Friday, August 17, 2007


The extemporaneous Obama can be confusing sometimes, as noted by Keith Olbermann and guest, Jon Alter. Both revealed they had noted his verbal confusion and declared in some instances that they had no idea what Barack said.

However, Obama’s prepared statements are clear enough as are his suggestions that Senator Hillary Clinton was Bush/Cheney Lite. We understood perfectly when he said he would supplant Bush as “The Uniter”; also, he came through clear as a bell with his sword rattling regarding Pakistan, all of which caused commentators to call him Bush/Cheney Heavy - a return of cowboy diplomacy, this time with blazing saddles.

What a waste of energy and what a gift to the media and Republicans this bickering about the Iraq war is; the rank and file is getting tired of it. One caller to Air America Radio laid it out succinctly. BUSH IS TO BLAME FOR THE WAR – BLAME HIM!

Just put yourself back to post 9/11 and imagine that you are a U.S. Senator or Representative presented with this bill. The whole country is frightened and the Bushies and their poodle media are adding to the fear every minute.

You get special briefings from Bush’s intelligence and cabinet. You heard about “the smoking gun not being a mushroom cloud. The information you have to go on comes from Bush/Cheney. NOW you know they cherry picked the intelligence on Iraq – but you didn’t know that then. You believed that the UN inspection would be honored by Bush instead of ignored.

All you knew was that most of the country believed that Bush was protecting them. The media constantly backed up the Bush/Cheney war drums and told you and your constituents over and over that Iraq had weapons of mass destructions and the ability and intent to send these to attack America.

Today you know you and the country were lied to over and over. Now you know that UN inspectors were allowed into Iraq. Now you know that there never were any WMD and the lies and deceptions went on and on. And NOW your constituents know it too.

But you were not a United States Senator or Representative post 9/11 and you have the luxury of 20/20 hindsight so use it to remember how things were back then like a thinking adult should.

So enough already with this bickering, fueled by a media that is dedicated to stirring up animosity between Democrats! Just listen to Chris Matthews or any of the other so-called informed political commentators – they just love to rev up any kind of difference among the Dem candidates. They hype it and mischaracterize it so why play into their hands?

Now old Karl Rove is free of the restrictions and legal problems of the W.H. and primed ready to wreak havoc on Democrats. He knows that
Hillary is the one candidate that can beat any Republican so he will inflame the Dem fears and prejudices as he has done so successfully before. He’ll be working full time for the woman haters.

He’s controlled these Dems for a long time by tuning in to, and feeding their passion for hate. We can defeat Rove by putting the blame for the Iraq war and all the problems in Arabia onto Bush where it belongs instead of flailing each other with it.

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