Friday, September 08, 2006


Lots of buzz on the tube about a film showing Bush being assassinated but not only the Republicans are upset. The media is torn between trying to appear horrified and secretly delighted at the possibilities for stories.

Now we all know that there are many all over the world besides the terrorists who would not be disappointed if the incident really happened. Bush is not popular but the reason we are not hearing cheers at the prospect is that most realize the horror of a President Cheney.

Even many Republicans would not be happy to have Cheney in that office but what scares them out of their wits is the good possibility that the Democrats may win the House in November.

They are aware that Cheney has had many cardiac problems and if he should succumb, the Speaker of the House would become president and that is Nancy Pelosi.

So it isn’t the assassination film that terrifies them; it is the prospect of Pelosi becoming Speaker. What they fear most is that both Bush and Cheney will be impeached and then she would become president.

Yup, it’s really true that Democrats and even some Republicans are fed up with the Bush/Cheney attack on our Constitution and the way they have gotten us into a preemptive war that has drained our country in both our youth and our economy.

The news that polygamist leader, Warren Jeffs, has been returned to Utah to face felony sex charges make everyone happy. He is now lodged in the Purgatory correction facility in Hurricane to answer for his crimes of complicity in the rapes of young girls.

We can only hope that Jeffs won’t get off lightly in Purgatory; as for Bush and Cheney, we long for their arraignment, trial and punishment for their many felonious acts against our Constitution and the world.

Despite the efforts by Bush to have Congress pass a bill that makes all of his transgressions against the Constitution legal, he and Cheney must be judged and punished for the many years of felonious assault on this country.

Purgatory would be too good for them. We hope the future honest replacements in our judicial system will sentence them to hard labor and send them both straight to Hell … Hell’s Half Acre …Wyoming.
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