Friday, March 16, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 - 012


Our long national nightmare keeps going… and going… and going… - Or surging… surging… surging… if you prefer. Nearly two more years of Bush-unbound may signal the beginning of the end of Democracy in this country.

Already he has made a good start in nullifying many of the safeguards of the Constitution. He has done all this in the name of protecting us from terrorists. He has done this with our permission because of our terror.

Since Americans are terrified of losing their cars, TV’s, Blackberrys and all the other wonders of our technology, they have willingly let their freedom be vandalized.

And even now as the early presidential Primary takes a running start, it seems many Americans care little for a candidate’s qualifications for the job of president or are curious about their past records or their present inner circle.

We need a leader that knows how to clean house, not just one who will bring the garbage to the curb. We need one who has world contacts and governing experience – we elected a pretty boy last time – you remember, the one you wanted to sit down and have a beer with, George Bush?

Its déjà vu all over again as many empty heads salivate over some Mr. Mc Dreamy, who is cute, tells them the most lies about the country and themselves and they’d like to sit down and have a beer with.

One of GenderGapper’s subscribers writes us, in an exceptionally reasonable tone, that opposition to abortion is not about religion, it is about breaking the law. He claimed that raped women who have abortions have killed, and the government should treat them with the death penalty just as it does with other murderers.

He also contended that pedophiles who kill the children they assault should not be treated like murderers – they should be treated and released.

Violence against women is at an all time high. It is everywhere in political punditry, blogs and dark comedy. Just a few years ago, Liberals/Progressives had their first nation-wide talk radio – Air America Radio.

Now many of its stations have left and all over the country there are people whose only choice for political information is a plethora of right wing scandal mongers intent on feeding misinformation about candidates.

Streaming AAR programs seldom works for dial-ups and pods are too expensive. Are the Democrats doing this to hasten their own demise or don’t they care about taking this country back anymore?

All the TV channels have advocates, in the guise of journalist, for their favorite candidate. FOX blatantly touts the Republicans, but there is no TVaccess that does the same for Democrats.

The way things are going we’ll all be in deep do-do because of our fears and inaction so when the terrorist do come they’ll only have to bring shovels to clean up our mess.
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