Friday, November 25, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 048


It had to happen; it was only a matter of time. All the signs and portents pointed to it and now it’s here, it’s coming at us full blast. Bush has declared the United States of America and about 70% of its inmate’s EVIL.

Remember how he promised to wipe evil off the earth country by country? He pointed out axis of evil; he invaded an evil country, Iraq, and continued to threaten invasion of other evil countries such as Iran and North Korea.

While true that he claims God is directing him in his relentless pursuit of evil eradication, his zeal on this anti-evil quest has obviously gone beyond what was intended. Or perhaps the one giving him directions is really the Devil.

As Bush pushed ahead around the world, he happily depleted the resources of his own fiefdom: the military, which he needs to enforce his domination over the world; the resources, to support his wars, and the conscience of the people.

But there were signs around that a truer Force for Good was upset with George and what he was doing to the planet. Mother Nature was incensed that he had ignored her warnings and flaunted her power so she put on some hurricane, flood, tornado and snowstorm demonstrations to get his attention.

But George just sneered at her fury and continued his warlike ways. What, him bothered? No way. He was safe in the White House or at Camp David or in his own private haven-ranch replete with photo ops.

Because of his inattention to the previous warnings of Mother Nature many people in his nation were made homeless, lost their lives; suffered hardships and began to see Bush in his true colors.

So it came to pass that a murmur of hope passed over this favored land. Gone were the tendencies to follow George’s lead and blame everything on France or the Congressional Democrats or his favorite whipping boy, President Clinton.

The plaques of blinding-Bush-lies fell from their eyes and they saw what he was doing for the first time. A great volume of anger struck down the former polled evaluations of Bush as more Americans became aware of his perfidy.

In response to the dropping polls, Bush and cohorts responded in the only way they knew how – viciously! They attacked their own country’s leadership and heroes, calling them cowards and traitors. And his poll numbers continued to fall.

And as this great struggle against evil continued there were signs of republican-rats leaving the Bush-ship-of-fools. It may only be a matter of time before torture is instituted in the newly formed gulags of the Senate and House of Congress as the Emperor strikes back.
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Friday, November 18, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 047

GenderGappers 2005 – 047


Lift your head and smell the breeze – it contains hints of 2008 manifested by the emergence of prospective candidates who are already being interviewed by media political mavens.

The old guys that have already run round the track have not yet come forth to grace the green rooms of TV. But they are making frequent trips to New Hampshire and Ohio, proclaiming that they have reached no decision as yet; just testing the water by visiting old friends.

Among the new guys a trend is beginning as the pundits seek to sex-up the process that is still three years down the road. Here they take their cue from the success the Repugs have had in diminishing the influence and stature of the Democratic Party.

Surely you have seen it over the years and it happens on network and cable. The pundits and reporters ask questions of their guests about what the Repugs are doing and a serious discussing ensues. Then the Dems are referenced and everyone laughs and smiles. There are usually comments that question whether the Dems are still a Major National Party.

This came to an abrupt halt after Dirty Harry Reid took the Repugs to the woodshed and the media by surprised forcing the Senate and the media to note the massive dereliction of duty by the Senate Majority. It also exposed more lies by the Repugs and now the laughter has stopped.

Well, stopped in that situation but it has emerged in another; this time among the Dem newbies to the 2008 race. First the interviewer establishes that the newbie is “considering” a run for president and then asks serious questions.

Then invariably comes the need to spice up the interview. Note that they do not ask the maybe-candidate how he would feel about running against Kerry or Gore or Edwards. No indeed, mano-a-mano is old hat. Who really cares?

With a scarcely concealed grin and a twinkling in the eye, the interviewer asks, “How do you feel about possibly running against Hillary?” Both laugh and trade knowing body language most women can read and most men exhibit to show contempt.

Then they turn serious and the pre-candidate “damns her with faint praise”, spinning out words expressing what a great person Hillary is and what a formidable candidate she would make but he is obvious glossing over of true feelings. The derisive smile indicated true feelings, the message that he wants to pass on to voters.

Sadly, it matters little whether the interviewer is male or female. The women pundits and reporters are trained by men and have sublimated whatever intelligence they were born with to exhibit the discriminatory stones demanded of the job.

It’s not just the Republicans that are afraid of a Hillary candidacy; Democratic male candidates are sweating buckets at the thought of being on stage debating with anyone so intelligent and so experienced in both national and international affairs.

Shame, shame on them for using Repug dirty tricks to besmirch a talented woman from their own Party! Expect it to get worse with the gender card played over and over. Expect to hear how “polarizing” she is; “how unwomanly; must be a lesbo” as her own team, her own Party boys try to knock down her poll numbers before the Primary.

