Friday, June 23, 2006


In the interest of full disclosure, we’ll say right up front that we do not like Meet the Press’, Tim Russert. This is because he is just one more jerk pimping for the White House.

That said, we liked him even less after hearing several interviews he had with talking heads where he glorified men as father/mother and his hosts drooled all over themselves agreeing with him.

Here’s the jist of the adulation that issued forth: Russert raved mightily about how his father raised him and his siblings all by himself. “He was both mother and father to us.”

He continued on with a tone usually reserved for the reporting of a miracle or a super hero’s antics. He reverently declared that his father took care of all the family’s needs, kept the house, and cooked the meals all the while never missing a day of work.

His interviewers fawned all over him; agreeing that his daddy was certainly superhuman, a prince among men, one in a billion and worthy of great praise for his family endeavors. Watta guy!

Now, let’s see – Tim’s daddy took care of the house and the kids besides having a full time job. Where’s the miracle? Women have been doing that for eons and have never been considered worthy of sainthood or superhuman. And their jobs demanded longer hours with much less pay than a man would get.

It was expected of them, but wait there’s more. The reason why women aren’t given the adulation and credit that men get is simple, we were told. Men just do everything better because they are superior beings – this is the myth religions created and support.

Children who are brought up by a father are lucky simply because men can fill the mother’s role; but even the best woman cannot fill the father’s role. That takes a man - a superior being. There it is folks, the continued basis for the inequality of the genders. As long as this persists equal rights for women will not manifest despite any law or politically professed attitude. Religions expressly prohibit it.

This blind and ignorant adherence to religious myth by many in this country was stunningly demonstrated recently in the following interview with Congressman Westmoreland on the Colbert Report.

Congressman Westmoreland co-sponsored a bill to have the Ten Commandments in schools and other public places. Following is a part of the interview:

Colbert: You have not introduced a single piece of legislation since you entered Congress.
Westmoreland: That's correct.
Colbert: This has been called a do nothing Congress. Is it safe to say you're the do nothingest?
Westmoreland: I, I, ..Well there's one other do nothiner. I don't know who that is, but they're a Democrat.
Colbert: What can we get rid of to balance the budget?
Westmoreland: The Dept. of Education.
Colbert: What are the Ten Commandments?
Westmoreland: You mean all of them?--Um... Don't murder. Don't lie. Don't steal Um... I can't name them all.

The fact is that true superwomen and supermen are those who have cast away the biblical ordained gender discrimination and other shibboleths that prevent humanity’s growth.

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