Friday, October 06, 2006


GenderGappers 2006 – 041


What an uproar! The media, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Blogs, the whole country is focused like a laser beam on some House Pages and a dirty old man.

Yes, it’s a terrible thing to sexually assault anyone. It is especially heinous to sexually assault children. Pedophilia is the pits of human actions. But stand back and look at this situation and ask yourself if we are truly against perversion.

Why is there outrage now that it is teen age boys? Where was the outrage when many women were raped in our military schools and by our own male forces in Iraq and Afghanistan? Not to mention our own forces rapes of women and men in countries we occupied.

Where is the outrage as we imagine [since we are not allowed to view]the rows of flag draped coffins of young men and women that Bush sacrificed in a preemptive war and where is the outrage at the unseen tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi dead, wounded and displaced?

Where is the outrage at the continued violence against these people because of the Bush preemptive invasion? Where is the outrage that we are not safer now but have spawned generations of terrorist worldwide?

Where is the outrage that Bush and his cadre not only permitted torture of prisoners but also sent them to other countries to be tortured even more?

Where is the outrage that Bush lied and lied and lied and the media still say “MISLED”?

Where is the outrage at a media that mostly just sat back and went along with a “good old boy they’d like to have a beer with”? Where is the outrage that now belatedly these same media are huffing and puffing as if they really were beginning to report the truth and do their job?

Where is the outrage from the many falling fig leaves exposing the scandalous conduct of the Bush administration where trusted officials of government sold out their constituents for free trips and girlies?

Where is the outrage that A.G. Gonzales has ordered Judges NOT to find Bush guilty of anything – otherwise they are unpatriotic in a time of war? Where is the outrage at the loss of Habeas Corpus?

And where is the utter horror and outrage that our Congress passed a bill that prevents us from holding Bush responsible for his crimes here at home and all over the world?

Where ever it is we fervently hope it appears in our voting booths, strong and decisive, in November.
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