Friday, August 10, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 033


Time was that the primo bloggers were knights in shinning armor, blogging tirelessly in their bathrobes. They fearlessly exposed the crimes of the Bush administration that the main stream media ignored.

Their efforts made it possible for anyone with a computer to access just what was going on in the world. The day of the White House gaggle as the source of all that was truth and light had passed. The American electorate could be hoodwinked no longer.

After things got so bad in Iraq that people vociferously complained to Bush, the traditional media could ignore it no longer. They were severely upstaged and shown up. To get back into the game they actually started quoting these outlaw bloggers in their articles.

Mostly because since the hush hush war stuff was out, they were off the hook with the people who paid their salary – the huge corporations that had formerly controlled all the news that “was fit for us peons to know”.

Now the Blogs have attained notoriety and along with it POWER and many of them are relishing it like pigs in slop. This was demonstrated recently at the Yearly Kos Convention.

Some seem they find the misuse of power is evil and are against it when others have it but when they have it then it is democracy. All their preaching and vilifying went the way of the dodo bird as they imitated the very main stream media they formerly castigated. They chose sides rather than remaining neutral and presenting all points of view evenly.

Just like the street gangs, they initiated a show of colors by the use of wrist bands. Visitors were told to choose “the candidate’s forum they wanted to attend. “ Then later it was reported that one candidate’s colors were taken at a higher rate than the others and the results were reported as a poll.

This was highly disturbing to those who were just curious about a candidate but were not indicating their voting preference.

Overall there were many there who gave silent and respectful attention to all of the candidates regardless of their personal preference and this was a source of pride and hope in this newest generation of political comentators.

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