Friday, January 25, 2008


GenderGappers 2008 – 005


There have been many “MOVEMENTS” that have changed history and people’s minds. They are characterized usually as being led by a charismatic person with the ability to convince and energize.

But the prime requirement is that, for the leader, the cause is the reason for his dedication and purpose. In other words, he does not seek to elevate himself through convincing others to support his cause. He seeks to elevate the cause.

This is why the mean-stream media is wrong in lionizing Barack, calling his campaign a movement and putting him forth as the next messiah. Barack Obama’s cause is Barack Obama. He seeks to elevate himself, he is campaigning to become president.

For clarity, consider the Movement of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. whose birthday we celebrated a few days ago. In this short space we cannot even begin to tell of all he did for his race and for this country. He was not looking for any rewards for himself. He sacrificed his time, and finally his life to serve the people he led. His efforts made this country and its people better.

He wrote many books and delivered passionate speeches that electrified and incited us to join him in this struggle. He was not a divisive leader and cautioned his followers against violence; he revered Gandhi.

Another example of a movement leader that draws the comparison between movement and campaign even finer was activist, Ralph Nader, in the early 70’s when he powerfully incited the enthusiasm of young people, to go after corporations that could and did kill and maim for profit. ["Nader's Raiders" under Nader, investigated government corruption, publishing dozens of books with their results.]

He worked tirelessly to fight the corporations and put programs, called PIRGS [Public Interest Research Groups] into colleges and universities. He lived frugally and never married. He dedicated his entire being to this cause until the 90’s when he began to seek political office. At that point he ceased being an activist, leading a Movement, and became a politician seeking public office for himself.

These two activist leaders united and encouraged their followers to actively and peacefully work for a cause that affected everyone. They were both superb speakers who could sway and influence crowds of people into the movement.

In stark contrast, the Obama campaign divides and sets age groups against each other by denigrating age and wisdom in his stump speeches. He encourages youth to laugh at seniors by making thinly veiled Viagra jokes aimed at his opponents.
[Lynn Sweet is Long-time Chicago columnist and Washington Bureau Chief]

It is a pattern for him as he was doing this in the Illinois senate when he called Senator Kennedy old, tired and spineless in 2003.

Many of the followers of Obama are threatening, overly vocal and prone to violence. They feel he has given them the right to force their beliefs on others. He encourages his mostly youthful followers to throw off parental constraints and does not demand anything of them in the way of helping themselves and others. Rather, all he asks is that they vote for him and he will do everything himself, but he is not specific as to how or exactly what.

He speaks to the baser child-self in all of us that wants our controlling, old parents out of the way. This frees us to play at a campaign that excuses us from any real effort since a new young parent [Barack] will do all the work for us while we bask in the light that he shines on himself.
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