Friday, January 26, 2007


For some time now the brainless talking heads have filled the airways with useless speculation. Will she run or won’t she? If she does she has too much baggage to win. If she doesn’t she’s gutless and won’t face up to the rigors of reporter’s questions.

They just can’t wait to sink their teeth into the political substance of Senator Hillary Clinton, biting and snarling and tearing off great chucks of non relevance. They gleefully declare that the media’s function is to ask the hard questions so the voting public can make the best decision for ’08. Ah, yes, the media as watchdog of American politics, yeah, right!

It would be fracking funny if the media hadn’t been poodling up to Bush for the last 6 years ignoring his lies and never asking the tough questions to anyone in the administration. Even worse, this same media has not given access to the opposition Party and the people they represent.

Now they are lining up, panting with ill-concealed glee, in a frenzy of being the first to dish some dirt or ask the nastiest questions so that other s of their ilk can rephrase and twist her answers in the most diabolic ways. All the time claiming this total media Swift Boating of Senator Clinton is in the name of public service.

The basis of this non-heroic melee is men’s most basic fear of women in power. Ask any woman who has been beaten up and they will tell you they showed their attacker a bit of strength, a bit of intelligence, a smidgen of courage and WHAM! Instant, uncontrollable anger.

In the coming days and months and years you will hear how a woman cannot be Commander-In-Chief; just not emotionally stable enough to push the nuclear button or send troops into combat.

Already, Chris Matthews, who vowed at the beginning of his Hard Ball spiel that he was going to be fair-minded [HA!], decided that she had lied when she claimed that she had planned to announce just before the S of U speech.

Then he endeavored to get all of his guests to agree that she did it because Senator Obama was getting so much media time. Kudoes to Jon Alter who pointed out that by announcing when she did, just before the weekend, got her a political coup. She got all the media attention with her brilliant tactics. And also kudos to Keith Olbermann who every evening takes the measure of Matthews and exposes his deceitfulness.

Of course the old chestnut was brought out that Hillary might win the Dem nomination but she could never carry the country. Newspapers and commentators spoke of New Mexico’s Governor Richardson as “throwing his sombrero into the ring” and there were several references to both the new Speaker and Senator Clinton as chicks.

Betcha there won’t be any watermelon jokes.
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Friday, January 19, 2007


Wake up and smell the cordite, America! You are being blackmailed into supporting continuous wars for the Bush plan to dominate the world’s oil. First because Congress will not leave our troops without support and next because you think winning is all important.

That’s right; it seems to be all about winning and the Bush administration is counting on the sports ethic saturated populace to support them even as it claims to be reluctant to support continuous wars.

Yes, America. Bush and company have you by your short hairs and will send your children into battle and certain injuries or death to appease the oil cartel. Push has become surge has become augmentation has become… a word change but not a policy change.

And do you remember an incident called Katrina? Or that Senator Joe Lieberman promised that if he were reelected and became chair of the Homeland Security committee that he would investigate the actions of the administration?

Well now he is the chair but he has refused to investigate a situation that cries out in the name of humanity for investigation and solutions. He holds the Democratic majority in the Senate hostage as he toadies to Bush’s every wish. Blackmail by Lieberman.

If the Democrats kick him out of this chairmanship, doubtless he would change his allegiance and caucus with the Republicans further hamstringing the efforts to find solutions to the ignored devastations caused by Katrina and the ever accelerating wars.

And how do the media handle this? Typically, it fixates on making Bush look good and avoiding commenting on his lies and past escalations. Lots of comments on how bravely he stood alone, praising his “steadfastness” and his choice of necktie.

“The substance of the speech--its assumptions, claims and policy direction was not subjected to any scrutiny. There was no analysis of likely consequences especially the threats to attack Syria and Iran. In short, there was no reporting. How is this possible on an event that had been hyped for a week and whose key tenets were well known BEFORE it was delivered?...” [read rest of the article here]

“We live in a time when comedians outdo pundits. Here's Jay Leno: "President Bush is expected to announce that he is now sending more troops to Iraq, despite the fact that his generals, his military analysts, members of Congress, and most of the American people are against the idea. The reason he is doing it? To give Iraq a government that responds to the will of the people." [read rest of article here]

We will not get our country back until we collectively force the media to do its job instead of remaining the poodle of the corporate interests that now own it, lock, stock and bullshit.
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Friday, January 12, 2007


Last year produced a new word, well several in fact, but we refer to pluto. When the planetary peeps demoted Pluto and it became just another rock circling the sun, it produced an emotional reaction in the general public. We hope to tie into that.

