Friday, March 31, 2006


Now there’s a big ruckus about illegal aliens crossing our Southern border. It is so silly because there is a completely logical thing to do. And it should be done before Congress, pretending it still has a function, confuses the situation even more.

It’s all so simple. Arrest all illegal aliens and put them into army units. After a brief training period, send them to Iraq. This will free all the real American boys and girls to come back to their country and apply for all the jobs formerly held by the illegals.

Of course this would mean American officers would have to lead these illegals. Simple answer to that too. Draft all those dead beats sucking on the Social Security teats, who are just taking up room and depleting our resources.

Since these elders wouldn’t move very fast it would mean an initial outlay for more body bags but this would be more than made up for by the money saved in Medicaid. With the baby boomer generation coming into the SS program there would be an ample supply of officer material.

If more aliens continue to cross into this country, form up another several units to go to Afghanistan and hunt for bin Laden in the tunnels. Everyone knows how much the aliens love tunnels so it would be a natural job for them and one they would enjoy doing.

There would be many casualties suffered among these people, of course. But if they choose to continue to cross the border then they are just asking for it. And as an added bonus, the casualties would cut down on recidivism.

In addition, we have to plan for the preemptive wars to come as a dictator is never satisfied unless he is making war on another country and stealing the assets of those people. There’s Iran and North Korea and Syria for starters, evil doers all.

Too harsh, you say? Not the American way, you protest? We beg to differ. It is truly in the spirit of this country to penalize the poor and disadvantaged, both at home and abroad. Just look at the shock and awe damaged done to Iraq. Quite a body count there even if you just count those who were not pulverized.

Despite the expressed horror over Abu Ghrieb and the photos of prisoner torture in US run penal camps, the torture is still going on with the blessings of the Attorney General. Hey, who cares, really? If protests get too loud we just send the bad guys to other countries that will do the torturing for us.

And talk about suffering! Children are dying in Iraq, which used to have one of the best health care systems in the region. Our preemptive invasion took care of that, damaging their health care system to such an extent that it cannot respond to Iraqi basic health needs.

One just has to note the way the Gulf Coast people flooded out by Katrina were left for days in such horrible conditions that many died to see how the dictatorship works at home too. Meanwhile more laws are made all the time to hurt the least advantaged and there is nothing left of the former Democracy to protect them.

Yes, we used to have values and we used to have concern for our disadvantaged, elders and children. Americans had this back when we were a Democracy. Now that we’ve become a Dictatorship, we have buried those values and opted for expediency.

So what if there are many hungry people in South America who come here for jobs so they can feed their families? To paraphrase Marie Antoinette, if the poor have no bread, let them eat bullets.
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Friday, March 24, 2006


If you have ever watched “The Running Man” movie you probably found the society that made up the cheering crowds ominously familiar. They are us. With few exceptions we people in the affluent Western Democracies have nearly everything including home and food and toys.

We have a land that still has much to give us even though we have continued to rape it throughout the many years we have lived upon it. True, there are those that work hard to replenish what we have stolen but most do not.

Nearly oblivious of the horrors that many other societies endure, we assuage our conscious concerning other by throwing money at them. We call upon our various
Religious organizations to fill in for us while we fight our bulging waistlines.

The mindless cheering crowds in the film remind us of the many Americans who could not bother to vote in the last election and those who voted for a person who has and is bringing never ending war to the world.

They are willing to sacrifice a child or two as long as they have someone in the White House that will appoint Supreme Court justices who will deny women the right of reproductive freedom and further marginalize gays to deprive them of equal rights.

They are conditioned to cheer the Bush administration and ignore his lies, his mismanagement and his desecration of the Constitution. There is just something about a macho state hero that really turns them on.

It’s a weakness really that so many Americans and others have such an all consuming desire to be seen as bettering/overcoming other nations. “We are the greatest, we are the winners, you are the shmooks. Ya-Hoo!”

If that sounds like a high school sports match, you got it. Maturation of brain cells and maturity of thought has not yet arrived for those who continue to support the worst of our country.

As long as macho is appealing, they will never open their minds to anything more. Virtue might have its own reward but feeling superior to others allows them to have their cake and gag on it too.

How carefully they balance their professed religiosity against allowing their government to torture other human beings under the guise that it is “best for the country” and “necessary to fight terrorists.”

