Friday, January 18, 2008


GenderGappers 2008 - 004


Hillary’s standing ovation-inducing retort to the “iron my shirt” hecklers: “Oh, the remnants of sexism are alive and well.” [“Take that, chauvinist shock jock pigs!” -Huffpost]

When Obama condescendingly said this in the NH debate, the audience groaned in displeasure.

The comments above are only two of many that have come out of the Obama campaign and were seen and heard on live TV. There are others like them all over the blogs and talk shows that have not been refuted by his campaign.

Stack them up against those comments by the Clinton campaign that Blacks are calling racist. Most of the media won't because it is promoting Obama. It won't even put Bill or Hillary’s whole quotation they complain about in the article because that would negate their charges of racism. The media is fomenting racism to turn Blacks against Hillary.

Why aren't women raging about the direct sexism demonstrated by the candidate himself and those who speak on his behalf? This country allowed Black MEN to vote 50 YEARS BEFORE IT ALLOWED WOMEN, BLACK OR WHITE, TO VOTE.

Women gained the vote in 1920, after 72 years of the largest civil rights movement in the world. Now is the time to do something with it by supporting and voting for a highly qualified person of our own gender.

They say the country is looking for change. The only presidents we have ever had in this country have been men; there is no change in electing another one. The real change is a woman as president for the first time ever. While we can sympathize and understand the feelings a word such as ‘lynching’ induces in Blacks, rape and battering are no walk in the park either. And rape and battering are still a constant horror for both black and white women as they have been throughout history.

Let’s hear a little angst about those crimes. Now is our time to rage; rage against the total unfairness of a propaganda mill that churns out so much sexism and hatred for a woman who dares to be confident and courageous! Women must stand up for Hillary or else shut up and continue to be devalued, underpaid and scorned with words like bitch, whore and worse.

Exceedingly brave women won for us the right to vote only 78 years ago. They lit a candle of freedom that has warmed and lighted us all toward equality. It was not just white women – it was all women of all races that got to vote. “Don’t let the light go out. Let it shine through our love and our tears.”

Light One Candle by Peter Yarrow

Light one candle for the strength that we need
To never became our own foe.
And light one candle for those who are suffering
Pain we learned so long ago.Light one candle
for all we believe in.Let anger not tear us a-part.
And light one candle to bind us to-gether
With peace as the song in our hearts.
“Don’t let the light go out. Let it shine through our love and our tears.”

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