Monday, January 28, 2008


GenderGappers 2008 – 006


Your meanstream media is telling you loudly that when white people vote for white candidates it is racist but when black people vote for black candidates it is not racist. Go figure! Happily for the truth, there are a few sane voices in the media and we salute them.

Congressional Quarterly columnist, Craig Crawford is a sane voice amid the cacophony of the orgasmic misogynists who represent themselves as pundits.

CRAWFORD: You know, I have sat down here in Florida for the last month. And I have watched the coverage, and I really think the evidence-free bias against the Clintons in the media borders on mental illness. I mean, I think when Dr. Phil gets done with Britney, he ought to go to Washington and stage an intervention at the National Press Club. I mean, we've gotten into a situation where if you try to be fair to the Clintons, if you try to be objective, if you try to say, "Well, where's the evidence of racism in the Clinton campaign?" you're accused of being a naïve shill for the Clintons. I mean, I think if somebody came out today and said that Bill Clinton -- if the town drunk in Columbia came out and said, "Bill Clinton last night was poisoning the drinking water in Obama precincts," the media would say, "Ah, there goes Clinton again. You can't trust him." I really think it's a problem. You know what? You guys make him stronger with this bashing. This actually is what makes the Clintons stronger.

Joan Walsh of “The Clintons are unfairly charged with bringing up the race card.” However, representing the majority of pundits, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said of Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign:
"They are at war against African-Americans and now they are at war against the Democratic Party." As evidence, Scarborough and Bloomberg News columnist Margaret Carlson falsely claimed that the Clinton campaign "sued the Democratic Party" about caucus sites in Nevada. In fact, the Clinton campaign was not a party to the lawsuit. –

Misogyny was the true winner in South Carolina last Saturday evening. The pundits of the mean-stream media did not report or comment; they jumped up and down on an uppity female on every cable outlet except C-Span, deifying their chosen one; misrepresenting and lying about Senator Clinton.

All this delights the Republicans who know they can beat Obama and fear facing Hillary in the general election.

Craig Crawford’s description about how free speech is in peril because of the media also applies to people who support Clinton. The media may characterize Obama’s supporters as energized, but for the elderly, women and anyone who posts pro-Clinton comments on blogs, they are threatening.

Clinton supporters must be careful. Lawn signs are trashed or disappear; threats both overt and covert are delivered. This has silenced some of Hillary’s supporters but hopefully it won’t keep them from voting. If anyone is afraid of being harassed on the way to the polls, they should apply for an absentee ballot.

The audience chanted, "Race doesn't matter" as it awaited Obama to make his appearance. But race did matter. Over 50% of SC voters are Black and more than 80% of their vote went to the media candidate, Obama, while 75% of white voters went for Hillary and Edwards.

Who made race the issue? Oprah and Obama did. Obama opened the door by bringing her to South Carolina to invoke MLK and Black pride. Then later it was reinforced when he jokingly announced that Oprah would be his VP. The daily tracking polls show that Obama’s Black support in South Carolina started to increase right after her campaign appearances there.

Here’s the thing, people. The media has made Barack into a candidate that cannot be criticized by the Clintons; and his supporters make it difficult or scary to point out his faults too. If you need proof as to how the media is selectively trying to crush Clinton, just note how Edwards has attacked Obama on his Chicago senate record among other things and escaped the media wrath.

Once again the media is pimping their choice just as it did when George Bush was elected. The same media that sat by and let him invade Iraq, destroy the Constitution, break our laws right and left and allow torture is picking the Democratic candidate for all of us who will let it shut off our brains.
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