Friday, June 09, 2006


There were those who feared the coming of June 6, 2006 as the day when the devil would come to reclaim Earth and all his prizes therein. All sorts of other fearsome things were forcasted on the basis of a verse in the Bible.

But as always, the devil thing was in the details. The main event, known as the apocalypse didn’t happen as scholars predicted from their study of Revelation 13:18: "This calls for wisdom: let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six."

The beast, aka the Antichrist, is just another name for the red-dressed, long-tailed creature from Hell always out looking to steal our souls – the antithesis of God, the good guy who directs Bush in preemptive wars.

And as usually happens there were those events that fit right in with some people’s faith and other people’s supersticions. Commercial interests were quick to use the date to release movies like “The Omen” and other offerings were set forth to titulate believers and non-believers alike.

Unplanned but falling on the 6-6-6 date by law was a town election. The small Vermont town of Williston produced a drive-in voting choice for those who wished to remain in their cars. Some proclaimed it the work of the devil but most praised it to the high heavens.

The drive-through took place in the local fire house bay with plenty of room for the larger vehicles. Voters on foot were also accomodatedf at an adjacent area.

Town officials claimed that there was a significant increase in the number of voters coming to the polls – not devilish at all. And of interest to all who are troubled by our balloting process that leaves no paper trail, only paper ballots were used.
Could this possibly be an omen of things to come or just a devilish trick? Certainly it suggests possiblities for other voting precints around the country.
A little ingenuity, a bit of planning and a sincere desire to make the process fair for all will by itself increase the voter’s interest. How great it would be if people could vote over a weekend rather than just one day, for example.
The addition of drive through bays insure that there would be time for everyone to vote before the polls closed as well as attract more voters. Walk in voters would have separate entrance isles so more people could vote at the same time.
If other towns and cities adopted this plan and also used paper ballots, we just might get fair and honest elections in this country. And wouldn’t that just beat the devil?
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