Friday, January 11, 2008


GenderGappers 2008 – 003


The literal translation from the French is "look for the woman". It is used when a man behaves unusually or gets into a quarrel or other difficulty and the reason for it is sought. 'Look for the woman' express the idea that behind a problem in question there is a woman.

So naturally, the pundits and pollsters, who got New Hampshire wrong, blamed women. First they claimed that women had lied to the pollsters. Then it was because Hillary was misty eyed during a questioning period with voters. Sequentially, they built this incident up out of all proportion and presented it to their audiences as sobbing or collapsing in tears or having a breakdown.

We’ve heard this so often before. “It wasn’t our fault. Women are to blame.” Well, women and men in NH did vote for Hillary after seeing the whole incident, both question and Hillary’s answer, on their local TV. They saw Hillary and contrasted what they saw with what the mean-stream media has been misrepresenting for months. They voted for a leader not an orator.

Women of NH like all the rest of us know how terribly women are treated. There are no forbidden words to use about women. We have seen how this Primary campaign is just not fair when the woman is beaten up and “it’s just politics”, and the men skate with little or no deep, thorough vetting.

Responding to an online commenter who said that a lot of women are "getting incredibly angry about the progressively dismissive way" Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton "gets treated by the [New York Times columnist Maureen] Dowds and [MSNBC host Chris] Matthews of the world," The Washington Post's Anne E. Kornblut asserted, "I think there is something to that" and "certainly Chris Matthews has taken her on quite aggressively over the last few weeks."

Now the Obama campaign has begun to intensify a method to keep him immunized from any criticism at all by putting forth the race card. It is striking back when there is nothing there to strike at. They are falsely creating an illusion of racism because there are so many words that are forbidden to whites when speaking of a black person that most of us do not know them.

This has been true in the blogs for some time. Nearly any criticism of Barack is met with a flurry of angry posts calling the writer a racist because of a word or a phrase.

Just recently a woman golf announcer, a friend of Tiger Woods, commented in a conversation concerning how Tiger could be stopped in his winning ways by his opponents lynching him. Tiger had no problem with the comment but the woman was suspended for using ONE forbidden word - not racially but carelessly.

Where anything concerning African Americans is mentioned, apparently there are words that we non-Black America are not allowed to use. Do you know them all? Barack campaigner, Jesse Jackson, Jr. is angrily insisting that Hillary did not cry for Katria, therefore her tears were a sign of racism.

Candidate Mitt Romney has already publicly had at least three tearful moments, yet little or nothing has been made of them. But watch out now if you are a woman and you have NOT previously cried for Katrina. You are branded as a racist because despite your fatigue or an emotional situation, you will be called to account for not controlling you tear-glands.
AG Andrew Cuomo on Talk 1300, minutes after the governor came on. Cuomo, to be fair, has been on the radio show a few times, if memory serves me, but his take on Hillary’s win in NH is that that small-state primary with its retail politics is a good thing. ”It’s not a TV crazed race. Frankly you can’t buy your way into it,” Cuomo said. “You can’t shuck and jive at a press conference,” he added. “All those moves you can make with the press don’t work when you’re in someone’s living room.” blog
Cuomo was not talking about Barack or any specific candidate. But he was shelled. Those are not words white people can use. Only Blacks are allowed to say certain words, especially the N-word. When whites use them they are racists.

For all his speeches, Barack uses a telepromter; Hillary does not. You have seen how hesitant and different he is in debates where he does not have everything written out. So the cry-wolf [racist] ploy that his campaign has set up will restrict free, spontaneous speech and cause people to hesitate in choosing words. That will affect their delivery and they will sound uncertain; and won’t that just mean they will come off badly?

Or is the Barack campaign just trying to lay off any of its defeats or gaffs onto their chief rival – a woman. Cherchez la femme!
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