."Every time the media, the DNC elite and the Obama thug squad keep moving the goal post and rearranging the rules to suit themselves and saying:

'It’s not enough. You’re not enough. You’ll never be enough. No matter how you do it, we will find something wrong with it. We will find something wrong with you. Your pantsuits. Your ass. Your face. Your cackle. Your statements. Your family. Your solid record, which we will pretend amounts to much less than the empty briefcase of the charlatan against whom you are running.'

Cold comfort to see this was not reserved for Hillary alone. How nice for her that she gets to sit in Washington, D.C. or in her New York office and witness this debacle leveled at Sarah Palin, so she can relive the lovely experience herself as well.

I was never so ashamed of having spent my life as a Democrat. What makes Democrats any better than the Republicans they have been forever characterizing as evil? I thought we were the party of tolerance, equal rights, equal opportunity and openness.

I was wrong.

We have been screaming at the Bush administration not to condone torture. Tell me, to whom do I apply for redress when I feel like I am being figuratively tortured having to listen to, and by extension, be slapped with these kinds of insults and demeaning behavior.

It is abuse. It is misogyny. It is vile no matter the source or object.

God forbid you find fault with someone on the issues. On something real...."