Now the word pluto has come to mean “to demote or devalue someone or something”. Of course for many of us it will always be the name of that hunk of rock and also the name of a loveable pooch.

As this word finds its way into more and more speech patterns, it seems that at the top of the list must be, “America used to be a country admired for its values and its people but now it is plutoed.”

The questions that must be answered: are the oil fields of Iraq worth it and will newly elected Democrats go along with Bush to preserve them? Of course, Congress cannot pull out the troops even if they wanted to but they can cut the funds and face media, Republican and WH charges that they abandoned our service men and women.

In addition, it is a certainty that the Civil War in Iraq would continue and that mayhem would be laid at the feet of the newly elected Democratic majority.

Whatever then is to be done? The answer lies not in our congress, president or media, but in our selves – to paraphrase Shakespeare. If the American people want to withdraw our forces then they must speak up.

Sure, this will take time away from TV and all the sports, reality shows, soaps and other avoidance therapy but it would be well worth it. We must confront the media head on. Surely we all have seen how political talkers like Chris Matthews on Hard Ball are suddenly saying what we all have known for ages, but never admitting that he was kissing Bush’s patootie for the last six years.

Confront them – sending them more money won’t do it. These same people are also still chewing away at the Democrats even though they never used to criticize the bush boys when they were the majority. This must stop and it will stop if we the people harass their asses off.

Constant and never ending phone calls, letters, e-mails to their advertisers and boycott of those sponsor’s products will get their attention fast. Then the barrage should be directed at all the media, the president and the Congress.

It’s bloody well time they learned who is in charge here. We’ve let them pluto us long enough.
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Friday, January 05, 2007


What a surprise it was to see Cheney giving a eulogy at President Ford’s Lying-in-State. Gone was the menacing Darth Vader glare and tone. Instead, he sounded almost human. But the platitudes of praise bubbling from his lips were weirdly strange since he himself embodied none of them.

None of the genuineness of Ford had rubbed off on Cheney from the days when he worked so closely with that President; instead it seems he is only able to imitate them at times. The V. P. can recognize honesty, integrity, truth telling and love of country but he cannot emulate it.

Listening to Republicans on FOX News and other channels, one could hear the difficulty they had in lauding a man who was everything they were not. It must have hurt them to praise a fellow Republican who was even more of a Democrat/Liberal than those who call themselves that today.

Fortunately for the country, most of the news media were finally up to the challenge of reporting history instead of regurgitating the offal from the Oval Office. Especially appreciated was the insight of historians who placed the term of President Ford in historical prospective instead of just noting that he pardoned Nixon and stumbled sometimes.

However it was what we observed during the ceremonies involved in bringing the late president’s body to the Capital Rotunda that made us compare his values to those of Bush.

Bush was missing – not willing to leave his vacation in Crawford, perhaps? We think there was more to it. He should have been there to welcome the Ford family and tender his personal condolences on behalf of the nation, even if he didn’t attend the ceremony.

We think he just feared to be on the same stage with an honest man and may also have been miffed because it was publicly revealed that Ford strongly disapproved of the Iraq war.

A media that has only recently found its cajones would not fail to make odious comparisons to an attentive national audience, such as: Ford lived his values – he was dedicated to his family and the Constitution while Bush only gives his values lip service.

Bush opted instead for the limited exposure and comparison that a next day eulogy in the Washington Cathedral would afford, with his father and the other former presidents in the congregation.

Another strange absence was Rummy, who reportedly was very close friends with Ford. There were indications that this friendship had cooled since Ford quite obviously was highly critical of his war activities, including Abu Ghraib, resulting in so many loss of lives.

Prevented from coming by the weather? We think not. The former war chief would have no problem getting transportation laid on especially for him by the military units in the area.

And finally, despite the sweet words that slizzered out of Cheney’s mouth, their friendship had lessened for similar reasons. President Ford was never reticent in letting people know what was on his mind.

Then there was the reaction of the Ford children who coolly acknowledged Cheney but we saw no evidence that he was the long time family friend he pretended to be. They also snubbed Bush.

Actions and body language speak louder than words just as forgiveness trumps shock and awe.
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