It is no wonder that the TV show, “24”, is so popular. Torture there is always the right thing to do and it always saves the country from disaster. As long as the good guys win, God and religion are conveniently forgotten.

Commenting on "Manliness”, the title of a new book by Harvey C. Mansfield, a conservative professor of government at Harvard University, Ruth Marcus wrote in part:
I have a new theory about what's behind everything that's wrong with the Bush administration: manliness. …
…He, Mansfield writes that he wants to "convince skeptical readers -- above all, educated women" -- that "irrational manliness deserves to be endorsed by reason." Sorry, professor: You lose. What this country could use is a little less manliness -- and a little more of what you would describe as womanly qualities: restraint, introspection, a desire for consensus, maybe even a touch of self-doubt. -- Man Overboard by Ruth Marcus Tuesday, March 21, 2006; A17 Washington Post
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Friday, March 17, 2006


As far as women in high government positions are concerned, America is a 4th World country. While Chile inaugurated its first woman president, the Democrats meet to find some way to avoid nominating one.

Using the time tested gender demeaning language and flexing the muscles that determine power and courage as masculine prerogatives, the DNC vultures flock together with the woman haters in blogs and lists [under the direction of Karl Rove] to defeat Senator Clinton if she runs in 2008.

Our male dominated society has not changed its attitude toward women, albeit subtly masked in many respects, from what it was in Roman time.

"If we could survive without a wife, citizens of Rome, all of us would
do without that nuisance." So proclaimed the Roman general, statesman,
and censor Quintus Caecilius Metellus Macedonicus, in 131 B.C. Still,
he went on to plead, falling birthrates required that Roman men
fulfill their duty to reproduce, no matter how irritating Roman women
might have become. "Since nature has so decreed that we cannot manage
comfortably with them, nor live in any way without them, we must plan
for our lasting preservation rather than for our temporary pleasure."
-The Return of Patriarchy by Phillip Longman

But there is a bright spot in South America where recently elected President

Michalle Bacholet has formed a cabinet of 10 women and 10 men. Imagine that kind of gender parity in this country!?! Especially with the Dem jocks lining up with the Repub jocks to defeat Senator Clinton.

Difficult isn’t it when we read the lists and blogs, where determined grass roots denizens flit from one Dem possible candidate for president to another, depending on how much they agreed with them on any particular day or hour.

There one really sees the anti-woman candidate as comment after comment declares that they have nothing against a woman president, but… and then they proceed to proclaim that Senator Clinton cannot possibly win. AND THE REASONS THEY GIVE COME FROM THE FRANTIC PEN OF KARL ROVE.

No agenda, no plan, no candidate follows the Republican Party line better than those on various Dem- advocate lists unless it is the nameless DC politicos who meet secretly in groups and plot to run someone who can beat Hillary.

We find it deplorable that no one seems to note how well prepared for the job Senator Clinton is. They just see the absence of pelvic brains. If they could just lift their heads above the gender thing, they would see as we do that they have already a ticket that the Repugs cannot beat--

Presidential Candidate, Senator Clinton and VP Candidate, Senator Barack Obama. These two are a veritable brain trust, a treasure trove of experience and Liberalism and between them they represent the majority of Democratic base and a giant step out of the 17th Century.

It’s time America entered the 21st Century and utilized the vast abilities of women who can not only govern but can anticipate the consequences of their actions - Women who do not have to wage war to counteract their impotence.
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Friday, March 10, 2006

6 AND 16

Just suppose that you had caused an accident with your car. When the police came to investigate, you assured them that you would handle the investigation. You would appoint a panel to investigate and provide oversight.

Well sure, they might not take you directly to the booby hatch but they might suggest to the judge that you get counseling. Think the whole idea is silly? Well think again. We the people are the basis of our democracy. We count. We make the rules. No one, even the president is above the law. BALONY!!!

There were many that thought the revelations about the fiasco FEMA perpetrated on the hurricane victims of Katrina would lead the media to investigate how the Bush administration broke laws. And for a short while it did.

The disturbing news from Iraq and the lies and complicity of the Bush regime have been reported as well as the laws they broke and are still breaking. The secret deal to sell our ports to the UAE which broke our laws got media attention and exposure.

