Friday, July 27, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 031


There are many who feel that we are approaching a Constitutional crisis. Interestingly enough, the expert Constitutional legal minds of both political Parties agree that Bush has gone beyond his office and that he should be impeached.

Right now it is a murmur but it may soon become too loud to ignore. Also, there are still many positive Repug voices clamoring that Bush has only done what is necessary to protect the country. That fear-spin is still in high gear.

But the Dem natives are getting very restless. Many have become increasingly unhappy with the inability of the newly elected Dem majority to bring the troops back from Iraq. They fear that Bush will invade/attack Iran before he leaves office.

But stop and think, please. What if the Dems did stand up to Bush as you want them to? What if they refused to fund the war and demanded that the troops leave Iraq knowing that there is sufficient time for orderly withdrawal as there are plenty of funds in the pipeline?

We think, with his usual disregard for troop safety, Bush would just stop supplying them, claiming that Congress had cut off funds for the troops. There would be many dead and injured and the Dems would be blamed for it. Realize this – Bush will sell out the lives of the troops, our economy and every one of us before he backs down or listens to reason or the electorate.

Recently the Dems have become disturbingly adamant that Congress do something or else. There are those who declare that the crimes of the Bush administration are so obvious that when the Dem majority does not act it means it is in collusion with the Repugs to keep the extended, dictatorial powers of the presidency Bush has instigated.

There is little disagreement that Iraq is a quagmire now as the proof comes daily in the form of bombs and flag draped coffins. It is also becoming apparent that we just cannot pull our troops out at once without instigating a blood bath.

Who can forget the spectacle of our Viet Nam retreat as our people were hurriedly evacuated under the guns of the VC? Despite this there are those who think all we have to do is leave and the Iraqi populace will bring the departing troops candy and bon voyage flowers. Does that remind anyone of what was promised when Bush invaded Iraq?

There is talk of supporting a third Party or even not voting at all. Hopefully these are mostly from the lunatic fringe and not representative of the rank and file. But the fact remains that if this attitude gains converts it can put the much needed change of administration in jeopardy as well as hopes of increasing the slim Dem majority in Congress.

As was said by Benjamin Franklin as he signed the Declaration of Independence, "We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."

Good advice. The many ways justice and the Constitution have been thwarted cannot continue but getting pissed off, accusing our representatives of treason and opting out of the process will just insure that we will all hang separately.
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