Friday, September 29, 2006


Enough already, Arianna Huffington! We get it. You hate the Clintons. For all the time you have published your blog and even before in your columns, you have consistently taken every opportunity to trash both the former president and the New York Junior Senator.

Well of course you have every right to your opinion but stop pretending to be a Democrat/Progressive and own up to what you really are and why you have a blog. You hate the Clintons. You want everyone to hate them. You want to bring them down.

We do not know what happened in the past to create and nurture your hatred. Did they snub you in some way? Did Senator Clinton wear the same pant suit you owned? Did Bill fail to cuddle with you?

Whatever it was, for the country’s sake, GET OVER IT if you really want to help the Democratic causes and get Bush et al the hell out of office!

Go back to being a Republican if you can’t stop your bloviating against the Clintons because nearly every one of your columns provides Karl Rove with fuel to use in damning and condemning the last Democratic administration.

Don’t you realize that Rove and his minions are searching around for every grain of nastiness they can find to use in campaign ads? You’re columns are fertile fields for him to plow, embellish and then sow that excrement in campaign ads.

This week Bill Clinton stood up and stuck it to Fox. His bravery electrified the base of the Democratic Party and alerted the rychus righties and fence sitters that the Democratic Party was back with gusto and guts.

You, on the other hand, wrote a line or two agreeing that Clinton was right to twist the Fox’s tail but then went into your usual diatribe criticizing everything Clinton as you have done for many years.

You need to read the September 28th posting on our blog by Keith Olbermann and learn the real meaning of fearless:

Now you are touting your book telling people how to become fearless, and when asked in an interview on AARadio by Randy Rhodes what you thought of Clinton’s action, you briefly agreed it was a good thing to do and then, true to form, you kicked his ass in contemptuous tones about something else.

And from your previous conduct, we predict you will do the same thing in every future interview. With so called friends like you the Dems don’t need any enemies.

Wise up please. You have made your point. We all get it. You don’t like the Clintons. Deal with it but stop helping the GOP and please stop inflicting your hatred and purulent wordage on us.
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