There were plenty of hours and articles on the illegal wire tapping of Americans with tons of evidence that Bush had ignored the Constitution and knowingly and arrogantly broken our laws.

The media laughed up a storm about the Vice P. Cheney’s shooting of a campaign contributor but had hardly a word to say about how the police and other authorities failed to conduct any kind of meaningful investigation.

There are so many examples where Bush has fractured the laws and especially the Constitution and the media reported but they cannot be contained in the space allowed here. The horror is, “What is next?”

In all cases, after telling the story and noting the illegalities, the media then proceeded to turn each story into the White House spin. This meant that we are supposed to think that everything is OK and we should have not a worry in the world.

For example, CNN sent Wolf to Dubai to interview the nice guys that now own our ports. Just like all the other cases of law breaking by Bush, the media keeps getting softer and softer until finally it parrots the Bush spin.

Now we hear that Dubai is pulling out of the “deal” and turn over the ports to an American “entity”. Even those who don’t wear tin foil hats wonder if this is a compromise or an end run.

In Katrina and the wiretapping, there are investigations going on but they are not bi-partisan, they are being done by the Bushies and the Republican majorities in Congress.

So you, the boss by virtue of being a US citizen, are the only entity that is not allowed to conduct investigations into your wrongdoing. Your government is doing just as it pleases and the media is either scared off or complicit.

Since the media is now wholly owned by corporate interests, it’s not hard to think that it is complicit. Government and media have usurped the Constitution and democracy while you and I are getting our collective asses kicked.

Yeah, we got blogs all over the place pouring forth the crimes of this administration and the media. We got foreign newspapers giving us evidence of Bush’s illegal acts. We got everything except equality under the law and a Congressional majority.

And we won’t ever have that until we get a Congress with oversight. With Republicans in the majority there is no check on Bush. They will not impeach him. The only recourse is 6 and 16. Only six Senate seats and 16 House seats would have to change hands to give Dems control of Congress in November.
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Friday, March 03, 2006


Well here we are back to ports and shipping with a country up in arms against the flaunting of power by King George IV. Only this time, the flaunter only THINKS he is king. The people are reminding him that he is NOT.

Back then it was tea that was thrown off ships. The colonists were pissed because King George III insisted on putting a whopping big tax on the stuff. Throwing the tea overboard was their way of saying, “Up yours, King G.”

Now the people in the country who think the government belongs to them and their elected representatives are very near the point of throwing the pretend king Bush overboard – just as he has done with our ports and with them our security.

However one thinks about it, selling off our vital ports to a foreign NATION, any foreign nation, is not cool. What makes it worse is that it was all done in secret and Bush is unapologetic. As he has done in many other instances, he claims that he has the power and damn the Constitution.

He claims that it is HIS government, not ours. He does not accept oversight by Congress even though it is part of our Constitution. Remember all the talk about wiretapping our citizens? Congress and the people object; Bush just ignores them.

The most frightening thing about all of this is that we have no idea what else he has sold off of our country; or what other deals he has made with foreign countries; or what he has done right here to deprive the rights of Americans.

There are those, especially James Zogby [Arab American Institute], who want to make this all a racist thing. He claims that Americans refute this deal because it is with Arabs, and that Americans are prejudiced and that Arabs are fair game while other nationalities are not.

Mr Zogby and the others of this bent have conveniently forgotten the continuous assaults on the French and France by Americans. Were the “freedom fries” and freedom toast” happenings so long ago that their memories fail?

Besides, if there is nothing wrong with this deal why was the whole country including its elected representatives kept in the dark about it?

If there is a strong feeling that an Arab nation should not have control of our ports, lay the blame on the man who thinks he is king. Bush has harangued the American public and the world about 9/11 and those who hi-jacked and crashed the planes. He has lost no opportunity to tell us that the terrorist threat is a serious one.

He strives constantly to raise the level of fear in this country and make everyone think they are about to be attacked by al Qaeda supporters. These are mainly Arab nations, right? And bin Laden, Bush’s own personal boogie-man, is Arabic.

Americans are finally awake and concerned about the safety of their ports and their nation; they are headed for the courts to stop this acquisition by the UAE. Can we hope this awakening is durable enough to say again “up yours, King G”?
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