Wednesday, January 09, 2008


GenderGappers 2008 - 003

O JOY! O RAPTURE!HILLARY CLINTON brought shock and awe to the mean-stream media with her great victory in NH.

Yes, we are pumped. It was great to see the voters in NH ignore what they had been ordered to do by the mean-stream media and their polls. And the thrill was intensified by seeing all the egg on the faces of the many male and female pundits and their polls.Oh yes, they are spinning away now. Giving all sorts of reasons for their gross mistakes by doing just what they have been doing, denigrating every word, every act of Hillary Clinton.

Like, she couldn't have won because of her character, her experience or her ability to bring needed changes - oh no. It had to be because she "teared up", or any number of other things that a male would never be lumbered with.

But few or none will even consider that it was their negative reporting, their sexist nitpicking and their smug chauvinism. Few will admit that they never vetted their chosen male candidate to the point of it being criminal.

They cannot admit that it was the blogs that investigated and brought the many glaring faults of Barack to the attention of the electorate; or that Oprah does not rule the world or the heads of women.

Yes, the look on Matthews' face and his sudden inability to put words together was delightful to watch. The times when he slipped into his usual derogatory words such as saying Hillary had a breakdown, he was corrected by his fellow panelist, Keith Olbermann.

Kudos to the many men who stood by and supported Hillary. The real winners in this election were the women who reconfirmed their faith in themselves; who listened to their heads despite being seduced by emotions raised by the media. Women don't stop at just voicing we can, they affirm that "we shall do".

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