Monday, September 15, 2008


What a strange election year this is and two of the candidates are even stranger. One is a girl and the other is a boy.

Both spent their formative years in a state outside of the contiguous 48, one from Alaska and one from Hawaii. One moved to the mainland.

Both are attractive and are married to attractive spouses. One has two daughters the other has three daughters and two sons.

One is a Reagan Republican and one is a Reagan Democrat. Both obtained their political training in the state they live in.

One praised Senator Hillary Clinton for her determination, grit and grace; the other ridiculed all older and disabled people by mocking Senator John McCain in an ugly campaign ad for not being able to use a computer. [Because of disabilities incurred as a POW, he cannot type or even comb his own hair].

Both have their backgrounds vetted. One’s background was glossed over by a loving, embedded media; the other is still undergoing searches to find sexual deviations or other deal-breakers.

Any criticism of one is forbidden and those who criticize are called racist. Any criticism of the other is allowed and promulgated by the media, especially if it contains sexist innuendos or sexism.

One speaks of lipstick as an indicator of the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull. The other speaks of lipstick on a pig to derogate the other’s gender and issues.

One’s spouse is called a dominatrix; the other’s spouse is called pussy-whipped.

One is idolized as the 2nd Coming by the media; the other demonized and slimed.

Both have church and minister issues in their recent past.

Both supported “The Bridge to Nowhere” before each opposed it.

One had months of campaigning and many debates to learn and sharpen understanding of issues; the other has had only weeks.

Both play hoops and enjoy the sport.

Neither has served in the armed forces but one is Commander in Chief of a State’s National Guard.

The results of the November general election will give us either a Nubie, hard-nosed veep with administrative experience, plenty of faults and hubris; chosen by political acumen…

… or a Nubie president who is strong on misogyny with little administrative experience and a pretense of godlike entitlement; appointed by a Political Party using falsified Primary election results.

The Democrats have long been the party promising women that their concerns were the party’s concerns. The party also, by saying it supported women more than the Republicans, held out the carrot that women would rise within the party to a national ticket when one was sufficiently experienced and electable.
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