Friday, October 13, 2006


GenderGappers 2006 – 041


…the fat schemer says it’s over and Karl Rove is still out there working the spin. Don’t get complacent and think like Alec Baldwin who said, “You can lie to the American people… but you diddle one Page … and it’s over.”

The blogs and groups are alive with the sound of chortling about the polls favorable to Democrats. But polls can change in an instant; they can turn around and bite you in the ass in November.

This is not your mother’s election. All Bush needs is another nuclear threat and North Korea steps up to the plate. If that falls through he’ll doubtless put on another terrorist attack to blame on the Democrats.

Surely you have heard the crooked talker, McCain, blathering about how President Clinton is responsible for what North Korea has done for the last six years.

The voting areas and equipment all over the country are susceptible to Rove’s chicanery. Are the Democrats on guard? Have they enlisted an army of geeks to monitor the voting machines both within and outside the polling places? Are phones and wireless covered?

Now at this crucial juncture, many of us are wondering what has happened to Air America Radio. Since its birth it has been a bastion of Liberal/Progressive talk bringing hope and humor to all of us in the hinterlands.

This still may be true in some places but up here in Northern Vermont and New York WTWK Talk is abysmal. It is on air sporadically. It may start anytime after 7 AM and abruptly goes off air just as Rachel Maddow comes on at 6 PM. Often a commercial is played while the programming is going on and there seems to be no one in the station when one calls them.

WTWK used to be so great that we told undecideds and even Repugs about it. Many enjoyed it as a fresh change from the right wing crap of Imus, Rush or local Conservative talk.

Now these people are calling to ask us if this is the way Democrats would handle the government; that is, start out great and then peter out in the face of a crisis.

We hear they blame it on lack of sponsors but the right wingers seem to get along OK or are they faking it and the GOP is really footing the bill? We also heard Al Franken say on a TV interview that AAR would probably fold up. No reason given, no further comment.

Could it be that the GOPers have mounted a boycott against any company that advertised on AAR? Certainly is the kind of thing they have pulled off in the past.

Whatever the reason for AAR’s hideous performance, Rove doesn’t need to provide an October Surprise – the Democrats will providing their own if they allow Air America Radio to falter and die.
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