Saturday, June 03, 2006


Last weekend to celebrate the victims of our war, the movies of war held sway. They commemorated and glorified not only war itself, but the sacrifices and mutilations it produces.

Of course, being Memorial Day, the wars were American Wars in the years before we warred for conquest, for acquisition, or oil. Rather, we went to war to defend our country – well, most of the time.

Each movie had a common theme of one battle-worn soldier telling another that they would go back home and tell people how bad war was and that would put a stop to it for all time.

All those wars and all those soldiers coming home and still we continue to follow the practice of war. Why didn't their multiple warnings ever have any effect? Finally, we now know the answer to that question – induced and enforced patriotism.

The word is writ bold in our super informational age, illuminated by the many edicts of the Bush regime. “Thou must not criticize war or methods used [even if they are unconstitutional] else you will be called traitor to your country and all your supporters will suffer because they are deemed unpatriotic and antichristian.”

The current architect or front man is Att. General Alberto Gonzales aka our top cop. He promulgates the war according to Bush, by giving him powers beyond the Constitution. Powers that are safe from challenge both now and later with the backing of the now packed Supreme Court.

While Counsel to Bush in the White House, Gonzales, produced the agenda that made torture legal if Bush requested it. He was part of the cadre that determined it was OK to spy on U.S. citizens if Bush requested it.

He used the FBI as an enforcing arm for Bush, even to invading and seizing material from a Congressional office. Stealth signing statements allowed rendition, wire taps, search and seizure on Americans.

And always the legal defense proffered is 9/11 – Bush has continuous war powers because the war is continuous. Threats of reprisal and escalation of fear keeps the electorate meek and the media impotent.

Those who feel that war is a game of chicken to be played for ego’s sake prevail. No, this is not your mother’s America – perhaps it never was. The saying goes that well behaved women seldom make history. But if they ever wake up they can bloody well change it.
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