Friday, August 24, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 035


In political debates there are always attacks by the other candidates on the leader of the pack, trying to bring themselves up and/or knock the leader down. But the ABC debate was unique since the attack was enjoined not only by the other seven candidates but also by the moderator.

Any of us who remember Georgie Stephonopoulis’ perfidy when he left a trusted position with President Bill Clinton’s administration knew Senator Clinton was in for some nastiness during the recent ABC debate.

For those who do not remember, Georgie left the W.H. near the end of Bill’s term, and went heart and soul into the Conservative media. He damned the Clintons and everyone else at the White House, spilling secretes and telling lies that even Georgie Bush would envy.

Geogie had parlayed his vile gossip into spots on news panels and then as anchor on ABC, but he had taken a lot of heat for his dishonesty over the years and was poised ready to get the panel to slap down Hillary for his enjoyment and to help his candidate, Barack.

So he set up multifaceted accusatory questions to Senator Clinton in a manner that he was sure would result in a gang bang hoping that one after another of the other candidates would pile on.

Barack had his usual Johnny-one-note answer to his lack of experience by claiming he had demonstrated judgment where the other Senators had not. But what he, and his polite opponents never say is that Barack was never forced to make his decision with the additional information given to the others in the crucible of the Republican controlled Senate.

We did not want Bush to go into Iraq either but do not think that demonstration of our judgment makes us competent to be president.

It would be more impressive if he could or would recount any other instance of good judgment. “Over the two years Obama has been in the Senate, the only Iraq-related vote on which they differed was the confirmation earlier this year of General George Casey to be Chief of Staff of the Army, which Obama voted for and Clinton voted against.”

Barack recounted Rove’s litany of Clinton negatives, but he labored alone on this track. Too bad for Georgie – the grownups on the panel wouldn’t play his game. Their responses were moderate and thoughtful. A couple even admitted they had made similar mistakes.

At one point, following repeated goading by Georgie, Biden retorted, “I know what you’re doing, you are trying to start a fight.” Please moderators take note. Moderate fairly and leave your prejudices and disapprovals at the door.
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