Friday, October 20, 2006


Google back to the 2002 election where Senator Max Cleland was running for reelection to the Senate. In case you missed it, Cleland is a veteran who lost three limbs to war.
The Repugnuts smear and crud machine went after him with the vengeance. He was labeled a traitor in ads showing him morphing into Saddam Hussain.
The ad was reported by the media as news with little or no criticism of this despicable tactic used against a veteran who had given so much and suffered so much for his country.

Now fast forward to the present. The media’s hero and favorite politician, John McCain, a born again liar and far from straight talking, joined the other Repugnuts in blaming President Clinton for North Korea’s bomb test.

Senator Clinton, who knew attacks would come to her about her husband’s administration, responded immediately. She corrected McCain’s so-called facts clearly and publicly.

Typically, McCain took the low road in reply. On CBS’s The Early Show, he was asked why he would blame the Clintons for North Korea. He said, he “was responding to attacks made on President Bush by Mrs. Clinton, Senator Kerry, Senator Reid and other Democrats.”

Maureen Dowd, columnist for the NYTimes wrote, “This week, he [McCain] managed to attack her three ways in one sentence: as a senator, as a wife and as a future opponent.”

Of course Senator Clinton’s staff responded, linking McCain to Bush’s failed policies and adding, “People were enamored of his independence, but now he just seems like Bush’s windup toy, the obedient corporal.”

One adviser brought up a comparison of the way McCain looked on the CBS program to how he did when he gave up his crew mates in Hanoi. The media jumped all over that. The media makes it clear that that a war hero cannot be made accountable. Of course, it doesn’t apply to Senator Max Cleland – he is a Democrat.

All this points up the Repugnut’s ‘strategery’ to put the blame on Bill for everything. It keeps the Clinton name out there covered with the mud of their lies. And since this country is rampantly sexist, it appeals to men whose mental development is still in diapers.
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