Friday, September 22, 2006


Of course it had to happen. John Philippe Rushton, who “proved” that intelligence is influenced by race now claims that men are more intelligent than women.

He asserts that the 'glass ceiling' is not due to discrimination or lack of opportunity but to inferior intelligence. This is based on university aptitude tests taken by 100,000 students aged 17 and 18 of both sexes.

Just as in his race studies, Rushton has based his findings on a selective group being tested with questions about the world as it is delineated by white males. But there is much more than this available to declare his findings bogus.

We have the whole history of the world to look at. And while there was a Leonardo da Vinci and an Albert Einstein, there was also a Marie Curie and a Rosalind Franklin. Both were limited in their accomplishments and the credit for them by gender - not theirs, the male gender.

A woman cannot become a giant when she is caged and/or her work stolen, not only by her colleagues but by the false or inadequate recording of history.

However the best and most reliable History is what we are living today – that is if we observe our leadership rather than being taken in by the propaganda of fear it continually feeds us.

No matter whether a person has a smidgen of intelligence less than the next guy, s/he must be aware of the corruption in government, and more recently, how the males in the U.N. are conducting themselves.

We are not just talking alph-males here. Bush is an alph-nothing and no one would ever think him intelligent and certainly not erudite. None-the-less he and Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, carried on a very public pissing contest which flooded the halls of the U.N. last week with Venezuelan, Hugo Chavez, barking counterpoint.

No one can deny that it’s a man’s world, so, is the way the world runs today the result of “superior intelligence”? Men are the big dogs in every country but few exhibit intelligence that rises above that of the average woman.

We watch these big dogs perform and think they are more like petulant puppies. Their intelligence is measured more by the paucity of voter intelligence than by student performance scores.
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