Friday, January 04, 2008


One down, 49 to go. The winners were the media and invasive chauvinism that joined forces to anoint and parade their candidate through many hours of uncritical publicity.

The losers were women, especially the women in Iowa who chose to be swayed by the rhetoric and excitement of a daddy prince charming rather than validate the great abilities of their own gender. It was mainly the older women who remembered the past horrors of sexism and discrimination who voted their heads.

Both Parties gave the majority of votes to the two candidates who would continue, in the tradition of George Bush, to bring politics under the rule of religion. "We must believe in ourselves or leave our dreams behind." Hopefully women in the rest of the electorate will be adult enough to resist the call of the Pied Piper, backed by the media and vote with a clear vision of who is the best person to be president. Women who shudder at the thought that the presidential bully pulpit will continue to blather religious invective must get active to prevent this.

The reporters and pundits of cable were in heaven as they continued their deification of their chosen male while mostly ignoring the other male and excoriating the female. Even when their stories were proven to be false, they kept repeating the most mundane of charges.

Dodd and Richardson never asked their supporters to make someone else their second choice and came on TV over and over again to say this but still the lie was repeated.

Chelsea Clinton was accused of stiffing the ambitions of a young girl who wanted an interview, portraying the "rejected" child as heartbroken. This despite the fact that the girl was interviewed and said Chelsea was very nice to her, she was thrilled to meet her and that she was not at all upset by anything she did.

Remember watching a woman taking down the Clinton sign in her yard and putting up the Obama sign over and over the past weeks along with her reasons for changing? When that same woman later on took down the Obama sign and put up an Edwards sign, most media ignored it and all neglected to include her comments as to her change of heart.

And of course as many have noticed, the media's male choice was shown most often and in the best light while his opponents were often pictured as harried or angry or tired.With the exception of Brit Hume and his panel's contribution, FOX News unexpectedly was the best channel to watch during the coverage of the Iowa caucus. Amazingly true to its slogan of being fair and balanced, it was fair and balanced. The reporters took no shots at Clinton or Edwards and did not continually feature Obama. Refreshing!

When the caucus began, FOX kept a running tab at the bottom of the screen showing the percent of votes cast for each candidate of both Parties as well as their score. One thing was especially unique and interesting. In the hours before the caucus started, thumbnail sketches of each candidate's life was shown.

Now it's off to NH as a smirking media already is projecting that Clinton will fight dirty and already it has coronated Obama, wrapping him lovingly in the purple robes of royalty.

Whatever happened to all that crap they fed us about going after the leader as the reason they went after Clinton so fiercely? We wonder if Obama will still continue to get a free ride and voters continue to be given a pig in a poke instead of knowing more about him than he has written himself.

Will the media finally dig in and repeat the derogatory facts over and over concerning his record? For example, why he is called Noshobama for the time he spent in his state's senate? For the fact that he has continued the same irresponsible habits in DC?

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