But they should tread lightly for “Hell hath nor fury like a woman scorned”, and Hillary’s brass balls have been tempered in the fierce storms encountered during 8 years in the White House.
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Saturday, November 12, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 046


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” President Franklin Roosevelt declared in a time of grave danger to the country. Years later an unelected president made fear the linchpin of his agenda.

This person, selected by the Supreme Court, began by systematically trying to overturn everything President Clinton had done: he ignored the warnings of Clinton commissions that delineated the terrorism threat to the U.S., laying the country wide open to the 9/11 attack.

He emptied the treasury of the surplus Clinton had build up; he reversed strong environmental laws; he attacked Social Security and the public school system’s programs and Head Start.

America was mostly liked and appreciated by the rest of the world under Clinton but it soon became hated and an object of derision as treaty after treaty was abrogated by the Supreme’s choice that brought secrecy, lies and deceit to the People’s House.

Throughout all this he kept the majority in line by constantly raising the fear level and insisting that the country was about to be devastated by nuclear attacks by the evil ones of several nations.

Now that his chicanery relating to Iraq has been exposed, he is once again resorting to attempts to scare the public into acquiescence. This time it is the threat of an avian [bird] flu epidemic.

Certainly we must take the incidence of this flu seriously but who can possibly trust an individual who has fouled up everything he has attempted so badly; an individual who put our lives in the hands of a “Brownie”, the FEMA director from Hell?

Facts tell us that we can prepare for this possible flue epidemic and we must prepare, but we need not be frightened by his rhetoric. There is time to mobilize the world to create defenses, but it must be done right and it must be open at all times to public inspection and scientific input, not left to the devices of cronies and creationists.

The frightening thing, and we must fear the consequences, is that he has three more years in the Coo Coo’s Nest, our White House, to cause even more damage by appointing his cronies to vital positions then rewarding their failures instead of firing them.

So far only one of the inmates has been caught in lies, removed from his opportunities to do further harm and will soon be put on trial. All the rest are still in there and dangerous.

“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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Friday, November 04, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 046


Now that Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald has slightly lifted the scab from the suppurating boil of lies and crimes that is the Bush administration, can we hope that the so called investigating reporters will stick a fingernail in the opening Fitz made and pry it wide open?

There’s plenty more to investigate and it won’t get done by a press corps sitting around in the “Gaggle” asking questions which are not answered. One would think these reporters would be sick of being constantly shown up by bloggers.

Astounding that following the indictment of Scooter, the Sunday talking heads were genially talking about what Bush could do to “come back”. Tim Russert even suggested that the Democrats should cooperate, and not resist him in his “recovery” if he reaches out to them.

Bush come back?! What are they thinking! Is nothing going to be held against this man who is responsible for lying us into a preemptive war and the murder of thousands? Why on earth should Democrats cooperate with this man?

For some time we thought most of the Congressional Dems were too milquetoast and subservient, as portrayed in a recent Joe Heller cartoon. It showed an elephant in a GOP car with all the wheels falling off [Katrina, Iraq, Delay, Frist] at the starting gate of a race. The elephant is about to race a donkey in another car. The elephant says, “I suppose you’ll take advantage of the situation and take the lead.” The donkey responds, “Are you kidding?!! The president said we’re not to make any unnecessary trips!”

Not true any longer. Minority Leader of the Senate, “Dirty Harry” Reid took the Repugs by surprised and called an audible: Rule 21. This closed the Senate so secrete material might be discussed. A bold move and it could not be stopped by the bully-boys of the majority.

Majority leader, Frist and other Repugs went outside howling and whining to the press, calling Reid’s legitimate motion, a hijack of the Senate. Media mavens were taken off guard and stuttered on about Reid “shutting down the Senate”, parroting Frist’s apoplexic rant until someone found out about Rule 21. Then the media moved in as if they had invented the rule themselves, but the truth is that they were caught as flat footed as the Repugs.

By their bold move, the Democrats forced a public unmasking of how the majority had failed to investigate the fabricated intelligence used by Bush to bring us into war in Iraq. It also appeared to wake up a slumbering media that needs to investigate and put the FREE back into Free Press.

There are still liars in the White House staff that are not yet indicted. One, referred to as “A” is Karl Rove. Is the letter A short for A-hole? Bush and company appear
to be ignoring whole mess, emulating Alfred K. Newman, “What, me worry?”

Others in the VP’s staff, obviously connected to the outing of Valerie Wilson, have been promoted to fill Scooter Libby’s positions. This is not surprising as it is the modus operendi of this administration. Chutzpah on crack!

The Bushies just lie, deny, ignore and blame the Democrats and terrorists as it continues to polish its halo that apparently is a beacon of great attraction for much of the media. Despite the implications of the Libby indictment, both Tim Russert and Chris Matthews are still acting positively ga-ga and kissy face over Bush.

A strange ménage-a-trois even for Republicans.
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