Friday, August 03, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 032


The Repugs are all Jonny-one-noteing their propaganda talking points and the dumbass Dems among us are parroting their spin: “Yassar! Whatever you say, sar!” They have been so conditioned to believe whatever Repugs say that they do it despite the harm it does to them.

They are among the first to criticize the Dem Majority in Congress for running scared yet they do the same thing when confronted with the need for independent thought.

Currently, the one note Repugs sing is that they can win in ’08 because the Dems will nominate Senator Clinton. Hillary, they say, will bring out their base while the Dem base will wring its collective hands, blubbering like a two-year-old.

We heard several different Repug spokes-people, obviously reading from the same scrip, declare that the Repugs could keep the White House in the up coming election. They all made the same three points in the same order:
· By election time, drawdown of the troops in Iraq would be a reality so the Dems would lose their main issue.
· Also, Repugs would have solidified support around one candidate and WE all speak with one voice.
· The Dems would nominate Hillary who is unelectable and we could always count on disgruntled Dems to weep and wail and vote for a third party instead of their Party’s nominee.

Then they would follow up with their usual Hillary critique ranging from her choice of clothing to her “baggage” from the Clinton administration. They would claim that she is so hated that voters would be polarized and Repugs would win over the country.

The mere fact that they are allowed, by the various media talk shows, to continually repeat the false charges of the Whitewater era shows how desperately they fear and need to defeat Hillary, and no wonder:
· Hillary has won over many Independent voters who are seeing her for the first time as she is, not as the Bush media has painted her and they are impressed with her knowledge, her level headed good sense and her ability to communicate.
· They fear that minorities will see how greatly her experience dwarfs that of any of the other leading candidates.
· Their own internal polling has shown that many Repug women support her, and intend to vote for her in the secrecy of the polling booth. It seems these women are eager to give the middle finger salute to the males who have denigrated and devaluated them over the years.

Even so, the Repugs and the media are conflicted. They very much do not want Richardson or Obama to win the primary because just about anything they use against them could be and would be construed as racist. So they are hoping that Edwards or another white guy will win – they’ve had experience with mud slinging them.
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