Friday, September 15, 2006


We are all sick of the non-stop pro-war propaganda barrage masquerading as reverence so this article has nothing to do with all that. This is about a person who took the lemon life handed her and made lemonade out of it.

This story did appear in the back pages of a few papers but it was just too full of woman empowerment to survive the ultra-testosterone atmosphere that has constantly permeated the media this week.

Kyle Paxman, living and working in California, had planned to have her wedding in her home state, Vermont. She had hired the posh Basin Harbor Club in Ferrisburg for the ceremony and reserved many rooms for guests.

Then a man she had never met came to her office, with e-mails and other evidence, to inform her that her fiancĂ© was cheating on her – with the informer’s girlfriend -- and everything got turned upside down.

Preparations for the wedding were completed and “180 guests had tickets from all over the country and the Virgin Islands to come and make a weekend of my wedding”, said Paxman.

But it was not to happen – she called her mother to have her cancel the wedding, then she caught a plane for Vermont where she joined her parents for a week. It was there that a plan developed. She realized that she could “turn something awful into something wonderful.”
Since they could not cancel the reception room and block of guest rooms, they “turned the wedding into a charity benefit where strong women will be celebrated.”
Kyle and her parents invited 125 women to partake of the cancelled reception goodies who would contribute to the Vermont Children’s Aid Society and CARE, USA.
She chose CARE because of a powerful advertisement on TV showing hundreds of women from various countries crossing a desert; four of them stare into the camera and declare, “I am powerful.”
A narrator says: “She has the power to change her world. You have the power to help her,” and it spoke to Ms. Paxman. “It was the most powerful commercial I’ve ever seen,” she said. “I knew then that I had found my other cause.”
“If you think about it, she’s not only empowering herself, she’s reaching out and helping to empower other women,” said Bibiana Betancourt, a fund-raising executive at CARE. She said Ms. Paxman’s plans were the most unusual she had encountered in her seven years raising money for CARE.
A few days later, Kyle and her mother left on what would have been her honeymoon trip to Tahiti, Bora-Bora and Moorea. “I’m going with the strongest woman I have ever met.” Kyle said about her mother, Patty Carbee.
And here and now in a crucial political time for women, we too must empower ourselves and throw out an administration that has been so unfaithful to our Constitution and so destructive – not just to American women but to the whole world of women.
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