Monday, September 08, 2008


Whatever else it was, Governor Sarah Palin’s speech accepting the GOP nomination for Veep was impressive. Also impressive was the near total acclimation and support given her by her own Party.

Unlike Senator Hillary Clinton, Sarah is not forced to campaign with a pack of media mad dogs and her own Party officials snarling at her heels. We all remember how Hillary was savaged and slammed for making even the slightest criticism of her rival in the Dem Primaries.

Palin will, of course have to deal with the media mad dogs, the Dem women Senators and Governors that BO has put in front of him for protection, and sadly many other women who will savage her simply because the worst critics of women’s advancement are women.

The media and the DNC savaged Senator Clinton. Now, some of the women who claimed to be in support of Hillary support BO. They claimed to be against sexism, like Taylor Marsh, but now are hurling sexist epithets against Sarah. So much for the legendary “tolerance” of Liberals. That kool-aid sure is potent.

Some are afraid that women will lose what reproductive/workingplace rights they have left if they don’t kiss up to The Precious. They are forgetting that they had the chance to have a real tried and true presidential candidate; one whose life has been spent in support of women, children and their rights and welfare. Why does anyone trust that BO will suddenly eschew the sexism of his campaign?

”Obama stole a campaign and attacked with his rabid cyber-dogs and cultlike supporters in the media. What makes you think hes going to protect MY rights as a woman after he let misogyny be the main weapon to suppress dissent?” sm77 confluence

”There is an aspect to the misogyny that is mentioned here and there, but doesn't get the full attention it deserves, and that is the class bias thoroughly interwoven with the gender hatred The media message is coming through loud and clear - white trash women are sluts for us to f*** with as we please Women p[er]ceived to be of a lower socio-economic classes, regardless of their color, regardless of their actual status, are treated like trash - cheap, dirty, used, disposable objects undeserving of civil rights and privacy, let alone common decency.” - Taking Out the Trash (by Anglachel)

What it all sugars out to is that it is not the candidate, nor is it the Party – it is gender. It is gender that made the huge fuss about Hillary and it is gender that is making the huge fuss over Sarah but they’d better watch it – she’s not called Sarahcuda for nothing.

Chart comparing SP to BO:

If you make it about Democratic values and electability, strong, fearless Hillary would have won in a landslide. The hue and cry over Palin is not about Republican values; it’s about the possibility of a strong, fearless woman getting into the White House.

The Obama /Biden ticket is already running scared and demanding help from Senator Clinton and other women Democrats to undercut Governor Palin. Will this be their strategy if they get elected? When some world leader makes a face at them will they call out the women to protect them? Good grief! The misogyny! Can you see it now?

Report sexism in media incidents. The WMC is committed to exposing and ending sexism in the media, regardless of the target, but they need your help. If you see an example of media sexism, please use the form at THIS PAGE to let them know.

ERA, Finally (by Lynne in Lakeland at Liberal Rapture)

I like strong women. Maybe because I am one. I'm not threatened by other women's success. I applaud it because it raises the possibilities for all of us. We shouldn't be disqualified because we're menstruating, gestating or lactating. Judge us on our merits. John McCain has surrounded himself with strong women. He pays them the same as he pays his male staffers… Governor Palin is the point of equal rights. You can't say she got where she is because of her husband, father, brother, uncle, grandfather or any other man. She got where she is by herself. She doesn't want to pull the ladder up after her and she acknowledges the women who came before her. That is a great message for all women.

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