Friday, March 23, 2007


School is in and the teachers are magnificent! The Repugs have brought all the old, tried and true warhorses out of the barn to counteract the really bad smell emanating from the Bush administration.

The complete control of the media they used to have has slipped, especially since the last election that gave the Democrats the majority – thin though it is. But there is no panic, no whining, and no elephantine stampede of the type Democrats are famous for.

Quite the opposite, in fact. As layer after layer of Bush perfidy over the last six years is peeled back like an onion by responsible media, Repug representatives to Talk and TV put on a show that is not only worth watching, it should be mandatory for Democratic pols & pundits.

Looking even younger than she did six years ago when she was assaulting the Clinton administration, Mona Charin is back in town. We’ve aged and so have other pundits seen on TV, but not Mona.

She is still the master of creating white out of black, good out of bad and peace out of chaos without once losing a smile that is so baked-in that her face appears to be carved out of granite.

When challenged on the Lou Dobbs program, concerning the outing of Valerie Plame, she turned nary a hair in asserting that Plame had outed herself and besides, she never was a covert agent.

The other panelists raised their eyebrows in surprise. Hadn’t Mona heard Plame testify to her covert status under oath before Congress just recently? She had, but obviously Plame was lying.

Didn’t Mona follow the Scooter Libby trial and hear all the testimony? She had, but obviously all those testifying were lying. Didn’t she see all the e-mails that showed the scandal in the Attorney General’s Office? She had, but they had all been misrepresented. According to Mona, the Bush administration is still pure as the driven snow.

Mona is a master in the art of deception who makes the lies of the Repub talking points appear believable even against one’s better judgment. The danger is that the Repugs have closed ranks, brought back the big guns and have already shown that even in the minority they can defeat Dems legislative agendas.

Chris Matthews, the ultimate flip-flopper, who just finished several days criticizing Bush for the A.G. scandal, turned on a dime in one day pouring out admiration for Bush’s refusal to allow Rove and Miers to testify under oath. Chris actually gushed in admiration, calling Bush, a Tiger.

The Bush agenda: Deny every accusation; lie with conviction; smile decisively and make it appear that the Dems are lying bullies intent on turning America over to the terrorists and the gays.

So Dems, go to school on Mona and her ilk, reinforce your spine and learn how to take back your pride and professionalism. Do we want you to speak and act with absolute certainty, conviction and commitment? Do we mean you should get down and dirty like the Repugs?

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