Friday, February 23, 2007


Yeah! That’s right; the pundits are running and ruining this country. There are still too many people who listen to them and think they are reporting facts; that they know more than we do.

They puntificat, they bloviate, they yell over anyone who may disagree with them. They claim to be the most authentic, the most learned and the most trusted of anyone alive who shovels shit on our air and cyberways.

For the most part they consider that they are smarter than anyone else and TV uses them for entertaining the masses – that means you and me. But their entertainment is toxic to a free democratic society. It corrupts the truth, making us fear to trust our own judgment.

They jump on anything a politician or candidate may say or do, tearing the words out of context or confusing the actions. One of their favorite gambits is to insist that the person they are targeting apologize.

They want the person to admit to any “mistake” they accuse them of making, and act like a puppy worrying a slipper as they constantly bring up this malfeasance they have discovered. They are the avenging angels, beating their ink-soaked wings against the citadels of power.

It’s all a sham. If any group or person should apologize for wrong doing or saying it is the pundits, whether on the radio, in the blogs or steaming up your TV set.

Have you ever heard anyone of them apologize for the masses of misinformation they gave you; the very misinformation they are now saying is wrong? No politician has ever flip-flopped the way these pundits do every day.

Remember all the positive and supportive crap they shoveled your way about Bush’s preemptive war in Iraq? Did you ever hear even the hint of one saying they were wrong?

And now as some of them are actually reporting what was obvious for years, they still soft pedal anything that might reflect badly on the Bush administration.

Remember the hullabaloo they raised along with the Repugs when the Dems in the minority tried to filibuster. They made it seem like a crime against the nation. Now that the Repugs are filibustering, they treat it as if it were their Constitutional right.

Now they are picking your next president as they tout what they say is so good about their favorite and constantly criticize any Dem that has a chance to win.

They certainly should apologize for their brainwashing and previous crimes and we should let them know it.

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