Friday, October 27, 2006


A phrase one hears quite often during pre-election discussion is, “common wisdom”. According to common wisdom if a candidate does this then that happens.

We also are told that the electorate is sick of the fighting between the two major political parties. The want them to get along and pass laws that benefit all Americans.

Many people are raving about Barack Obama because he speaks of “one America” – not red states and blue states. Common wisdom says that he has become a rock star and that the adulation of the people can sweep him into the White House in ’08.

We are often told that people do not like negative advertising; conventional wisdom is that negative advertising works. One thing for sure is that it works for the media in that the media loves contentiousness.

It sure works for the ad itself in that if the media loves it, it will play it over and over again ad nauseum, saving the candidate tons of money and getting wide dispersal of the ad.

We are told that people do not want to see ads that are racist or that show a person’s disability, yet their very unsavoriness and disgusting bad taste give those ads wings and tons of air time.

These are not examples of a multiple paradox. These discrepancies just show us what humans really think and how they vote, not just what they say. That’s why polls should not be relied on.

The fact is, conflict is king during elections and most other activities humans engage in. In sports a home run or a touchdown may thrill the crowd but nothing brings it to its feet and causes delicious pandemonium like a fight among the players.

We may say we don’t like nasty ads but they are the ones that get our attention. They are the ones that prick our interest and make us think. They are the ones that conventional wisdom says WORK!

Although males may get turned on by pornography, it is the rough sex that appeals the most. Their ultimate turn on is watching two women fight – howzat for chivalry?

Billions are not spent to teach peace and build up countries and people but trillions are spent for war and destruction of countries and people.

Crowds don’t gather for awarding citizens for community work; they gather by the droves at fires or accidents. We have not moved very far from the days when a public hanging was a delightful sport that everyone loved to participate in.

Today violence is de rigor on TV drama, news and even comedy sketches. No wonder kids bring guns to school and shoot teachers and other students.

We have enough problems without pimping for our paradoxes. A little self-recognition would go far toward not only winning elections but also making us fit to be the Party in power.
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