Friday, March 02, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 010


How we used to long for the days when we could turn on the radio and get a LIBERAL TALK SHOW. Then came Air America and for some time it was great to hear all the voices speaking truth to power.

Sadly for us in the North Country, Liberal talk was deemed no longer necessary and was not supported, except for a low powered, mostly unmanned WTWK, giving us a few hours on weekdays of some old favorites [with the exception of Rachel Maddow].

In the last year, The Young Turks have been featured and have taken over most of the morning time. Following the exit of Al Franken, we lucked out by getting everyone’s favorite History Professor, Thom Hartmann for afternoons.

The Turks program features three people: two men and a woman – Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz and Jill Pike. The men talk all the time with a sentence or two allowed the one woman whom they usually present or characterize as drugged, hung over or a certified airhead.

This characterization gives you an idea of what they think of women generally and Jill usually cooperates by showing them to be correct in their evaluation of women’s intelligence and ability.

However, they do present the usual fare of criticizing the Republics, the Conservative Talk shows and the Congress with its failure to do anything about bringing home the troops. They urge that all Dem groups cooperate to elect a Democrat as president.

Unfortunately, they also feature the very things they criticize the Conservs for – one sided, unproven, unfair accusations and reports of our Democratic candidates.

They bring in the usual, mostly male reporters, bloggers, politicians and authors to give their opinions. Their guests most usually have positive or supportive things to say about the male candidates for president and the Turks themselves often state their own male preference.

So far, their choice of guest has not included even one person that has positive things to say about the one woman running or is one of her supporters. And the Turk loud talker, who apparently suffers from hormonal imbalances, is not shy about iterating and reiterating his hatred of the woman candidate.

He, like many of their guests, faithfully parrot the dirt and lies fed the media by the Right Wing all during the Clinton years. They even use the exact terms and sentences.

Who needs Liberal Talk when we can turn back the pages and read what the Conservative polls, pundits, authors and anyone that hates had to say about Hillary?

We don’t expect that they should not present their opinions but we do expect a Liberal Talk group to be fair. Right now, the loudest Turk is screaming about how Dems must stick together and support their candidates. Quick! Someone get the guy a Midol.

Oh for the clarity and fairness of Rachel once again.

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