Friday, May 26, 2006


You may think the media has a love affair with Bush but it is nothing to how it feels about and treats John McCain. In its eyes he can do no wrong but additionally it has elevated him to sainthood.

This unabashed, continuous and uncontrolled media bias has nearly everyone in the country thinking he is the straight talking, ten foot high hero with silver six guns strapped to his thighs.

And it is legend how he has snookered many Democrats into thinking he is just a great, honest guy with the interests of the country at heart.

The media treated and still treats Senator Clinton just the opposite.
It portrays her in every despicable way possible to make both men and women, who are susceptible to the constant media conditioning, either fear or despise her. Thus there is method to its madness, that is, to turn the voters against her and toward McCain.

It didn’t matter in the past that some people spoke up and warned of McCain’s duplicity. It didn’t matter how many examples were given that showed him in his true colors – battlefield-war-bloodred.

So great was the media spin that Senator Kerry, Dem candidate for Prez in ‘04, demonstrated his intense stupidity by offering McCain the VP slot. Despite this, hardly a Dem spoke out against it.

It took the words of a courageous young woman student to put the proper perspective on the Republican, John McCain, and expose the real strawman in the media hyped legend.

Jean Rohe demonstrated the courage of her convictions and set a standard that every Democratic candidate must meet, if we are to ever get into a position where we can preserve and defend our Constitution.

Rohe staged a preemptive strike against the fallacy of the “straight talker” hero image, knocking his talking points all to hell and gone. Part of her speech follows.

“Senator Mc Cain will tell us that we, those of us who are Americans, "have nothing to fear from each other." I agree strongly with this, but I take it one step further. We have nothing to fear from anyone on this living planet. Fear is the greatest impediment to the achievement of peace. We have nothing to fear from people who are different from us, from people who live in other countries, even from the people who run our government--and this we should have learned from our educations here. We can speak truth to power, we can allow our humanity always to come before our nationality, we can refuse to let fear invade our lives and to goad us on to destroy the lives of others.

Sadly but predictably, most of the media backed off this story in horror. The blogs brought it to all who have computer access as did columnist Maureen Dowd. The question is will Democrats learn anything from this or will they paddle the canoe of State further into the abyss than Bush has?

Will they cease and desist in their adulation of a man whose loyalty belongs only to the military complex that former President Eisenhower warned us against? Can they possibly learn to judge other Democratic candidates on their one merits and stop taking their opinions from the media?
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