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Obama's speechwriters groping model of Senator Clinton

Sure, things are moving at a terrific pace but sometimes it's wise to slow down a little and consider the past and how it relates to the present. There are lessons there we can all learn from; there is information to help us avoid mistakes and waste time.

Know your history. Bookmark this LIBRARY for information and research so you can read about and understand the woman's movement for equality was never just a collection of words.

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The recent yearlong battle with misogyny of 2008 was lost, as women took hit after hit. Every effort to resist or defend oneself was met with derision and more misogyny.

What did become apparent to everyone was that our society of so-called human beings condoned it and more than that, it has put it right alongside genetic male characteristics as pardonable. "They just can't help it - it's hardwired in their brain", they tell us.

Oh yes, the male is programmed to hunt and women are his prey. The whole idea of respect for, or equality with the other is a myth. Even all the world's great religions give credence to man's vilest and thoughtless actions.

Many women over the years have been swamped or drowned in the tidal wave of sexual discrimination that goes along with the male privilege and genetic pardon. They may have been bloodied but they are not only holding up their heads, they are proceeding to continue the fight.

There are now many blogs and movements where women and supportive men are fired up to fight against misogyny.

Heidi Li tells us that

"we each, as individuals, must object every time and every place we hear or read sexist or misogynistic language". She advises us to say, "Please stop braying at me!"

Here are just a few of the other blogs in the fight; you'll find links here to blogs they recommend:

The common message is that we should put our collective foot down and stamp sexism and misogyny out. Just as racist speech and writing has been made socially unacceptable we should demand the same of sexist speech and writing.

Will we be hearing soon that the ethics of young males is hardwired also? Check out these alarming statistics:

Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth
Copyright 2008 Josephson Institute

It should certainly be looked into to find out why both men and women teach their sons and daughters different values; Values that have caused such massive putrefaction of the Blogisphere.

The fight we are in started centuries ago; it continued in the last century with your mother's and grandmothers fighting for your right to vote, for equal pay and opportunity, equal education and reproductive rights.

The past year will live in infamy in the annuals of women's history as a time a society that considered itself progressive, regressed to Stone Age values and actions.

"If women want any rights more than they's got, why don't they just take them, and not just be talking about it." - Sojourner Truth

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